Okna 800 Windows Reviews

The Okna 800 Enviro-star window is the premium vinyl replacement or new construction model from Okna that is one of the nicest looking vinyl windows on the market. Standard features include a multi chamber mainframe, a 3 1/4" depth mainframe, beveled colonial style frame, a full intregral interlock, recessed tilt and vent latches, single piece sloped sill, composite sill reinforcement, double strength weatherstripping, and magnetic seals.

In terms of the Okna 800 vs 500 window, the 800 Enviro-Star has a heavier extrusion, which will provide more structural integrity. Performance wise, they are going to be close on paper, but the 800 is the better of the two.

The Envirostar is available in a number of different hardware options, including multiple metal options that are very attractive and include brushed nickel, an adobe gray, matte bronze and antique brass. Consumers can choose from 8 exterior frame colors and four interior color options, including a white, natural wood laminate, cherry laminate or a cognac laminate. All of these interior wood laminates are quite realistic in terms of looking like a real wood grain, without any of the maintenance required of real wood.

The Enviro-star comes with a factory installed half screen or an optional locking screen. All in all, the Okna 800 vinyl window is one of our favorite vinyl replacement and new construction window options, if you can afford the rather steep price tag.

Review By John M. - Site Editor

Okna 800 Windows Prices

Consumers can expect the Okna 800 window to run approximately $600 to $800 per window fully installed. Factors that will drive this price up or down include the lineal feet of material for the window, any special windows like octagon or eyebrow window shapes, exterior capping, the type of installation that your project requires, the glass package selected, etc. Comparably priced windows include Soft-Lite Elements prices and Sunrise Restoration window costs.

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Okna 800 Windows Ratings

The Okna 800 Enviro-Star series achieves very impressive ratings, including a .25 U factor, .25 SHGC, .42 VT, and Air Infiltration of .01. The Enviro-star is going to be Energy Star Compliant in all four regions.

In terms of design pressure, consumers can expect a DP rating of 60. Okna offers two different glass packages, including the standard and the upgraded deluxe that will drop the U-factor to .18.

Okna 800 Windows Warranty

The Okna Enviro-Star includes a lifetime warranty that covers the frame & sash for the homeowner's lifetime. The insulated glass units are covered for the homeowner's lifetime, as well as the hardware. (Hardware near the coast is only covered for a period of 10 years).

The 800 model warranty is fully transferable to another homeowner. As always, there are exclusions to the warranty that consumers should thoroughly read and understand before they purchase their windows. The installation labor costs is not covered under the terms of the warranty.

Okna 800 Windows Reviews

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OKNA 800 Cost vs. Sunrise Restorations

I got a quote from a company on 16 windows total -- its for the OKNA 600. It came in at around $20K. The bid came in around $60 less per window vs the OKNA 800. Do you view the OKNA 800 as being $60 "better" than the OKNA 600? And finally, I just got another quote of $18,850 for the Sunrise Restorations series.

How do you view OKNA 800 vs Sunrise Restorations?

Joel - Homeowner - March, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Joel, both of these series are excellent. Kind of a wash for me to be honest. I think I'd make the choice here by looking at which installation company had the better reputation. If they seem about the same, I'd go with the Sunrise Restorations and pocket the $1500!

Editor John - March, 2023