MI Windows Prices

MI Windows prices range from $350 to $850 fully installed. Get product details and pricing on their 1500, 1650, 1850, 3500, Pro 5000, Storm Armor, and EnergyCore window series. MI manufactures and sells quite a few window series to builders, contractors, and through their dealer channels. In general, the company, who is owned my AMI or Associated Materials, Inc., sells mostly builder grade windows -- a nice term for a low cost vinyl window.

MI's most popular window by far is the 1650 series. In fact, I would say 75% of all consumer inquiries regarding MI windows features a question or cost quote on the MI 1650 series. Personally, I would rate the MI 1650 as a lower end to maybe mid range vinyl window. Really not the model I would recommend to homeowners looking to maximize long term value in a window purchase.

The MI window series I would advise consumers to consider is the Energy Core series. While still not near my top tier window list, the EnergyCore series is the best that MI offers. I'd say it's a solid to good mid range vinyl window. When coupled with professional installation, this series should treat you well for a long time.

MI markets their window series by region so not all of the series listed above will be available in your area. I find the system a bit confusing myself, but I'm sure it makes sense to them.

I give MI Windows a 3.7 out of 5 star rating based on 1 MI window reviews posted at the bottom of the page.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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MI Windows Prices

MI window prices are towards the lower end of the vinyl window cost range.

MI 1500 Series - $350 to $550 fully installed *

MI 1650 Series - $400 to $600 fully installed *

MI 1850 Series - $450 to $650 fully installed *

MI 3500 Series - $500 to $700 fully installed *

MI EnergyCore Series - $550 to $750 fully installed *

MI Storm Armor Series - $800 to $1,00 fully installed *

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MI Windows Ratings

Mi Windows Ratings will run from pretty poor on the 1500 model to decent on their EnergyCore and Storm Armor series.

MI 1500 Series -

MI 1650 Series - U-Value: 0.21-0.27; SHGC: 0.19-0.29; VLT: 0.35-0.52

MI 1850 Series -

MI 3500 Series -

MI EnergyCore Series -

MI Storm Armor Series -

MI Windows Reviews

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