Good Vinyl Windows

Here are our 6 picks for good (but not great) vinyl windows. These are nice mid range options that will do a good job for most homeowners without breaking the bank. They aren't our picks for the best vinyl windows, nor are they inexpensive vinyl windows.

Milgard Tuscany Window

The Milgard Tuscany is a decent looking vinyl window that performs well at a nice price point. The Milgard Tuscany costs 10% to 15% more than their low end Styleline and has a slightly thicker extrusion than the Styleline. It offers some nicer features, including a better locking mechanism, spacer system, exterior screen, weep holes and vent stops. The Tuscany is a more energy efficient option over the Styleline, offering a .29 U-value, .21 SHGC - an upgrade to a 3D Max Glass package. The Tuscany is a good west coast option.

Milgard Tuscany Windows Prices

Simonton Reflections 5500 Window

Simonton is sometimes referred to as the Ford of the window industry - a nice solid option that isn't super flashy, but gets the job done. The Simonton 5500 model is the high end Reflections Series and is also known as the Prism Platinum model. The 5500 Series comes with the super 366 glass option, double strength glass, their super spacer, and the same frame as is on the 5300 Series. Homeowners can expect performance numbers of roughly .30 U Value, .18 SHGC and .17 air infiltration.

Simonton 5500 Windows Prices

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Great Lakes Uniframe Window

The UniFrame used to be the most expensive Great Lakes window - that role now goes to the EcoSmart. The vinyl Uniframe is considered a well made and designed window. The UniFrame uses a fusion weld design to create a single uniframe that is now standard in the industry. It is available in a number of different styles such as a double hung, garden and casement, but the tilt in slider is a stand out for its design and versatility. Some installers think the UniFrame is often sold at a premium price that does not quite match up with the quality of the window. For the right price point, this is a good window.

Price For The Uniframe