Best Vinyl Windows

Check out our selections for the best vinyl windows from many of the most popular manufacturers and window makers, including Okna, Sunrise, Affinity, Soft-Lite and more.

Sunrise Restorations Window

The Sunrise Restorations window is one of the highest rated vinyl windows currently available and has all of the upgrades that come on the Verde and Vanguard, including the sash reinforcement, foam filled frame, MaxEdge Spacer and high transparency screen. It also has a great sash lock and a nice narrow frame that helps make it one of the best looking vinyl windows around - it has a nice interior veneer that closely resembles real wood. Homeowners can expect a .26 U-value and .04 air infiltration, both excellent performance numbers.

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HiMark 800 Window

The 800 Series from HiMark (also called the Enviro Star) is their premium model and often listed as one of the best vinyl windows available. The window incorporates a strong, sturdy frame with excellent craftsmanship and features. The hardware and features are all high end and the performance numbers on the 800 series are fantastic (the DX upgrade will even improve upon this) - .26 U-value and .01 air infiltration.

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Polaris UltraWeld Window

The Polaris UltraWeld window is their high end vinyl model and one of the top rated vinyl windows on the market. The UltraWeld has thes ame upgraded frame as the Polaris ThermalWeld, but with a foam fill in the multichambered extrusion. Expect a .28 U-value and a .01 air infiltration (pretty much unbeatable). The UltraWeld includes some very nice upgrades and features such as the UltraCept spacer and an optional sill reinforcement.

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Okna Insul-Tec Window

Okna 500 windows are the mid range vinyl series from Okna and considered one of the best valued windows on the market. The 500 offers an improved sill wall, spacer and includes several nice features and upgrades that make it a slightly better looking and performing window from the 400. Consumers can expect a .25 U-value, .28 SHGC, DP50 rating and .02 air infiltration.

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Affinity Energex Elite Windows

The Affinity Energex Elite is the high end vinyl window that uses a stronger, more durable extrusion from Deceuninck. The frame is multichambered and includes foam fills for added strength and improved energy efficiency. It also offers high quality hardware from Ashland, a double locking mechanism and solid designed lift rails, as well as a very good standard glass package. The Energex Elite is not only well designed, it is also well built and is a good looking vinyl window as well.

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Affinity Energex Elite Windows

The Vytrex Potomac-hp window is the high end or premium vinyl window that is quite impressive in its performance numbers and should provide some nice overall value for the consumer. Standard features include a constant force balance system, intergral interlocks, foam insulation, triple weatherstripping, a full 1" sealed IG unit, and integrated sash lock, composite sack reinforcement and a magnetic seal for draft elimination. Consumers can expect the Potomac HP series double hung in the Energy Saver Plus package, which is a dual glazed low E glass with argon fills, to deliver a .26 U-value, a .20 SHGC and .47 VT. The window will be Energy Star Compliant in all four regions.

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