Okna Windows Prices

Okna window prices range from $50 to $75 per square foot for the window itself - this does not include the cost of installation. Okna is a Pennsylvania-based company, and should be available in most of the surrounding states. However, Okna will typically not be found in the south or in the western half of the night states.

Okna Windows is one of the least well known vinyl window brands, although they enjoy one of the best reputations in the industry. They make four window models, with their Starmark considered perhaps the best composite window available. The company offers either the Energy or Deluxe version on all of their models, with the Deluxe option including a locking screen and foam fills in the main frame.

Okna had some issues a while back with shoddy installation from one of their major distributors, which prompted them to launch HiMark Windows, which is an identical product, but sold through high quality distributors who handle all of the installation themselves. Okna is located in the mid west and should be available in much of the east, but is not currently available in the west.

The biggest issue for consumers might just be whether Okna is sold in your area - the company is headquartered in Bristol, Pennsylvania and has a good presence in the surroundings state, but they are still more of a regional manufacturer than a national one. Given the right price point, Okna is one of the best vinyl window options out there, particularly the 500 Insul-Tec series and 800 EnviroStar models.

Review By John M. - Site Editor

Okna Windows Cost

Okna window costs are at the higher end of the vinyl window price range. The best value of the bunch is probably the 500 Series and the EnviroStar 800 Series with the Deluxe Package is often pointed to as one of the (if not the) best vinyl windows available.

Okna 400 Series - $50 to $60 per square foot

Okna 500 Series - $60 to $70 per square foot

Okna 600 Series - $55 to $65 per square foot

Okna 700 Series - $60 to $70 per square foot

Okna 750 Series - $60 to $70 per square foot

Okna 800 Series - $65 to $75 per square foot

Okna Starmark Series - $65 to $75 per square foot

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Okna Windows Ratings

The following numbers are for the double hung in a low-e glass and argon fills.

Okna 400 Window: .28 U-value, .30 SHGC, .06 Air Infiltration

Okna 500 Window: .25 U Factor, .28 SHGC, .02 Air Infiltration

Okna 600 Window: .28 U Factor, .30 SHGC, .08 Air Infiltration

Okna 700 Window: .26 U Factor, .27 SHGC, .03 Air Infiltration

Okna 800 Window: .25 U Factor, .24 SHGC, .01 Air Infiltration

Okna Starmark Window: .25 U Factor .28 SHGC, .05 Air Infiltration

Okna Windows Warranty

The Okna warranty is a lifetime warranty that covers the vinyl frame & sash for the homeowner's lifetime. It covers factory painted colors for a period of 10 years. The insulated glass units are covered for the homeowner's lifetime, as well as the hardware. (Hardware near the coast is only covered for a period of 10 years).

The warranty is fully transferable to another homeowner. As always, there are exclusions to the warranty that consumers should thoroughly read and understand before they purchase their windows. The installation labor costs is not covered under the terms of the warranty.

Okna Windows Reviews

Do you have questions on Okna windows? Please submit your question or questions to Jim and John, who are happy to help out with your specific quotes, pricing and any additional issues.

Have an Okna window review to share with others? Submit your Okna reviews and help out other homeowners who may be considering these top quality vinyl replacement windows.

Okna 600 Window Costs

I had a few window quotes for 12 openings, plus 4 basement windows.

Pella Encompass: $12K (just for the 12 sliders)

Pella 250: $14,000 (just for the 12 sliders)

Unishield Plus: $18,000 (included 3 additonal casements)

Okna 600: $10,147

Vytex Fortis: $7,475 (just for the 12 sliders)

Ming - Homeowner - January, 2021

Okna Vinyl Windows

I have heard that Okna is the top window in the vinyl market.I have also heard that because of the movement of the vinyl in the heat and cold, the vinyl windows tend to lose their seal. Is this a true statement and if so,how do Okna windows stand up to this issue? If this is a common problem for vinyl, are composite windows better?

Bill - Homeowner - September 24, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Bill, seal failure can occur with any window, although I would say it happens more with vinyl because 1) more vinyl windows are/were sold than any other type of window 2) many low quality vinyl windows are/were sold that use(d) poor component parts that eventually resulted in seal failure.

Better glazing technology has helped out a lot with seal failure in vinyl windows that are currently sold today. Specifically, the use of better spacers, such as the Duralite, Super Spacer and Cardinal XL Edge spacer. The older Duralite spacer and box-channel aluminum spacer technology led to quite a bit of seal failure.

This isn’t to say it can’t still happen, but the occurrence has dropped significantly, especially with the better vinyl windows that use better parts and components in the insulated glass units or IGUs. Okna is certainly part of this upper tier vinyl market.

The good news for you is that the Okna warranty covers seal failure if it should occur. Of course, a warranty is only as good as the company that writes it. In the case of Okna, you can rest assured that they will cover seal failure for the life of the window.

However, make sure you get satisfaction on this point before you purchase from the Okna rep. Ask about any seal failure in the past and how the company handled it.

Editor John M. - September 24, 2017

Okna 600 DX Windows

I have recieved a quote for the Okna 600 DX series. I have not been able to find reviews. 4 drop in replacement windows, 30" wide x 58" height $540 a window. If adding triple pane $596 a window. Have you any knowledge of the Okna 600 series? I live in north jersey. The 600 series is a blend of the 500 and 800 series.

Pete - Homeowner - February 20, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Pete, the Okna 600 window is the newest window from this top tier vinyl window manufacturer. The 600 series or EcoPro has many of the same features of their top-of-the-line 800 series, except for the sill magnet, which I don't find to be a big deal. The 600 also uses a narrower frame, which allows for a bit more glass. It has a different handle at the bottom sash that many customers like more than the 800. It's an excellent window and at $540 a window, it's well priced. No reason not to jump on this bid, assuming that the installer has a good reputation.

Editor Jim R. - February 20, 2017

Pete's Response

Thank you John for your reply. Since then I also have received a quote for Softlite Imperial LS Windows. The price was $650 per window. Both installers are rated very well on Angie's list and Home Advisor. Is there that much of difference between the Windows? Is there talk that Okna is going out of buisness?

Pete - Homeowner - February 25, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Pete, the Soft-Lite Imperial LS is an excellent window as well. Honestly though, it's not better than the Okna 600 Series. Okna is a very strong company in the window business and weathered the economic recession of 2011 to 2013 quite well. I would have no reservations about them in that regard.

Save yourself the $110 per window and go with the Okna. Congratulations on finding a great window at a great price. Many homeowners I deal with on the site aren't as lucky!

Editor Jim R. - February 25, 2017

Okna Windows Through Window Guardians

Okna is right in our backyard but no one else seems to have heard of them. I asked three contractors. I contacted Okna and they gave me the installer to contact (window guardians) who I can not even find on the web. That concerns me. Should I have concerns over an unknown company with less known installers?

Christine - Homeowner - January 9, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Okna is a well known name in the window business. The fact that the contractors had never heard of them probably means they don't do a ton of windows. If they do, I would be a bit surprised — have they heard of Sunrise and Soft-Lite? Also very well regarded vinyl window manufacturers.

The fact that Window Guardians doesn't even have a website or any reviews is indeed troubling. That doesn't strike me as very professional or very reassuring.

One way to compare windows is to compare the performance data (then it's a more objective type comparison, which should set your mind at ease.)

Compare the air infiltration, design pressure, U-factor and SHGC of the windows you are looking at — the Okna numbers are very impressive, especially the air infiltration, which honestly is the most important number in my opinion.

If it were me, I would call Okna corporate back and ask how long Window Guardians has been installing in the area and I would ask for references for sure. I would have then have WG come out and give you a bid, but I would certainly get a few more bids given the lack of credibility of window guardians.

Bottom line is get a few good bids and then start the comparison. It's free and you can collect quite a bit of information during the process. Take your time and get it done right (which in your case I'm still not sure what the right answer is).

Response From Editor John M. - January 9, 2017

Okna Window Costs vs Sunrise Restorations Series

I am looking to replace 22 double hunts with casements. I have a quote for $14,225 for Sunrise Restorations and $17,000 for Okna 700. I like the Okna a little better, but is it worth that much more money? Also, I got a quote for $12,000 for the 700, but contractor got poor reviews on Checkbook. I might be able to get the Okna contractor with the $17,000 bid down. How much more should I be willing to pay for the 700? Thanks for your great forum.

Samuel - Homeowner - July 14, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Samuel, I really like the Sunrise Restorations and the Okna 700 casements. I think they're comparable windows, so I have to say that I'd go with the Sunrise option, unless the $2775 is worth it to you. I would avoid going with a contractor who gets bad reviews, you'll pay for it in the long run.

I like the idea of going back to the Okna rep and saying that you really want to go with him, but that the bid you got on the Restorations in $14K, and asking what he can do to get that price more in line with the Sunrise bid. Show him that you are on board with him...if he can work with you a little on the price. You might be surprised what he will do for the job. Even if he can't, you'll feel better for asking!

Response From Editor John M. - July 14, 2016