Apex Energy Solutions Reviews

Explore Apex Energy Solutions reviews, ratings, warranty, and more on their Insignia vinyl window. Apex Energy Solutions is a relatively aggressive player in the south and south west when it comes to selling their windows. Their door-to-door approach is pretty old school, but apparently effective.

They sell the Insignia vinyl window, which is an Alside 8000 series, with some nice extra features added on. In truth, the vinyl window is quite good, although often the price point on the Insignia is higher than I'd like to see -- I make this comment on a lot of windows :) Alside Windows Reviews

AES is a franchise -- meaning each branch is privately owned. This means that the branch in your area might adhere to best practices or not -- make sure you get reviews on your specific branch to make sure that past customers are happy with the Insignia window, the installation, and the project price point.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In November, 2023

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Apex Windows Prices

The Apex Insignia window costs will run $650 to $950 fully installed. There are upwards of twenty factors that affect price, including the size of the openings, any and all upgrades, components, hardware, and installation requirements -- just to name a few. The installation portion of the project will account for roughly 35% of the project total, while the windows themselves will account for the remaining 65%. The AES series is comparable to the Alside 8000 prices and to Preservation Windows cost.

-- Installation: $150 to $250 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $650 to $950 -- *

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Apex Energy Solutions Ratings

In terms of ratings, consumers can expect the Insignia to delive a U factor of 0.21, air infiltration rating of .10, a SHGC of 0.24, and a VT of 0.42. The window also uses a sloped sill, which is the much better system over the weep hole system used on other series such as the Milgard Tuscany V400.

Overall the Apex/Insignia energy efficiency ratings and numbers are very respectable.

Apex Energy Solutions Warranty

The Insignia comes with a fully transferable, non-pro-rated limited liftetime warranty. It includes a provision for accidental glass breakage, as well as seal-failure protection.

Warranties are always changing and this may or may not be true of Apex Energy Systems. For their most up-to-date warranty, check with the company prior to purchasing your windows and read the small print on this one page document so you know exactly what is and what is not covered.

Apex Energy Solutions Reviews

Apex Energy Solutions Reviews

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Insignia Price Quote

Hi. We are planning to do a replacement project in the winter months here outside of Phoenix. We have 24 windows total, mostly double hungs and they have to be installed from scratch due to some water damage in several spots.

Renewal By Andersen Cost $3000 each
Pella Impervia $2590 each
Apex Insignia $1475 each
Milgard Styline $900 each (Milgard Windows Prices)
Simonton 6200 $865 each

Scott - Homeowner - November, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Scott, I would say that the Apex Insignia or the Simonton 6200 would be my picks. I think I would be gravitating towards the Simonton based on the per window price.

Editor John - November, 2023

Apex Energy Solutions Reviews

Hello John, I have a quote from Apex Energy Solutions for replacing 26 Insignia Windows. Our home is in the NW suburbs of Chicago. The existing windows are Hurd wood casements about 38 years old. These are all casements and the list is as follows; 

(7) Double Casements w. cherry woodgrain interior/matching sand dune/exterior

(2) Triple Casements ""

(1) Single Casement ""

(1) Five Pane Bay Casement ""

I also received bids from Window Nation, Window Works & Power Home Remolding. Window Nation Prices

Power Home Remolding (Unable to provide the color finishes) & Window Nation BelleVue Series Vinyl Window@ 39K 

Window Works @ 52.8K, for their Impreza Vinyl Window Series 

AES is at 30K for their triple pane Insignia Series.  Triple Pane Windows Cost

Please provide me with your thoughts, thank you. 

Michael - Homeowner - January, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Michael, of the three bids you have, the Apex Insignia is the best value by quite a bit. There is an Okna window rep out there that you may want to look up google "okna windows in chicago illinois" He's not cheap, but it's the best window out there -- still the Apex Insignia is a quality product and the price point compared to the other two looks quite good in my opinion.

Editor John - January, 2023

Apex Windows Price List

Hey Jim, so I had the infamous Apix rep come by today with the promo house pitch. I bit and let him Give me a price to see what they would be. We have single aluminum windows that are original and not efficient at all but still doing their job. Not broken or anything like that. He is pricing me 27 double hung (all but 7 are 82” tall) and 3 pictures.

The bid came to $28,000. It seams very high to me. Am I crazy? They also claim to be better than Pella and other well known brands due to their vinyl build and the triple pane. Pella Windows Prices

Thank you.

brad - Homeowner - January, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Brad, I can’t say whether that’s high or not — 82” high openings are going to be expensive. The only way to truly know is to get more bids. Plus, you want to see what else is out there, because although the Alside 8000/Apex Insignia is a good window, it’s not what I would consider a great window by any means.

Here is a list of windows to check out. Replacement Windows Cost

Editor Jim R. - January, 2021

Apex Window Cost

I live in FL and recently had an APEX rep approach me about using our home as a "Promotional Home" for our neighborhood due to our visible location. She said this is APEX's way of marketing their windows and she gave me their "it lowers the cost" spiel.

Our house is in need of new windows and we were looking to get this done at some point next year, before hurricane season, so we indulged her and let her come do her presentation.

We need a total of 15 windows replaced. 2 specialty arched, 1 picture, 1 slider, 1 single window and the others are 5 sets of paired windows (10) to get to the 15.

She gave me a quote of $18,880 for white trimmed Insignia windows. We have dark trimmed window now, but to get the new APIX Insignia in a dark color it would an extra $280 per window bring the price up to $23k.

Her quote comes out to $1,258 per white window installed, which seems high to me. My research tells me that this should be priced at around $13k for 15 windows or about 30% less than her quote.

Since we were not actively looking to get our windows replaced, I don't have any other quote to compare it to and I'm not sure if this is actually a fair price or not. I'm a little skeptical about this "Promo Home" deal and therefore unsure about her quote.

To add some detail, she said as a "Promo Home" we get 58% off and are not charged for labor. I asked her what the cost would be if we were not a "Promo Home" and she quoted me north of $40k- ....for 15 windows.

This seems absurd to me.

Our neighborhood has homes in the $350k-$450k and run from 2000 - 3200 sq ft. Nice homes, but I don't think most people can afford $40k for 15 windows.

Am I missing something? Is what she's quoting me somewhat accurate and reasonable?

Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated.

Matthew - Homeowner - June, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Matthew, that price quote sounds pretty absurd to me. I'm going to send you my list of good and great windows. It will also explain how to look up local companies that carry each of the brands.

Editor Jim R. - June, 2020