Viwinco OceanView Windows Reviews

The Viwinco OceanView window is the company's impact window that is constructed to protect homes located in areas that are prone to big storms and hurricanes. The OceanView is similar to CertainTeed's Bryn Mawr Series with an STC rating of 34 and laminated glass. The OceanView is generally considered more of an entry level hurricane window.

The Viwinco OceanView comes standard with double pane laminated glass, .90" interlayer thickness, and a single pane tempered glass, a beveled multi chambered frame, a sash interlock, an aluminum reinforced sill, tilt and lock system, constant force balancing system, true sloped sill, an extruded screen, as well as extruded designer pull and rails. The OceanView comes in an array of colors similar to what is available with the Viwinco Cambridge window, and can be ordered as a single hung, double hung, oriel, reverse oriel, casement, awning, 2 and 3 lite sliders.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Viwinco OceanView Windows Prices

Consumers can expect Viwinco OceanView windows replacement prices to run $50 to $60 per square foot for the window itself. Comparable windows include the Simonton StormBreaker Plus and the Stanek UltraExtreme.

-- Window Itself: $50 to $60 per square foot --

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Viwinco OceanView Window Ratings

The Viwinco OceanView series in the 2 lite slider with the laminated Solarban 60 low-e glass, Interecept spacer, and argon fills will generate a .26 U-factor, .50 visible transmittance, .27 SHGC, a DP50 rating, and a 62 condensation resistance. In terms of the air infiltration, the double hung will generate .13 AI, the picture window a .02 AI, and the double lite slider a .10 AI.

All in all, the performance numbers of the OceanView are decent for an impact window. I expected the air infiltration numbers to be a bit lower, but they weren't bad.

Viwinco OceanView Warranty

The Viwinco OceanView comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty on the vinyl window parts, insulated glass unit, hardware and components. The window also includes a year installation labor warranty, as well as a year warranty on the screen.

The Viwinco OceanView warranty can be transferred to a subsequent owner, in which case the warranty is then good for 20 years from the date of purchase. The warranty can be transferred once more during this 20 year period. As with all window warranties, the Viwinco warranty includes certain limitations and exclusions that homeowners should read prior to making their purchase.

Viwinco OceanView Reviews

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Viwinco Ocean View Hurricane Windows

I have three windows and a patio door to replace using hurricane rated replacements. One quoted Viwinco Ocean View and one quoted Vi wintech. I have found a lot of negative reviews on Viwintech Shoreline series. Could you help me compare these two products?

Frank - Homeowner - January, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Frank, I would say the Viwinco Oceanview hurricane window is the better of the two. Not by a ton though. In general, these impact windows are considered mid range products. All things being equal, I would choose the Oceanview over the Viwintech Shoreline model. I will say this though, the upgraded Viwintech 5100 Shoreline is a nice window. They also offer a single hung window that looks pretty decent as well.

I would certainly factor in the company that is doing the installation itself. That is going to be a big component to how effective the windows are.

Editor Jim R. - January, 2020

Viwinco OceanView vs. Integrity by Marvin

We are remodeling a house in Charleston , SC. Going with an impact glass option for all windows. We have quotes for Viwinco OceanView and Integrity by Marvin ($10,000 more for this option). I know this is a difficult comparison but just curious as to your thoughts on if the price difference would be worth it. The integrity windows look better and performance numbers seem to be similar. Thanks!

Dan - Homeowner - January, 2019

Website Editor's Answer

Dan, the Viwinco OceanView is what I would consider more of a budget impact window, much more so than Marvin. I don't know how many windows you have, but I'm not surprised by the price difference. The Integrity by Marvin is a good fiberglass window, decent performance numbers, and well made. I would lean towards spending the extra money for the Marvin, but that's quite a big price difference.

If you really want to compare these two, I'd throw a couple more bids in there to round out the field. The following suggestions are all company's hurricane window series they manufacture -- Sunrise Coastal, Soft-Lite Armor, PGT WinGuard, Simonton Stormbreaker Plus, and the Stanek Protector series.

Hopefully, you can find one or two companies in the Charleston area that carries one of these brands and can get at least another bid.

Editor Jim R. - January, 2019