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Window Universe windows prices range from $400 to $700 fully installed. Explore 2022 pricing, quality, ratings, warranty, and consumer reviews. Window Universe primarily sells the Revere Berkshire or Alside Mezzo. Same exact window. I'm not the biggest fan of this window, but it's certainly not the worst out there. I would say that the Alside Mezzo is a solid mid range vinyl window.

Window Universe is a franchise business, much like Renewal By Andersen. This means that each branch is individually owned, and that the quality of installation can be all over the board. I think the key here is to check on your local "branch" to see how they rate in terms of their quality, installation, etc. The company has been expanding quite rapidly over the past 10 years and now has locations in 33 states. That's about all that I know about Window Universe.

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Window Universe Prices

Window Universe price will typically run $400 to $700 fully installed, which is right in that mid range of replacement window costs. There are tons of factors that dictate the actual price per window that you will pay. Some of the factors include the size of the window, glass package, upgrades, installation type, and the particulars/condition of your home and window frames.

-- Window Itself: $275 to $450 --

-- Installation: $125 to $250 per opening --

-- Window & Installation: $400 to $700 -- *

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Window Universe Warranty

Window Universe offers a pretty darn good warranty on their windows - I was a bit surpised, although I would love to get an actual consumer's take on whether the company services their warranties or not. There is a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the insulated glass unit, hardware, balances and additional parts. They also offer a lifetime glass breakage provision, which is pretty awesome. Finally, they offer a lifetime warranty on the installation.

Window Universe allows for a single transfer to a new homeowner, which is a pretty nice feature to include. Their warranty is easy to find and easy to read, so take a look at it before you buy to make sure no information has changed or been updated.

Window Universe Reviews

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Window Universe Cost Bid

I have attached a quote from Window Universe for 14 double hung, double pane, impact windows, low-e, windows with upgraded sash, 5 half circle windows, double pane, low-e, impact windows, and a 5 X 8 sliding door for the patio, double pane, low-e, impact glass. It also looks like the frames are foam insulated. Look over the quote and tell me what you think. Thanks for your time.

21 windows

Windows Universe Cost Bid: $26,284

That is the best quote out of three. New South Windows was 36k, for non-impact, and a smaller company near me was 32k for impact windows.

Don - Homeowner - July, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Don, seems pretty expensive to me -- not a bad window though -- might want to get an additional bid or two...

Editor Jim R. - July, 2022