Vinyl Windows Costs

Vinyl windows costs range anywhere from $189 to $750 fully installed for a normal size replacement. Alot of manufacturers produce 3 window models - an entry level, a mid range and a premium series. Most homeowners will get the best value for their buck by going with the mid range model from a company that has a solid to stellar reputation in the industry.

-- Price Range: $189 to $750 fully installed --

Entry Level Prices

There are hundreds of low end vinyl window manufacturers out there that churn out a low cost, low quality product. Most of them are junk that will not provide the sort of long term value that consumers should be looking for. There are some exceptions here, although they require really solid installation to insure okay energy efficiency. There are a ton of ways that manufacturers can cut corners -- thin extrusions, sloppy corner welds, low quality glass, poor seals and glazing techniques, inefficient spacers -- the list goes on for awhile.

-- Price Range: $189 to $375 fully installed --

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Mid Range Prices

This mid range price point, from $375 to $550 fully installed is the range that will typically provide the most value for the consumer. Usually, manufacturers will use the same frame design and construction for both their mid range and premium models. What often distinguishes the two is some additional features and add ons for the premium model that won't come standard on the mid range. The mid range might not look quite as nice, but it will usually be a decent window at a fair price.

-- Price Range: $375 to $550 fully installed --

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Premium Pricing

Premium vinyl window pricing will run from $550 to $750 fully installed. The high end models typically include some nice bells and whistles that don't come standard on the mid range models. This might include a premium glass package, which will usually lower U-values and air infiltration numbers. It might also include nicer hardware, lift rails and locking mechanisms. While premium vinyl windows are certainly not inexpensive, they are nice looking units that will provide some of the best performance numbers around.

-- Price Range: $550 to $750 fully installed --

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