Double Pane Windows Cost Calculator

Our double pane windows cost calculator can help you find industry standard pricing for an array of different DPW options and price points. We recommend that consumers spend some time putting in different options into our calculators in order to see how they will affect the price that you will pay for your next double pane window.

Our first calculator is more of a project pricing calculator in which you can enter as many windows as you would like. Our second calculator is more specific to a single window and includes the many different options and upgrades that homeowners can choose from when they are shopping for replacement windows.

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Double Pane Windows Cost

Here are some very broad dual pane windows cost ranges for the different frame materials. These price ranges have gone up significantly over the past few years due to high inflation and high consumer demand. Unfortunately, they do not appear to be going down anytime soon.

Vinyl Price Range: $500 to $1200 fully installed

Fiberglass Price Range: $1200 to $2000 fully installed

Composite Price Range: $650 to $2500 fully installed

Aluminum Price Range: $750 to $1800 fully installed

Wood Clad Price Range: $1100 to $3000 fully installed

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Dual Pane Windows Basics

DPWs account for roughly 90% of all windows sold today. Essentially, every major brand sold today uses a double or triple pane glass. The reason for this is that DPWs are much more energy efficient over older single pane windows. Incredibly more efficient.

There are two additional options (the missing 10%) that don't use double pane glass. The first is a window insert, sometimes called storm windows, which are single pane frames that work with your existing windows. The second option is triple pane windows - which as the name indicates used three glass panes instead of two.

DPWs are part of a window's insulated glazing unit or IGU. An IGU consists of a the glass, spacer, argon or krypton fills, and seals that help keep the unit airtight. All of these parts work together to create a much more energy efficient window that blocks heat and/or cold from passing through the window. The IGU plays a huge role in the energy efficiency of modern windows sold in the past two decades. In addition, quality insulated glass unit stop more sound from entering the home and better block heat from entering in the summer and cold from entering in the winter.

The most important component of DPWs structure is the low E glass that reflects certain UV rays from entering the home. Similarly, the low E glass on the inside of the window traps the heat during the cold winter months and helps create a more comfortable and energy efficient environment.

Dual Pane Windows Cost | Vinyl

Vinyl windows cost range from $400 to $1200 out the door. It's a big price range to be sure - anything from a pre-made unit purchased at HD to a custom made Soft-Lite elements series that is one of the highest performing windows on the market today. Here are several examples of vinyl window series and the price range that consumers will most likely pay.

American Craftsman Windows - $400 to $600 installed

Alside Mezzo Series - $500 to $750 fully installed

Okna 800 Series - $950 to $1100 installed

Dual Pane Cost | Fiberglass

Fiberglass windows costs range from $1200 to $1800 fully installed. This price range will depend on a number of factors that includes the manufacture that you buy from, the upgrades and add-ons that you select, as well as the installation that the project requires. Here are several examples of manufacturers and window series and the price range that homebuyers can expect to pay.

Milgard Ultra Series - $1200 to $1600 installed

Marvin Infinity Series - $1400 to $1600 fully installed

Alpen 925 Series - $1600 to $1800 installed

Dual Pane Windows Cost | Wood

Wood Clad prices typically range from $1100 to $3000 out the door. Just as with fiberglass and vinyl, the main factors that drive up the price of wood clad includes the company from whom you buy, the model you select, the number of upgrades and glass package, as well as the installation requirements. Here are some examples.

Jeld Wen Siteline - $1100 to $1700 installed

Andersen 200 Series - $1400 to $2000 fully installed

Marvin Ultimate Series - $1800 to $2800 installed

Double Pane Windows Cost | Aluminum

Aluminum Windows prices will typically range from $750 to $1800 fully installed. This option should be reserved for homeowners living in very hot climates. Check out our Austin window replacement recommendations. Here are several examples.

Don Young - $900 to $1400 installed

NT Twinsulator Series - $1000 to $1600 fully installed

Jeld Wen Aluminum Clad - $1000 to $1600 fully installed

Double Pane Window Cost Calculator Question

I finally have narrowed it down to 3 different windows and I would love your opinion on what you feel is the best option. However, I used your estimator and that had the price lower. I was hoping you could explain.

Gilkey Price Quote
System Boreal Vinyl Custom Insert (23 Chamber, fiberglass reinforced)
Double pane LoE366, Better View full screen, custom insert.
Instead of replacing our Bay Window we would do 2 double hung and a picture window and wrap the Bay exterior. $3811.00 for a total of $12380.00. So, a total of 9 double hung and 1 large picture window.

Windows Plus Cost Bid
Soft-Lite Elements, ultra-glass package, triple pane and what they termed as a Hybrid tear out because we are going to be keeping our inside trim. We are doing the same with the Bay. 9 double hung and large picture window. they didn't mention about wrapping the Bay exterior. I will clarify with them. With the Betterview full flex screen $9588.00, with the aluminum frame full screen $9474.00

Window Universe Prices:
9 Gentex Signature Elite, 1 large picture. 2 of the double hung and the picture for the Bay so 9 total double hung double paned. Energy Star Glass Pkg, double strength glass upgrade. Dura fit full screen. $8388.00. We could upgrade to triple pane for an extra $99.00 per window. Not sure if it would cost more to updrade pictire window to triple pane, I think I've covered everything.

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

Gina - Homeowner - August, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Gina, our price estimator gives target prices, but there are all kinds of things that can tweak those numbers up or down. For instance, a very large window could be as much as 2x that of a very small one - but it's just too difficult to make calculators that will take all of this into effect.

For me this is a no brainer -- the Soft-Lite Elements option would be my call. Possibly the best vinyl windows on the market at a very decent price base on the pricing I've seen lately.

Editor John - August, 2023

Quote From Double Pane Window Cost Calculator

Hi there, I have a quote on replacing double panes in a condo development. We will have a large number of units to replace over the coming months. You are welcome to call/email if you want.

Jere - Homeowner - October, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Jere, not exactly what we do here. I can send you my list of recommended brands and series for you to consider as you begin to gather bids. Here is my list in case you want to continue your search: [list pulled -- contact our editors for the list.]

Editor John - October, 2022

DP Price Quotes

Thank you John. The quote I received were as follows

1 bathroom vinyl with 2 obscured sashes and 2 tempered

3 regular vinyls. 1 casement replacement over the kitchen sink into a double hung DP vinyl.

And replacing my French doors to sliding doors because french doors were too expensive compared to sliding. The sliding doors have 3 point locking system screens and deadbolt lock and key entry.

The window's were quoted for $7900 and doors were $5400.

Thank you so much for your help.

Iris - Homeowner - March, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Iris, that price tag seems high to me. What brand were you quoted on? That will make a tremendous difference. If you shoot me an email, I am happy to send you a recommended list of brand and series.

Editor John - March, 2022

Okna 600 series

6 Double Pane / DH And 1 Picture window
Sizes: Standard
Bid Pricing: $49.7K
Included Everything
Area: Upstate New York
Project Quote from 2019

Okna Windows Prices