Soft-Lite Windows Prices

Soft-Lite windows are often mentioned in the discussion of top rated vinyl window manufacturers, along with Okna, Sunrise, Polaris and Milgard (West Coast). The company is headquartered in Streetsboro Ohio, although they have a rather wide distribution market throughout much of the East, South, South West and Mid West. Soft-Lite windows are currently not available in most West Coast states.

The company enjoys a good reputation for producing high quality vinyl windows at competitive prices (given the overall quality). The Classic and Pro are older models and considered solid mid range vinyl windows, while the Imperial LS and Elements Series are newer models that include some upgraded design features and considered top vinyl window selections.

The big issue for consumers is going to be what price point you can get the Soft-Lite product for. Assuming you find competitive pricing, the Soft-Lite windows are hard to beat. The company manufactures 6 different vinyl windows series, including the Barrington, Bainbridge, Classic, Pro, Imperial LS and Elements window series - this list is from their entry level (Barrington) up to their premium model (Elements). Below, you will find links to each window model, which all include product descriptions, standard features, ratings, and warranty information (all pretty much the same).

Soft-Lite also has a franchise called Zen Windows, which is available in many states. The franchise offers the Karma, Nirvana and Lotus series. Please visit this page for additional information on how this franchise is structured and what products they offer.

We have not provided any pricing information for this manufacturer. You can always contact us directly for some basic guidelines as to window costs, as well as what you can expect in terms of window installation costs.

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Soft-Lite Windows Cost

Soft-Lite windows costs are at the high end of the vinyl window price range. Unfortunately, we cannot post a fair market window price for their products. Contact us directly for more pricing information.

Soft-Lite Barrington - $----- per square foot

Soft-Lite Bainbridge - $----- per square foot

Soft-Lite Classic - $----- per square foot

Soft-Lite Pro Window - $----- per square foot

Soft-Lite Imperial LS - $----- per square foot

Soft-Lite Elements Windows - $----- per square foot

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Soft-Lite Window Ratings

The following window ratings numbers are for a double hung window in the standard low-e glass and argon fills. The company offers two glass upgrades, including the Ultra and the Ultimate glass packages.

Soft-Lite Barrington: .30 U factor, .31 SHGC, .57 VT, .09 AI

Soft-Lite Bainbridge: .29 U-factor, .28 SHGC, .37 VT, .05 AI

Soft-Lite Classic: .30 U factor, .29 SHGC, .37 VT, .07 AI

Soft-Lite Pro Window: .28 U-factor, .29 SHGC, .53 VT, .05 AI

Soft-Lite Imperial LS: .28 U-factor, 0.23 SHGC, 0.44 VT, .02 AI

Soft-Lite Elements: .27 U-factor, .29 SHGC, .39 VT, .01 AI

Soft-Lite Window Warranty

The Soft-Lite window warranty includes a limited lifetime provision against manufacturing defects on the frame and sash. The warranty includes a 10 year provision on PVC coatings (interior and exterior frame color coatings), interior mini blinds, and on any foil laminates.

This warranty is transferrable to a subsequent owner - it does require a one-time transfer fee and the company must be notified of the transfer in writing. The company offers an optional glass breakage upgrade that can be added to any order and is sometimes included on some of the upgraded models as a standard feature. Ask your local dealer for more details.

Soft-Lite Windows Reviews

Do you have questions about Soft-Lite windows - prices, quotes, quality, series or model features or available upgrades? Our site editors are here to answer your questions and get you the information you need to make the best choice for your new replacement window project.

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Soft Lite Windows Bid vs. Polaris

Hi John, I obtained quotes for Polaris and Soft-Lite. I have attached the Soft-Lite quote $5,743.00. I also clarified that the quote is for the "Double-Pane with Super Spacer". The polaris quote was $6,548.00 for "Energy Smart Supreme2". I was advised to stay away from Stanek due to their multiple bankruptcies where they do not then honor warranties? At this point, I am leaning toward the Soft-Lite. I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

Laurie - Homeowner - October 22, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Laurie, Soft-Lite has a number of window models, as does Polaris -- the Energy Smart Supreme2 is just the glass option -- can you find out what model or series the Soft-Lite and Polaris rep are selling you -- this is a huge component in terms of quality, features and components.

Yes, Stanek Windows did go through a bankruptcy and although they were purchased by a large company that has done a good job with the transition, you make a good point of "why risk it." Without knowing the models, I am leaning towards the Soft-Lite as well, but you need to get clarification on this point before you can make a definitive answer.

Response From Editor Jim R. - October 22, 2016

Laurie's Response

John, the Soft-Lite bid is on the Imperial LS window model. The Polaris is on the Thermal Weld.

Laurie - Homeowner - October 24, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Laurie, the Soft-Lite Imperial LS is the better window in that comparison. Go with the Soft-Lite for sure!

Response From Editor Jim R.. - October 24, 2016

Soft-Lite Quote vs Polaris

I have quotes from both Polaris and Soft-Lite. The Soft-Lite quote -- which is for the double pane with the super spacer was $5,745 for 9 windows. The same quote for Polaris was with the Energy Smart Supreme2 and came to $6,550. I had been considering Stanek, but then a friend told me that they'd gone into bankruptcy and to stay away from them. I was curious what you thought.

Laurie - Homeowner - August 21, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Laurie, Stanek did go through a bankruptcy and although I like their windows, I think your point is well taken -- why risk going with a company with a more shaky track record than one with a solid track record? I would tend to rate Soft-Lite above Polaris so the fact that the Soft-Lite quote is lower than the Polaris seems pretty clear to me that the SL is the way to go.

Editor Jim R. - August 21, 2016