Sunrise Restorations Windows Reviews

Sunrise Windows are not a widely known name in the industry, but they ought to be. Their vinyl windows and doors are some of the best in the business. In 2016, the company was purchased by MI Windows. Despite this, the quality of the company's products does not seem to be much changed. A solid buy.

Explore Sunrise Restorations Windows reviews, prices, ratings and warranty information on the company's top-of-the-line vinyl series. The Restorations one of the highest rated vinyl windows currently available in the United States. The series has all of the same upgrades that come on the Sunrise Verde and Vanguard window, including the fibercore sash reinforcement, foam filled frame, MaxEdge Spacer and high transparency screen. The Restorations includes a lock that is built into the tilt latch release. This sash lock, along with a nice narrow frame, makes the window one of the best looking vinyl windows around.

The Restorations models includes tons of options for consumers, including a ton of exterior colors, several interior color options, and 6 interior wood grain laminates. The laminates mimic the look of real wood, without all of the downsides that real wood brings with it. The company offers some very nice metal hardware upgrades, as well as a number of glass packages, screen options, and interior grids.

While the Restorations won't deliver quite the same performance ratings as the Okna 800 Envirostar, it is still a top contender and one that consumers should seriously consider if there is a dealer in their area.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Sunrise Restorations Window Costs

Consumers can expect Sunrise Restorations window replacement prices to run approximately $750 to $1000 per window fully installed. This is not a large price difference -- factors that drive price include the size of the window, the installation type required, and the number of upgrades and custom features that are ordered. Comparably priced windows include the Soft-Lite Elements price and Polaris UltraWeld series cost.

-- Standard Installation: $150 to $250 --

-- Fully Installed: $750 to $1000 --

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Sunrise Restorations Ratings

The Sunrise Restorations, with the Cold Protector Extreme AR glass package, should deliver a 0.22 U-factor, 0.19 SHGC, .04 air infiltration, and 0.44 VT. Upgrading to the Ultra KR90 glass package will deliver a 0.19 U-factor, 0.20 SHGC, .03 air infiltration, and 0.37 VT.

These are excellent performance numbers, some of the very best in the entire window industry. As we said before, the only other window that tops the Restorations (in an apples to apples comparison) is the Okna 800 window series.

Sunrise Restorations Warranty

This window comes with a Lifetime warranty that covers the frame, sash, IGU, hardware, balances, and screens. Vinyl frame paint colors and finishes come with a 20 year warranty provision against peeling, cracking and blistering, along with a 10 year provision on excessive fading.

The warranty is transferrable to a subsequent owner - the new owner must notify the company in writing of the transfer and must pay the $50 transfer fee to Sunrise (pretty typical requirements in the industry). The Sunrise warranty is pretty straight forward and is very solid. There are limitations and exclusions that apply so make sure you read the document in full prior to purchase.

Sunrise Restorations Windows Reviews

Sunrise Restorations Windows Reviews

Do you have questions about the Restorations series? Our site editors, John and Jim, can assist with additional information on cost, quotes, upgrades, features, components and much more. Ask them your questions and get the answers you need.

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Restorations Windows Cost

John, your website has such valuable information to customers. I got the below quotes from two different companies. Request your guidance. Appreciate any help you could offer.

Restorations: $14250 for 13 windows (2 sliders, rest double hung, double pane, double strength glass, 4 with tempered glass because it's less than 18inches from floor, no grids)

Gentek Signature Elite: $11115 for 13 windows(2 sliders, rest double hung, double pane, double strength glass, 4 with tempered glass because it's less than 18inches from floor, no grids)

Restorations: 1 sliding patio door:6-0x6-8: $2600 + $450 for installation

Gentek Signature Elite: 1 sliding patio door:6-0x6-8: $2250 + $450 for installation Gentek Signature Elite Windows

Is it a fair price? Is it worth investing $3000 more for Sunrise Restoration.

Also the patio door is so expensive. I installed another patio door in 2017 for $800 (with installation). I bought the patio door from Lowe's, don't remember the brand.

Should I go with an economical patio door from Lowe's again and get it installed with a handyman?

Simi - Homeowner - September, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Simi, the difference in those prices is abut what I would expect to see. I think from a value perspective, those are equal bids. I would base my decision on two factors - how long I planned on staying in the house. My over/under would be 12 years on the timeline. The other factor would be the company reviews for the installation company.

In terms of the patio door, those are the current prices. Those price in 2017 were obviously a far cry from todays pricing unfortunately. But yes I think you could go the big box stores and hire a handyman to install if you trust someone and know they will do a good job. That’s a tough call for me to make.

But the two bids you have sound good. I do have a list of additional brands if you wanted to collect one or two more bids.

Editor John M. - September, 2023

Sunrise Restorations Windows Cost

One difference is the company offering the V4000 has a 10 year warranty on the installation and the company offering the Restorations has a 5 year warranty on installation. Do you think it is better to have a longer warranty on installation or does that not really matter?

Thank you so much I really appreciate your help!

Thank you so much for your help. One last question.

Our quotes are 16 double hungs Sunrise V4000 for $13673.00 and Restoration $14689.00 Do these sound reasonable for that number?


June - Homeowner - August, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Personally, I don’t think it matters much. Once the windows go in, and there aren’t any issues at the get go, very little ever happens in the first 10 years. Not to say it can’t happen of course, but it’s usually in that 15 to 20 years time that something will go wrong. But with a great window installed correctly, you should be good for 25 years at least. fingers crossed!

Editor John - August, 2023

Sunrise Restoration Windows Reviews

Good afternoon John - I was hoping you could offer up your thoughts and opinion on the following estimates for window replacements. I have received 4 estimates for 7 casements and 2 sliding glass doors.

Wincore 7700 - $15,600

Okna Composite - $26,897 Okna Windows Reviews

Sunrise Restorations - $12,829 (with Omega 12 Energy Efficiency pkg)

Soft Lite Pro Series - $23,367 Soft-Lite Windows Reviews

Any opinions and information you can provide is greatly appreciated. I stumbled upon your website, and have been digging into all the information you have out there. Thank you for keeping that up!

I've been trying to do a bit more research on the Restorations window, but since they were bought by MI, the information is a bit sparse on the website.

Thank you again!

Tracy - Homeowner - August, 2023

Site Editor Answer

Tracy, Sunrise Restorations is the winner here by a mile. In fact, I'm suspicious about the difference in price here between that bid and the others. It's soooo much lower than even the Wincore 7700. Yes, MI bought Sunrise but from everything I can tell they are still making the same windows in the same factory - I've been giving this advice to everyone who writes in to say double check this with the rep who gave you the bid and just ask very pointedly if anything about the window has changed now that Sunrise is owned by MI. I think they will say nothing besides the name, but still worth the ask. As it stands, the Restorations is a great window in my book and the best deal here by a lot.

Editor John - August, 2023

Sunrise Restoration Windows Cost

Hi Jim, the bids I've collected on 31 windows (mostly double hungs and a bay window) are local companies with very good reviews. Wondering if you could help me make sense of it all...

Provia Endure Series: $24,585

Okna 600 Series: $27,285

Soft-Lite Imperial Elite : $30,395

Restorations Cost: $40,660

Annie - Homeowner - December, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Annie, hey there. These are all really really good windows. I'd do the Provia Endure option -- the least expensive from a great local company. That's ridiculous that the Restorations price is almost double!

Editor John M. - December, 2022

Sunrise Restorations Door Price

I have a bid for a sliding door replacement 12x 8 ft Restoration Series. Seems like a good price what do you think?

Dielli - Homeowner - August, 2019

Site Editor Answer

Dielli, you didn't include the price in your message so I can't say. The Restoration Series is one of my favorites though!

Editor John M. - August, 2019

Dielli's Response

It was $4450.

Dielli - Homeowner - August, 2019

Site Editor Answer

That's a big sliding door so not a bad price. I would get a couple more bids though -- doors can vary WIDELY in price depending on whether the size is standard or custom for a particular company. ProVia, Sunrise, Jeld Wen, and Polaris Windows and Doors all make good vinyl sliding doors.

Editor John M. - August, 2019

Sunrise Restorations Windows Reviews

I have come down to three options on 5 awnings and 8 double-hungs.

Soft-lite Pro $7245

Restorations with Ultra U Glass $8700

Insul-tec OKNA Deluxe $9448

Mark - Homeowner - March, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Mark, let me first say that all of the windows you have quotes on are very good. The Restorations is the best deal of the bunch. It's probably my second favorite vinyl window behind the Okna 800 series, which is better than the 500 Insultec series that you have a quote on.

Editor John M. - March, 2018

Sunrise Windows Price List

We've gotten several quotes to replace a bow window using Renewal by Anderson, Harvey Majesty windows and two quotes from local Sunrise dealers. We prefer the Sunrise, but each dealer 'specializes' in a different Sunrise product. One sells Restorations exclusively and the other sells the Standard and Essentials. We'd be willing to pay more for the Restorations, but can't find a side-by-side comparison from Sunrise on their different product lines. We also can't tell from the quotes how much is for the product and how much is for installation. Trying to compare prices is like apples to oranges.

So I appeal to you for help. Can you send me the manufacturer's price sheet for both the Restorations and the Sunrise Classic window? Thanks very much for your help. Our window measures approximately 112' x 55". Here are the specs we're interested in.

Four section bow window (sections one and four to be Casements), Brazilian Pecan vinyl woodgrain interior and Painters White exterior, Omega-12 glass (double pane; argon filled), Ultra-core polyurethane insulation in sash and master frame, Double insulated seat, Brazilian Pecan laminated Head, Seat, and Jambs, OptiView Screens, 2 7/8" Colonial Madera trim, and Internal single prairie Victorian V-Groove etching.

We've been using your website for our research and find it to be extremely helpful! Thanks for all the good brand comparisons.

Jim - Homeowner - May 15, 2016

Site Editor Answer

Jim, I don't have a Sunrise windows price list per se, but feel free to send me your quotes and I'll do my best to give you an unbiased opinion on how the price stacks up. Just out of curiously, how did the Sunrise window costs compare with the Harvey and Renewal By Andersen prices bids.

Response From Editor John M. - May 15, 2016

Sunrise Restorations Windows Reviews

I am buying 40 replacement casements. 36 x 64. I am down to Okna 700 Deluxe or the Restoration. I have never seen them side by side, which is the thinner frame/look? Which is stronger (I live near ocean/VA Beach)? Okna's $22k, Sunrises $25K. Which should I get?

Rich - Homeowner - June 29, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Rich, the Restoration has one of the thinner frames out there on a top tier vinyl window and alot of consumers really like this. I happen to like the overall look of the Oknas just a bit better. Both Sunrise and Okna windows are great brands, but I would lean towards the Oknas myself. I feel like they get the edge in terms of construction and performance. Once they are in, you won't notice the slightly thicker frame, unless this is really important to you. In that case, go with the Restorations. Either way, you are getting a fantastic window at what looks to be a very competitive price. Replacement Window Cost

Response From Editor Jim R. - June 29, 2016