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Company Basics: Ideal is a New Jersey based vinyl window manufacturer that has been in the business since 1924. The company manufacturers a number of series, including the UltraTite, DuraWeld, Majestic Signature, and the Platinum 3000. The company offers up the UltraTite and the DuraWeld as their double hung options, along with additional window style options such as horizontal sliders, hoppers, casements, awnings, bays and bow windows.

Bottom Line: I don't hear much about Ideal, mainly because they are not carried by a huge number of dealers as compared to the larger national window brands. It seems odd because the performance of several of the Ideal windows is quite good. However, I have noticed for instance that the company uses a low-e4 glass to get their U-factor lower, which has a decidedly poor effect on condensation resistance. So I'm not sure what to say about them, I'll hold judgement until I get more information. I think labeling them a solid mid range vinyl window manufacturer is a fair estimation at this point.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In January, 2024

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Ideal Windows Prices

Ideal windows costs are going to run in the mid to upper mid range of the vinyl window cost spectrum, depending on the model, features, upgrades, size of the opening, etc. The Majestic and Platinum 3000 window might run $550 to $700 fully installed for a medium sized window and standard installation. Ideal window costs are going to be comparable to Sunrise or Vytex windows.

Ideal Majestic Series - 8.0 out of 10 (vinyl)

Ideal Platinum 3000 Series - 8.5 out of 10 (vinyl)

Ideal UltraTite Series - 8.0 out of 10 (vinyl)

Ideal DuraWeld Series - 7.0 out of 10 (vinyl)

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Ideal Windows Ratings

The following performance data numbers are for a double hung window with argon fills and low-e glass.

Ideal Platinum 3000 Window: .22 U-value, .18 SHGC, .02 Air Infiltration

Ideal Majestic Signature Window: .28 U-value, .28 SHGC, 54 CR, .51 VT

Ideal UltraTite Window: .28 U-value, .27 SHGC, 56 CR, .49 VT

Ideal Windows Warranty

Ideal Windows come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers the basic vinyl frame, all moving parts and screens for the life of the original owner. Insulated glass is covered for 20 years, specialty glass is covered for 10 years, as are privacy blinds.

The warranty is transferrable to another owner, although the company must be notified with 60 days of the transfer and there is a $50 transfer fee. The new owner warranty is then good for 10 years from the date of purchase. Limitations and exclusions apply so please read the warranty in full prior to purchasing your Ideal replacement windows.

Ideal Windows Reviews

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Ideal Windows Reviews

Would appreciate some unbiased advice. Here is my summary. Please excuse my typos, I'm a one handed typist. Project Goal:replace five windows : two measures 36 bx 54 and three measure 36 x 52. House is 1979 ranch, expect to remain in house for at least another 10 years.

Quote 1: Windows on Washington is the vendor. Quote is for Okna 800 double hung deluxe foam inside frame double pane $6698 financed for five windows U=.27; SHGC=.29; air leakage= .01

Quote 2: " Window Universe is a vendor. Quote is for Gentek Signature Elite with energy star most efficient triple pane glass (qualifies for $600 tax credit) $5205 financed for five windows U=.20; SHGC=.22; VT=.41

Quote 3: American Home Center is Vendor: Quote is for ProVia AP500 series ;double hung single strength glass $4275 for five windows (qualifies for tax credit) U=.20;SHGC=.21;VT= .34;airinfiltration=0.05

Quote 4: American Home Centers vendor Ideal Platinum series 3000 ( does not qualify for tax credit() $2750 for five windows. U=.23;SHGC=.19;VT= .39;airinfiltration=0.02

Please let me know if additional specifications are needed. I am waiting on an additional quote for a vendor that provides Softlite windows Thank you so much. for any insight that you can provide.

Shahidat - Homeowner - January, 2024

Website Editor's Answer

Shahidat, the Ideal Platinum 3000 is the best option by far based on the price. The performance data is excellent on this and I'm pretty confused why it wouldn't qualify for the tax credit...weird. I definitely think you should do your due diligence on American Home Centers though because that price is very low. But I do think it makes the most sense to stick with something on the less expensive side since your timeline is only 10 years.

Editor John - January, 2024

Ideal Windows Cost On The Majestic

Hi John, how are you. Please provide a quote for the Majestic Signature by Ideal for the following casement windows:

1. 40 x 46 (two sections)
2. 40 x 46 (two sections)
3. 34 x 46 (one section)
4. 66 x 46 (three sections)
5. 60 x 80 sliding patio door

Jay - Homeowner - October, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Jay, we don't provide estimates on specific projects. You would need to contact the Ideal window rep in your area. I would suggest collecting a few bids so you can compare local companies and their prices. I am more than happy to take a look at your bids once you collect them and let you know which I think offer the best value etc.

Editor John M. - October, 2023