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Austin Window Replacement

Austin Window Replacement

Hi John, I got a few more bids. Can you please tell me which one you think is the best? I live in the Austin, TX, area and I need to upgrade 7 windows in my home from single to double pane. I'm looking for a good value, mid-range vinyl window as I expect to live in this house for less than 10 years. I am leaning toward Zen Windows since they all seem to be decent mid-range windows, and therefore I should just go with the lowest bid. Thanks again for your advice!

Simonton 5500 Double Hung $5,579.95

Zen Windows/Soft-Lite Classic Plus Double Hung $4,925

NT Presidential Single Hung $5,065.48

Best regards.

Michael - Homeowner - August, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Michael, the Zen Windows/Soft-Lite Classic Plus Double Hung is the winner here without question as far as I’m concerned! This is the best option at the lowest price.

Editor John - August, 2023

Window Replacement Austin Texas

Hi John, I am seeking some unbiased advice on the attached window replacement quote for my home below. I live in the Austin, TX, area and I currently have single pane windows. I want to upgrade to a good value, mid-range double pane as I plan on living in this home for less than 10 years. This contractor (Austin Pro) quoted me Simonton 5500. From reading your website, it seems like this window manufacturer/model is respectable for mid-range.


1. Is the quote for $5,579.95 fair for 7 seven windows?

2. Are there other manufacturers/models you would recommend over Simonton 5500 for best value mid range value? I would like some of these to be double hung and some to be single hung. But not sure if that's really possible with only one window model.

3. Any recommended contractors in the Austin area?

I have two other quotes from Titan Siding & Windows and Window World. Titan was more expensive and quoted Simonton 5300. Window World was cheaper but quoted their 4000 series, which seems like sub-par window.

Thanks for your help!

Michael - Homeowner - October, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Hi Michael, so the Simonton 5500 is a really nice fit for your timeline and you are correct that it is a very good mid range vinyl window. The Simonton 5300 series is the slightly "less" series than the 5500 so it makes more sense to pay less and get more so that bid could be tossed. I tend to think Window World is not the right window to put into most homes so I agree with you here...

Here are my Texas based recommendations:

For local bids, we have our simple, no-cost form -- it takes about a minute and connects you with 3 window companies in your area.

You can find the form here -- Connect With Five Star Rated Window Companies

Editor John - October, 2022