Egress Windows Cost Calculator

Our egress windows cost calculator can help you find accurate price ranges for your next egress window project. There are a number of steps involved in a basement egress project that we will run through and provide a price range for each step involved.

Exterior Excavation

The first step in any egress project is to excavate the area outside of the window. This will often involve a backhoe or some sort of professional digging equipment that is usually rented by the contractor.

Depending on the location of the window position in relationship to the ground level, consumers can expect to pay between $300 to $800 for this first step in the process.

-- Excavation Price Range: $300 to $800 --

Cutting A Basement Opening

The second step is to cut the hole in the basement wall where the egress window will go. This often sounds pretty straightforward, however, this step can be the most difficult given the fact that often times electrical and water lines can be located in the wall in which they are cutting. This is one place where an experienced contractor can't be extremely beneficial and can save you money in the long run. Depending on the materials that are used to construct the walls, consumers can expect to pay between

-- Price Range: $600 to $1,200 --

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Exterior Landscaping Or Wells

The third step of an egress window project is to properly landscape the area outside of the window and/or to insert a plastic window well. Landscaping will typically involve pouring concrete to create the footprint and steps - some homeowners prefer to use a tiered system using wood beams etc. that can then be decorated with crushed gravel, flowers, etc. These lanscaped projects will typically be more expensive than using plastic window wells. These window wells will usually be premade units that will be inserted outside of the window opening. Consumers can expect to pay between

-- Lanscaping Price Range: $500 to $2,000 --

The Window Itself

The window you use for an egress project will cost no more than a typical placement or new construction window. The most popular window styles include casements, horizontal sliders, double hung and single hung windows, in that order. Vinyl windows tend to run $25 - $70 per square foot, while wood clad windows tend to run $45 - $100 for the window itself. There are lots of combinations that consumers can select, anything from a simple casement to a rather large center picture window, with two casements on either side. Check out some of the pictures we've included and this page in order to see the different options and set ups that are often selected.

-- Window Price Range: $200 to $1000 --

Installation Costs

At this point, the outside area is completely finished and the window(s) simply needs to be inserted, caulked and sealed into the rough opening. Typically the contractor will use a lower sill pan and flashing in order to create a watertight and secure window that will protect the window for decades to come.

Consumers can expect to pay between $100 to $800, depending on the size and number of windows used and the number of steps and materials used in the installation.

-- Installation Price Range: $100 to $800 --