Andersen 200 Windows Reviews

The Andersen 200 Series windows are essentially the company's builder grade window, marketed mostly to builders and developers looking for an affordable wood window. As is typical of builder grade windows, the 200 series will have more limited options in terms of sizing, hardware, colors, etc. than their upgraded models such as the 400 Series. The 200 Series can be ordered in one of two models, either the Tilt-Wash or the NarrowLine.

The Tilt-Wash comes in either a white pine or standard pine interior and either a white or sandtone exterior. Some contractors complain about the sill design on the Tilt-Wash, although they do like the tilt feature that allows for easy cleaning. The NarrowLine seems to be the preferred model because of the better sill design. While consumers can certainly get their hands on the 200 series through stores like Home Depot, most installers would recommend upgrading to the 400 series, which is a bit more expensive, but offers better design, craftsmanship and functionality.

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Andersen 200 Series Prices

The 200 series is sold through Home Depot and should be available for around $300 for a mid sized window (say roughly 28" wide by 38" high). However, there is very little customization available through the big box stores. If you purchase through a local distributor, there are a number of custom options and upgrades that will both help the performance and function, as well as increase the per window cost. Compare the 200 Series to Milgard Essence prices and Jeld Wen Siteline costs.

-- Standard Installation: $50 to $150 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $80 to $100 per square foot --

Andersen 200 Window Costs

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Andersen 200 Window Ratings

The Anderson 400 window with the standard low E glass package will deliver a U factor of .36, a .26 SHGC, and VT of .46.

Upgrading to the better low E glass package will deliver a U factor of .33, an SHGC of .21 and a VT of .43. All in all, these are pretty poor numbers for a wood clad window.

Andersen 200 Series Warranty

The Andersen 200 series window warranty covers the window glass for a period of 20 years. The components are warrantied for a period of 10 years (this includes items such as the screen, lifts, weatherstripping, balance systems, sash, frame, etc.). The warranty is transferrable from owner to owner, although the warranty also has a laundry list of exclusions that we urge consumers to take a look at before purchasing.

Andersen Windows And Doors has a series of warranties that apply to their different products that they sell so make sure to look at the warranty for the product you are considering purchasing.

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