Cheap Replacement Windows

Cheap replacement windows is not the best terminology; think of it as a decent window at a reasonable price. While we never recommend that consumers sacrifice quality simply for price, we do understand that cost is a huge concern for most homeowners. Here are four quality replacement windows for under $400 installed and out the door.

-- Price Range: $325 to $400 fully installed --

Simonton Assure Windows

The Simonton Assure Series was introduced in 2012 and is essentially an updated version of the Reflections 5050. While it is Simonton's entry level window, it's still a good buy for the price. Instead of a cheap, thin frame, it has a rather bulky profile that does mean less viewing area, but will still offer decent performance numbers. Contractors always recommend an upgrade to the mid range model, but assuming you get a good installer who doesn't cut corners, you will be well served with the Simonton entry level window.

-- Price Range: $325 - $375 fully installed --

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Ply Gem Pro Windows

As a rule, Ply Gem gets decent reviews from contractors and homeowners. The Pro model is a step up from their Contractor model and is actually a composite window of sorts, instead of a strict vinyl window. To be more specific, it is a painted uPVC that is the updated version that was once called the Grandview 4000 - made by by Great Lakes. The Ply Gem Pro Series lacks the reinforced sash of their Premium model, but offers a stainless steel spacer and a decent warranty. Expect decent but not great performance numbers; U-factor of .29, AI 0.19 DP 30 and an SHGC of .27.

-- Price Range: $325 - $375 fully installed --

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Milgard Styline Windows

The Milgard Styleline Series is a modern, somewhat plain looking vinyl window. It offers a thinner frame (and uneven sight lines which may or may not bother you) than the slightly more expensive Tuscany, but lacks some bells and whistles such as weep hole covers, vent locks and has a slightly odd looking locking mechanism. The thinner frame generally means slightly worse performance numbers than the Tuscany. The Styleline is available on the west coast and is a good option if the Tuscany is a bit out of your price range.

-- Price Range: $350 - $400 fully installed --

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Sunrise Essentials Windows

The Sunrise Essentials Series is basically an entry level window from a great vinyl window manufacturer. The frame isn't as strong as their better models, it is available in less color options and it is only available in a slider, double hung or fixed window stlye. Performance numbers will be just okay and it really can't hold a candle to the standard Sunrise window, but it's a good inexpensive window by and large.

-- Price Range: $375 - $400 fully installed --

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Silverline 9500 Windows

The Silverline 9500 Series is the premium window from Silverline and the window that gets the most attention from buyers and installers. When it comes to a decent budget vinyl window, this model is often thrown out as one of the options. It's available in many of the big box stores and it gets decent numbers: AI 0.14, U-factor 0.30, & DP 45. The window also offers a thick frame (.85) and double strength glass. Contractors often suggest that if consumers are going to go with the 9500 series, that they upgrade to the foam fill and get the argon gas fills.

-- Price Range: $325 - $375 fully installed --

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Reliabilt 3500 Windows

The Reliabilt 3500 window is the high end vinyl window from Reliabilt that is actually a relabeled Atrium 8700 window. Reliabilt windows are often sold through the big box stores such as Lowes and Home Depot and the per window cost can seem very low. However, be sure to note that typically the windows listed on these particular sites have no upgrades or add ons that can help with the overall performance of the window (and add to the cost of the window.) It's similar to the MSRP on a car - essentially the base price.

-- Price Range: $250 - $325 fully installed --

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