Best Impact Windows

Explore our picks for the best impact windows available. These range from least affordable to most expensive in terms of cost.

Simonton Impact Windows

The Simonton 9800 series is not actually an impact window per se. It hasn't gone through the rather expensive code requirements to be considered a hurricane window. It is actually an upgraded option that uses a better glass package and a sill reinforcement in order to achieve the DP45 that is required for the hurricane designation.

PGT Impact Windows

The PGT 5500 window is part of their WinGuard vinyl impact window series and is specifically the single hung model. It is a nice looking model, with clean design lines and nice corner welds. The 5500 series includes a number of impressive features such as a a constant force and spiral balance system, a SecureConnect and SnapLock auto locking system, an embedded tilt latch, a tilt sash and a beveled meeting rail.

PGT 5500 Series Cost

Stanek Impact Windows

The Stanek UltraExtreme is their hurricane window that has a .21 U-value and a 70 design pressure rating. The window comes standard with laminated glass and nice corner welds. The warranty won't cover broken glass and cannot be transferred from owner to owner, but it does come with a nice screen. Stanek is similar to Renewal windows in that they require consumers who buy from them to use their installation teams. This is good because the installers specialize in one window and know it well.

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Simonton Stormbreaker Window

The storm breaker vinyl window is the actual hurricane window from Simonton. It includes a .90 interlaced sickness which is quite a bit thicker than the .60 interlayer on the 9800 Series. The storm breaker also includes a steel reinforcement on the sash and a laminate or tempered glass pane to achieve A DP 70 rating. The storm breaker is probably the stronger of the two when compared with the 9800, however it will be considerably more expensive as well.

Simonton Stormbreaker Plus Cost

Loewen StormForce

The Loewen StormForce is by far the most expensive impact or hurricane window on our list. Inside, the window is really quite a thing of beauty, intricate craftsmanship beautiful materials and wood interior options. On the exterior, is a aluminum cladding that is quite strong and very well put together. The end result is a very expensive and very well-made hurricane window. Loewen is a Canadian based company, although they sell their windows in many states through local distributors and dealers.

Loewen StormForce Prices