Hurricane Impact Windows Cost Calculator

Our hurricane impact windows cost calculator can help you find industry standard pricing for hurricane and impact vinyl and fiberglass windows. Simply enter your information in the cost calculator box to the right and find industry average prices for impact and hurricane windows.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In October, 2023

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We would urge consumers to play around with the different options that our calculator provides in order to see how the different materials, components and glass will change the cost of the window. One of the big expenses you will find is in the type of installation that you need; insert installation is typically $50 - $65 per opening, while full frame replacement can be as high as $200 or more per opening.

Impact Window Certification

Most coastal areas and counties have codes that require windows to meet certain standards in order to be deemed a hurricane window. In order for a window to be labeled a hurricane or impact window, it must be tested and stamped with an official seal of approval. One of the requirements for hurricane windows is that they have a DP 45 rating or higher. DP stands for window design pressure. A DP40 window must maintain its structural integrity at up to 155 miles an hour winds from both directions for at least 10 seconds. A DP 50 rated window would have to maintain structural integrity with up to 173 mile an hour winds from both directions for at least 10 seconds.

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Laminated Glass

Impact windows differ from normal replacement windows in several key areas. The most important of which is the glass that is used on the window. With a normal replacement window, typically a clear or low E glass will be used. An impact window, on the other hand, typically uses laminated glass, which is much stronger than your typical home window glass. The key difference between the two is that the laminated glass will not shatter upon impact. It may crack, but it will remain intact and will protect the integrity of the window. Low E glass will shatter if hit by a hard object, which in the case of a severe storm or hurricane means that all of the warm air can rush into the house and cause severe damage, in some cases even blowing off the roof from the inside.

Mainframe And Sill

Impact windows must be built more durably than a normal replacement window. One of the ways in which manufactures accomplish this is with a sturdy main frame and reinforced sill. This means quality corner welds and multiple cavities in the vinyl frame and often foam fills in these cavities for extra strength and durability. In addition, the hurricane window will use very good seals, weatherstripping, a sill reinforcement, and other small upgrades that will help the integrity and overall strength of these windows.

Impact Window Prices

All of these upgrades and improvements come at a price. While typical vinyl replacement windows may start at $450 fully installed, a hurricane or impact windows will start somewhere in the $1000 to $1300 range for a vinyl impact window fully installed. Mid range impact window costs will run anywhere from $1300 to $1800 fully installed. Premium or higher and hurricane windows can run you $1800 to $2400 fully installed.

Saving Money

The expense of an impact window can turn some consumers off. Price conscious consumers can save money and still get a good impact window by buying a window that is not certified as a hurricane window, but upgrading to laminated glass and a sill reinforcement. The process of getting a window hurricane rated can be a long and difficult process that some manufacturers would rather not bother with. Some choose not to make a hurricane window per se, but do allow consumers to add upgrades that will get the window to a DP45 rating or higher.

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Sample Models And Series

Here are several sample impact window models that you may want to investigate further. They are listed from least expensive to most expensive.

Stanek UltraExtreme

Simonton StormBreaker Plus

Kolbe K-Force

StormForce Collection

Impact Windows Cost Bids

We have 6 double hungs and 2 double sliders. These are the bids I've collected using your form - thanks for that, it made the process easy. I plan to live in this home for quite some time - we are in the Florida panhandle close to the coast. Love to get your help navigating these impact windows cost bids!

Window World 8400 Series $13,200 (non impact) - $16,100 (impact)

ViWinco Coastal View $20,300 (non impact) $24,100 (impact)

ViWinTECH Shoreline $13,700 (non impact) - $16,299 (impact)

Sharon - Homeowner - October, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Sharon, while I like the Viwinco, I'm not sure I think it's that much better than the other two windows. The WW 8400 is the Wincore StormForce, which is good. The ViWinTech Shoreline is a solid option as well. I think I would choose from these two options based on which install company had the better reputation. You can find this out by googling their company name and then going through the various review sites and kind of combine their results to get a pretty good picture of what you're looking at. Window World Prices

Editor John M. - September, 2023

How Much Do PGT Impact Windows Cost?

We are in the market for replacement windows (still have leaky, single pane original late 70's era windows) on our home just north of Tampa, FL. The plan is to use vinyl impact windows. I have had 7 companies provide quotes (6 visited and 1 provided estimate based on my measurements).

Quotes by brand for 6 slider windows plus 2 SH or 2 DH (depending on brand) plus 2 standard sliding glass doors and 1 single pocket slider follow. Measurements in attached file. All with bronze facing exterior/white interior colors.

PGT Winguard Windows Prices:

Quote 1 - $24,200

Quote 2 - $40,791 (same exact windows as Quote 1...LOL)

ViWinTech Shoreline 3100 series:

Quote - $23,535

Soft-Lite Barcelona series:

Quote - $32,900

Simonton Stormbreaker Plus

Quote 1 - $29,945

Quote 2 - $31,100

One more note, Shoreline and Simonton lines are running 16-20 weeks out whereas PGT is running 5-6 months out for manufacturing. Not sure yet on Soft-Lite.

I know you may not have time to respond to it all, but if I can get the CWS Windpact series windows instead of the ViWinTech windows listed below, all in B/W, would that be the option you would recommend?

I should have included CWS Windpact for the same price as listed below for ViWinTech Shoreline series. Would it make sense to go that route?

I would love to know your thoughts on both the pricing and the brands.

Thank you!

Ryan - Homeowner - March, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Ryan, I think my first choice would have to be the PGT Winguard 5500 series at $24,200. It's the slightly better window in my opinion to the ViWinTech Shoreline 3100 series and the equal of the CWS Windpact. Because all three of these are so close in price, I would take a good hard look at the reviews and reputation of the companies doing the install. This would weigh heavily on my decision in terms of which of these three impact windows I went with.

The Soft-Lite Barcelona series is the best of the bunch, but that's a hefty premium to pay in that $8,000. I think if I knew this were my forever home, I might consider the upgrade cost to the Barcelona. Otherwise, I would look at the installation companies to be the tie breaker between these three. Impact window cost wise though, I would go PGT, CWS, and then ViWinTech.

Editor Jim R. - March, 2021