Don Young Windows Prices

Don Young Windows is a Texas based window manufacturer who sells both aluminum and vinyl windows. The company now operates 5 window manufacturing plants in the following cities: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock, and Oklahoma City.

The company is known for their high quality thermally broken aluminum windows and patio doors, which are very well suited for extremely hot climates like Texas and Oklahoma. Aluminum windows are not going to be nearly as energy efficient as high quality vinyl windows, but they are incredibly strong and can handle the heat like no other window.

In terms of their vinyl windows, they make a good, but I would say great, vinyl window. If it were me, I would definitely go with Don Young's thermally broken aluminum windows. I would consider their vinyl windows, but I think there are probably better options, although in Texas I think they would probably have to be one of the bids I got, if for no other reason than as a comparison.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Don Young Windows Prices

Don Young window prices should range in prices from $40 to $70 per square foot for the windows themselves, depending on whether you go with vinyl or aluminum windows. The vinyl windows are going to be at the lower end of this price range, while the aluminum windows will be at the upper range.

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Don Young Windows Ratings

Don Young windows rating aren't going to be stellar because most of the windows they sell are thermally broken aluminum windows that don't deliver the sorts of stunning performance numbers that are possible with a high end vinyl window.

For instance, the Don Young 8400 Series Double Hung with a low-e glass and argon fills will a 0.40 U-factor, 0.18 SHGC, 0.38 visible transmittance, and a 27 condensation resistance. Not really very impressive, but you are buying aluminum windows for the strength and durability more than their performance.

Don Young Windows Warranty

The Don Young window warranty covers the original owner for as long as they own their home. If the original owner sells the home, the new owner is covered for 10 years from the date of purchase and must show the proof of purchase. The company covers the following: all aluminum and vinyl materials, component parts and screens, and the insulated glass units.

In order for a homeowner to initiate a warranty claim, they must notify the Dealer or Distributor from whom the windows or doors were purchased. As with all window warranties, there are a number of exclusions and limitations that apply so make sure to read the entire 1 page document prior to purchase.

Don Young Windows Reviews

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Don Young Windows

Don Young Windows have had an upgraded since the last review. I am a contractor and have sold multiple different window systems. The 5000 DYW models are excellent windows with a life time warranty. The windows are strong, with an aluminum supported frame. They are on par with some of the top rated windows for energy efficiency. Here in Dallas. I encourage a re-review of their 5000 series Vinyl window. Good price for a very good window.

John - Contractor - January, 2019

Website Editor's Answer

Thanks John for the update. We will post the information on the site for consumers to take a look at.

Editor John M. - January, 2019