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Check out our selections for the best vinyl windows from most popular manufacturers and window makers, including Okna, Sunrise, Polaris, Soft-Lite, Anlin, and more. The following is listed in reverse alphabetical order - why should the As always get to go first. For our list or recommendations email us today.

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Sunrise Restorations Window

The Sunrise Restorations window is one of the highest rated vinyl windows currently available and has all of the upgrades that come on the Verde and Vanguard, including the sash reinforcement, foam filled frame, MaxEdge Spacer and high transparency screen. It also has a great sash lock and a nice narrow frame that helps make it one of the best looking vinyl windows around - it has a nice interior veneer that closely resembles real wood. Homeowners can expect a .26 U-value and .04 air infiltration, both excellent performance numbers.

Sunrise Restorations Reviews

Soft-Lite Elements Series

The Soft-Lite Elements is the company's top-of-the-line replacement vinyl window and often considered one of the best vinyl windows on the market. It is one of the nicer looking vinyl windows on the market as well.

Soft-Lite spent quite a bit of money in the research and development on their top two windows, the Elements Series and Soft-Lite LS windows. Standard features include triple UltraSmart weatherstripping, an Integral lift rail, a stainless steel coil balancing system, high quality fusion welded corners and seams, the Kevlar reinforced fiberglass meeting rail, a one piece sloped sill, and a cove-mould frame design.

Soft-Lite Elements Reviews

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ProVia Endure Series

The ProVia Endure is the company's premium vinyl series and their most energy efficient. The Endure specs on the double hung include a 0.05 air infiltration, design pressure of 50, U-factor of .28 and SHGC of .27. All in all, quite good numbers. The casement delivers an air infiltration numbers of .02, which is even more impressive.

The Endure comes standard with a block and tackle balance, dual balance jamb covers, thermal sill reinforcement, a Super Spacer and recessed locks. All in all, the Endure is a very good window that consumers would do well to strongly consider if the price point is right.

ProVia Endure Windows Reviews

Polaris UltraWeld Series

The Polaris UltraWeld window is their high end vinyl model and one of the top rated vinyl windows on the market. The UltraWeld has thes ame upgraded frame as the Polaris ThermalWeld, but with a foam fill in the multichambered extrusion. Expect a .28 U-value and a .01 air infiltration (pretty much unbeatable). The UltraWeld includes some very nice upgrades and features such as the UltraCept spacer and an optional sill reinforcement.

Polaris UltraWeld Windows Reviews

Quality Window Companies

Okna 800 Series

The Okna 800 is the premium vinyl replacement or new construction model from Okna that is one of the nicest looking vinyl windows on the market. Standard features include a multi chamber mainframe, a 3 1/4" depth mainframe, beveled colonial style frame, a full intregral interlock, recessed tilt and vent latches, single piece sloped sill, composite sill reinforcement, double strength weatherstripping, and magnetic seals.

The Envirostar is available in a number of different hardware options, including multiple metal options that are very attractive and include brushed nickel, an adobe gray, matte bronze and antique brass.

Okna 800 Reviews

Ideal Majestic Series

The Ideal Majestic is a high quality vinyl window that is probably on par with a Soft-Lite Imperial LS or Okna 500 series windows. The Ideal “Majestic” double hung window has an air infiltration rating of .02 and a .27 Ufactor (with double pane and a foam filled frame.) It has composite reinforcement and is considered a very well made window.

Standard features include a foam filled extrusion, a reinforced meeting rail, constant force balance, double strength glass, triple weather-stripping seals, an extruded aluminum screen, 2 heavy duty night latches, and shadow grooved welds. The window is available in a fair number of grid, glass, hardware and color options.

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Anlin Del Mar Series

The Anlin Del Mar is the upgraded model from the Catalina and will run 10% to 15% more than the Catalina Series. The series has a frame depth of 2 7/8" and an extrusion thickness of .080". In addition, the window uses a double strength glass, has equal sightlines, a single vent latch, silver coated glass and a Platinum Elite spacer system. While the Del Mar and Catalina are similar, the Del Mar includes these following upgrades: a green foam injection in the frame, sash fiberglass inserts, and a thermal reinforcement. The result is a stronger window with slightly better energy efficiency.

Expect an air infiltration around .05 for the single hung and .08 for the horizontal slider.

Anlin Del Mar Windows Reviews

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