Wincore 7700 Windows Reviews

Wincore vinyl windows ought to be considered a solid mid range option for many homeowners. The brand quality and craftsmanship is on par with Simonton, a much more well known brand to many consumers.

Wincore Vinyl Windows receive a 4.2 rating out of 5 stars -- read 26 Wincore window reviews via our Wincore manufacturing page for additional information on this West Virginia based company.

The Wincore 7700 window is the company's upgraded vinyl window that offers all of the same standard features as the Wincore 5400 series, along with a few nice upgrades and custom options. The 7700 comes standard with a beveled frame, Low E glass and argon fills, a U channel spacer, double pane glass, a constant force coil spring balance system, a sloped sill, cam locks and contoured grids.

The 7700 series windows come standard in a double hung (whilst the 5400 is usually offered in the single hung). The window has seven chambers compared to the 5 chambers of the 5400 series. In addition, it uses a double strength double pane glass (3/32) and comes with lifetime glass breakage.

In addition, consumers can choose from a number of different interior woodgrain options that includes maple, cherry, light oak, white oak, and dark oak. On the exterior, homeowners can choose from the standard tan, clay, white, as well as a Hunter Green or a Mesa Red, Bronze, Earth Tone and Brown.

There are also a number of additional interior cam lock options that include a bright brass, antique brass, satin nickel or bronze, in addition to the standard clay, tan and white. In terms of the decorative glass options, consumers can choose from the three options available on the 5400, as well as a glue chip or a rain glass pattern.
The Wincore 7700 Window Series gets a 3.3 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Wincore 7700 Window Costs

Consumers can expect the 7700 series to run $600 to $750 fully installed. Your per window cost will be based on some or all of the following factors: window type, size, upgrades, glass package, and installation requirements. Expect installation to account for 30% of the total project cost. Comparable window costs include Champion windows prices and Simonton 5500 windows cost.

-- Window Itself: $200 to $400 --

-- Installation: $125 to $350 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $600 to $750 *

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Wincore 7700 Window Ratings

The Wincore 7700 double hung with the low E grids and argon fills should deliver a U-factor of .31, and SHGC of .23 and a VT of .41.

All in all, these are just pretty mediocre numbers and will not compare to some of the top rated vinyl windows such as the Sunrise Restorations and Soft-Lite Element. Of course, 7700 window will be much less expensive than these best of the best vinyl windows.

Wincore 7700 Window Warranty

The Wincore vinyl window warranty includes a lifetime provision on all vinyl components against flaking, peeling or corrosion. Exterior frame coatings are warranted for a period of 10 years. The insulated glass unit on both the 7700 and 5400 units are warranted for 20 years, after which the company will pay 75% of the replacement cost until year 20 and 50% of the replacement cost from years 30 to 50.

The Wincore warranty is transferable to one additional owner and you must notify the company of the transfer within 30 days and pay a $50 transfer fee. This is a relatively common requirement for a transferable vinyl window warranty. Wincore does not cover any labor cost to remove the fast defective product or to have the replacement window installed.

Wincore Window Reviews 7700 Series

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Wincore Windows Price List

Hi John, my husband and I just received a quote for 13 Wincore 7700 double hungs and 2 casements. The total between product and install is $16,245. Does this sound reasonable to you? We are in southern AL. My concern is it was a door to door salesman offering a special price for "billboard homes" that set up the consult today. The salesman today also said Renewal would be $76k, Pella $75k, and Home Depot $22k. And typically, his company, GreenEnergy Windows and Doors, would charge $52k. Those numbers seem dramatized. We are setting up a few more consultations, but would appreciate an outside perspective.

Brittney - Homeowner - June, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Brittiney, yes $1K plus is very expensive for a Wincore 7700 series. But you’ll only really know the fair market price for your project by collecting more bids. But in general it sounds like the Wincore rep was using some scare tactics to sell his products. I'd keep looking if I were you. Here is my recommended list.

Editor John - June, 2023

Wincore 7700 Series Costs

Hi, I have quotes on 19 double hungs, which includes both the install and exterior wrapping.

Wincore 7700 Price: $11,300
Simonton 5500 Reflections Cost: $11,400

Carl - Homeowner - May, 2022

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Wincore 7700 Windows Reviews

We're looking to replace 8 double hungs and casements in the fall and would love to get some advice on what the best option is...

Wincore 7700: $13K
Pella 250: $11.6K
Okna InsulTec: $9.8K
Sunrise Standard (with Omega12 glass): $9.7K
Unishield Windows Plus: $9.3K
Vytex Fortis: $8.4K

Thank you in advance!

Genny - Homeowner - October, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Genny, I like the 7700 series, but it's way to much based on the other bids. The Vytex Fortis is a solid option and the Okna 500 is also a decent price. In general, thos bids are quite high for 8 replacements. Obviously based on the price grouping, that's fair market price (or I'm assuming). I'd go with the Fortis series myself, it's a solid option.

Editor John M. - October, 2023

Wincore 7700 Prices vs. Vytex

Hi John, a Wincore 7700 window rep came today for a consultation. He wants to charge me over $900 per window with installation included. This is too high.

A Vytex dealer also called me, but they don't carry Fortis windows but rather grand view window. How would you rate or what do you think about the Vytex Grandview window? I will accept any Fortis windows dealers in my area you know of.

Thank you .

Bernie - Homeowner - December, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Bernie. The Grandview series is a step below the Fortis, but still a quality vinyl window. Assuming professional installation, you should be well served by either one of these windows.

Editor John - December, 2021

Wincore 7700 Cost Quote

We have 11 double hung windows and a patio sliding door. Thought I'd share the quote with others.

Simonton 6500 Cost Quote: $14,900

Simonton PerfeXion Platinum Cost Quote: $14,250

7700 Series Cost Quote: $11,100

May - Homeowner - May, 2021

Wincore 7700 Windows Reviews

Thank you sir, I was wondering if there is any data on the actual air infiltration rate number for the double hung 7700? Also any upgrades you think are worth exploring with the 7700? I have included a photo of window sticker if that help for AI rate.

Derek - Homeowner - May, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Derek, I really like the Okna 600 series, but that's a lot to pay for that window. The Soft-Lite Barrington series is not a bad window for an entry level window, but I'm not sure it's your best deal. Could you get pricing on the Soft-Lite Pr or the Soft-Lite Classic window? These are both good options and I'm wondering if you could get one or the other for the same price as the Wincore 7700. If so, this would be my pick.

If that Soft-Lite dealer has no other options, I think I would rate the Wincore 7700 as the best of the three in terms of long term value and pricing.

Editor Jim R. - May, 2020

Derek's Answer

Thank you again sir. I have enjoyed the information from your site. My wife and have been surprised at the range in prices, the Pella dealer wanted $12,000 for 250s and we have had several frustrating experiences with quotes being unreasonable high.

Derek - Homeowner - May, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Derek, I believe the double hung delivers an air infiltration of .08. Confirm this with the dealer though who should have these numbers on lock. If I am off, please let me know!

Upgrades that are worth asking about include a sash reinforcement and/or a glass package upgrade.

Editor Jim R. - May, 2020

Wincore 7700 Quote vs. Simonton 6100

I am looking into replacement windows and I am comparing 3 brands, so far: the Simonton 6100 window, Wincore 7700 and Atrium 3201. I need 18 double hung and 2 picture windows so price is a factor. The warranties are also a big factor since we will be selling the home within 5 years so it needs to be transferable.

Thank you. I also got an estimate from window world for their 4400 windows. What are your thoughts on them?

Beth - Homeowner - March, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Hi Beth, of the three windows you have, the best one is the Wincore 7700, followed by the Simonton 6100, and then the Atrium 3201. Assuming professional and competent installation, the Wincore 7700 should last you another good 30 years. You would have to check on the warranty with the installation company, but my understanding is that the Wincore allows one transfer. There is a small fee and the new owner has to register with Wincore.

This would be my first choice.

The WW4400 window is not up to the quality of these other windows.

Editor John - March, 2020

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Wincore vs. Window World

I have a quote for Wincore 7700 and Window World 4000. Which should I go with. Window world says life time warrant on parts and labor.

Tracy - Homeowner - January, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Tracy, the Wincore 7700 window is a much better window than the Window World 4000. If WW really was going to replace any defective part or window and cover the cost for life, then go with them. However, I would be very skeptical of that happening. Ask them for a referral for someone whos had their windows for 15 years and if they say that WW has covered multiple repairs and the labor costs involved, then that really changes the equation.

Editor Jim R. - January, 2020

Wincore Windows vs Marvin

Hi John, my wife and I are getting quotes on a large window replacement project for our new (old 1950s) home. Replacing original double hungs with removable storms/screens. There are 29 total windows, some that stretch the sizes available in vinyl options. We've worked with two different suppliers and I wanted to get your feedback.

Supplier 1
Option 1: Wincore 7700 Series - $39K incl tax/labor
Option 2: Gentek Signature Elite Windows - $37K incl tax/labor

Supplier 2
Option 3: Marvin Essentials - $35K incl tax/labor

I much prefer the look/profile of the Marvin product, but I've read some feedback on "draftiness" of the product compared vs. premium vinyl windows. Just curious on your experience and thoughts. We live in Iowa, so definitely subject to some humid summers and cold winters.


Greg - Homeowner - September, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Greg, typically a fiberglass product like the Marvin is 30% more than a like minded vinyl product. I would expect the Marvin Essentials to be 35% over something like the Win-Core 7700. You are correct that the Marvin products have a higher AI than the very best vinyl windows at the outset. I tend to think that evens out over time -- the fiberglass holds it structure a bit better than many vinyl products. In your case, I would go with the Marvin Essentials -- just make sure that you are getting really good installation from a quality company.

Editor John - September, 2022

Wincore 8400 Replacement Windows

In addition to an offer for 7 replacement Simonton 6500 windows, I also received a bid from a company called Hometown Contractors, Inc. for Wincore 8400 replacement units. They offer to do the work for $11,500 vs $6,100 from Home Depot for the Simonton 6500 type. Since both product features are basically identical (e-coating, double pane, Argon gas filling, vinyl frame, etc.); my question is, is the approximate double cost warranted?

Fred & Laura - Homeowner - August, 2019

Website Editor's Answer

Fred & Laura, no the increased cost is not warranted. If it were $1K to $2K more, then maybe. The price difference here is simply way to much. The Simonton 6500 series is a quality window. Just make sure that the installer doing the work has a good reputation for professional work.

Editor Jim R. - August, 2019

Wincore 8400 Windows Reviews

Since we last talked, we discovered that the proposal for the Win Core 8400 windows was incorrect. The problem was that the first offer was mistakenly for a total of nine (9) replacements; when the correct number is only six (6). The estimator incorrectly included two garage windows; we don’t heat or cool the garage and the current windows are fully functional. Consequently he has now revised his offer down from $11,500 to $7,400.

Our selection process decision has in essence boiled down to purchasing one of these two windows. So, with that said, the question is whether or not the Wincore 8400 worth the additional $1,300 vs the Simonton 6500. It’s worth noting that the Simonton windows will be installed by a Home Depot crew, whereas the Wincore units will be placed by Hometown Contractors, Inc. With the exception that the Wincore frames are metal reinforced and include double strength glass, all other aspects are virtually identical. Also, both windows meet the new Florida wind code.

Fred - Homeowner - September, 2019

Website Editor's Answer

Fred, the 8400 series is worth the additional $1300 over the Simonton, especially given the installation crews.

Editor Jim R. - September, 2019

Wincore vs Pella

What are your thoughts on Wincore vs. Pella? Specifically the 7700 series vs Pella 250 or 350?

Sandra - Homeowner - August 1, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Sandra, the Pella 250 and 350 are probably equal in terms of quality and craftsmanship to the Wincore 5400, which is the entry level or base vinyl window. I like the upgraded 7700 series quite a bit and actually think this is one of the better windows for the price point. (Having said this, let me also say that price point varies by rep and local ocmpany so this may not always be true.)

I will say that the Pella 250 and 350 are the best vinyl windows that Pella has ever made, but that's also not saying a heck of a lot.

If it were me, I'd go with the 7700 series, it's a pretty darn good vinyl window -- but not the best :)

Editor Jim R. - August 1, 2016

Wincore Windows vs Andersen

I was curious about Wincore Windows vs Andersen -- Renewal By Andersen, which I'm confused if they are the same company or not. Anyway, these are the two bids I have -- one is for the 7700 series and then I believe that Renewal By Andersen only sells one series, so that the one. This is for 21 window replacements.

Wincore 7700 Cost Quote - $9,000

Renewal Cost Quote - $28,0000

Am I missing something?

Mark - Homeowner - June 5, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Mark, you aren't missing anything. Renewal By Andersen prices are often the most expensive quotes out there, by a lot. I know friends who have them and they love their windows, but honestly I don't think they are worth the cost.

Personally, I think Wincore makes a good vinyl window, although I would go with the upgraded 7700 series over the Wincore 5400 series myself. I feel like there is quite a bit of value in this product. Of course, I would hope that you like the look and feel of the Wincore option.

Installation (or I should say proper and thorough installation) makes a big difference, so as long as you feel comfortable with the quality of the install from the company offering the Wincore, I would do the 7700 series and save yourself a whole boatload of money over the RBA.

Editor Jim R. - June 5, 2016

Wincore 7700 Windows Reviews

We have a choice between the 7700 Series or Simonton Reflection 5050. Which is a better choice? There are 6 windows that are approximately 27 x 75 and 3 transoms 27x12. They will be in a South facing sun room. We live in Kansas if that helps.

Amy - Homeowner - February 27, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Amy, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I apologize. I would have to say the 7700 series is going to be the winner against the Simonton 5050 series. I would say the 7700 series is more on par with either the Simonton 5300 or even the Simonton 5500 series, which are the upgraded series from the 5050. Assuming you like the installer and trust the quality of their work from the company offering the Wincore, this would be my pick for sure.

Best of luck and let us know if you have any additional questions!

Editor John M. - February 27, 2016

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