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Awning Window Cost Estimator

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open at the bottom. They are essentially a casement window that is rotated 90 degrees. In terms of cost, they will run more than a simple horizontal slider or single hung window. They are typically on par with double hungs and casements - about in the middle of the pack in terms of cost.

The real cost considerations are going to be who you buy the window from, the number of upgrades you select and the sort of installation that you need (which is going to be determined by the overall condition of your frames and sills.)

Awning Windows Cost Calculator

Egress Windows Cost Calculator

Dual Pane Window Cost Estimator

Dual pane windows account for roughly 85% of all windows sold today. The reason is for their much improved energy efficiency over older single pane windows. Dual pane windows are part of the insulated glazing unit. Along with the two panes of glass, an IGU consists of a spacer, argon or krypton fills and seals that help keep the unit airtight. All of these parts work together to create a much more energy efficient window that blocks heat or cold from passing through the IGU.

Dual Pane Windows Cost Calculator

Hurricane And Impact Windows

One of the requirements for hurricane windows is that they have a DP 45 rating or higher. DP stands for window design pressure. A DP40 window must maintain its structural integrity at up to 155 miles an hour winds from both directions for at least 10 seconds. An impact window, on the other hand, typically uses laminated glass, which is much stronger than your typical home window glass. They also use stronger corner welds and multiple cavities in the vinyl frame and often foam fills in these cavities for extra strength and durability.

Impact Windows Cost Calculator