Great Lakes Windows Prices

Great Lakes windows prices should range from $30 to $65 per square foot for the window itself. Great Lakes is owned by Ply Gem, one of the larger building supply manufacturers on the market. For the consumer, this is a good thing because large companies typically don't go out of business (there is a long list of now defunct window companies such as Gorell and Serious that made quality products and still went bankrupt.) Big manufacturers also tend to offer better warranties (although not always true) and stand behind their products.

In terms of quality, Great Lakes gets a solid mid tier grade. With the exception of their high end composite EcoSmart window, the other models are pretty standard faire, not much that sets them apart from other mid range vinyl window companies such as Milgard, Simonton or Champion.

The company used to sell the Grandview model, which is now essentially the Premium Series from Ply Gem. Great Lakes does not have a wide dealer network, meaning that there will typically be only one company or person to buy from in your area. This does not always translate to the best deal for the consumer - this is where getting multiple bids can come in very handy.

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Great Lakes Windows Ratings

The following performance numbers apply to the double hung (or single hung) with a low-e glass and argon fill.

Bayshore Window: .34 U Factor, .24 SHGC, 51 CR

Lifestyles Window: .34 U Factor, .24 SHGC, 51 CR

Seabrooke Window: .34 U Factor, .24 SHGC, 51 CR

Uniframe Window: .31 U Factor, .24 SHGC, 49 CR

ecoSmart Window: .30 U Factor .24 SHGC, .12 Air Infiltration

Great Lakes Windows Cost

Great Lakes window costs are at the mid to higher end of the vinyl window price range. The best value of the bunch is the Uniframe vinyl window, which should offer nice long term value at the mid to upper end vinyl window cost.

Great Lakes Bayshore Series - $25 to $35 per square foot

Great Lakes Lifestyles Series - $30 to $40 per square foot

Great Lakes Seabrooke Series - $35 to $45 per square foot

Great Lakes Uniframe Series - $40 to $50 per square foot

Great Lakes ecoSmart Series - $55 to $65 per square foot

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Great Lakes Windows Warranty

Great Lakes offers a number of warranties on each of their products, the following is for the Bayshore window. It is a lifetime warranty on the materials and workmanship on the mainframe to the original owner. This warranty applies to all of the moving parts and the fiberglass screen. The insulated glass unit is warranted for 30 years, although the company will only pay a percentage of the replacement cost based on a prorated schedule.

There are a number of exclusions and limitations that apply so we recommend that consumers read the Great Laked warranty in its entirety prior to your purchase.

Great Lakes Windows Reviews

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GreatLakes Windows Prices

I'm here in Missouri and will be replacing 12 double hungs and two sliders come spring. Thought I'd share my price quotes.

ProVia Endure Series: $12.8K

Sunrise Windows Cost: $13.9K

GreatLakes ComfortSmart: $13.8K

Donna - Homeowner - October, 2023