Gentek Signature Elite Windows

Gentek is a Canadian company that sells their vinyl windows in the United States via reps mostly in the northeast region. The company makes a good quality vinyl window and sells three different series: the Concord Plus, the Signature Elite, and the Sequoia Select. This particular window series gets quite a bit of attention because it is sold by Window Universe, which has quite a few locations across the U.S. and sells lots of replacement units.

The Gentek Signature Elite Window is the company's most popular series and certainly the one we heard about the most. It comes standard with a brick mould trim, narrow line frame and sash, a secure locking system, a composite reinforcement in the lift rail, a true sloped sill, a sash to sill interlock, and a DuraFitâ„¢ screen seal. All in all, some very nice features.

Bottom Line: I think if the price is right on this window and the company giving you the bid has a good reputation for quality work, the Gentek Signature Elite window should be a definite contender. The ProVia Gentek Signature Elite Series gets a 4.1 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor

Last Update: February 1, 2024

Gentek Signature Elite Cost

Homeowners can expect the Gentek Signature Elite to run $500 to $800 per window fully installed. This puts this series in the broad category of mid range vinyl window. I'd call this series a good buy.

Similar options include Alside Mezzo Windows Cost and Window World 4000 Series.

-- Window Itself: $400 to $500 --

-- Standard Installation: $100 to $300 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $500 to $800 fully installed --

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Gentek Signature Elite Ratings

The ratings on this window have been hard to come by. As soon as we are able to get data such as U-value, air infiltration rating, solar heat gain coefficient, design pressure, visible transmittance, and condensation resistance - we will post it.

Signature Elite Windows Cost

I have bids on 2 sliders, and 11 double hungs -- four of which have tempered glass.

Gentek's SignatureElite: $11.1K

Restoration Series: $14.2K Sunrise Restoration Windows

Restoration Patio Door: 6' x 8' $3,150

SignatureElite: Patio Door: 6' x 8' $2700

Simi - Homeowner - September, 2023

Gentek Windows Cost Comparison

Jim, I was wondering if you could help me out. I have three quotes, one on ProVia Endure Windows, one on the Anlin Del Mar window and finally one on the Gentek Signature Elite from Window Universe. I'm in Arizona -- not sure this matters or not...

Provia Endure Cost: $44,020

Anlin Del Mar Cost: $40,815

Gentek SignatureElite Cost: $25,275

Which one do you think is the best deal?

Rand - Homeowner - May, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Rand, I would say the Gentek is the best deal. This is a nice window at that price. Both the Anlin Del Mar and ProVia Endure are better, yes, but not with that price delta.

Editor John - May, 2022