ProVia Windows Prices

ProVia windows prices range from $500 to $900 fully installed, depending on the series, upgrades and installation requirements you select. ProVia started out as Precision Door, but eventually changed their name and included windows in their product lineup. They still make great doors and have a good reputation for both their storm doors and their vinyl, aluminum storm windows and wood clad windows.

ProVia is an Ohio based company that has expanded their operation and marketing in the past decade. The tend to be at the higher end of the vinyl window cost spectrum, but do produce high quality windows.

I give ProVia Windows a 4.4 out of 5 star rating based on 9 ProVia window reviews posted at the bottom of the page.

Review By John M. - Site Editor

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ProVia Windows Cost

ProVia window prices range from $500 to $900 fully installed, depending on the series, upgrades and installation requirements you select. The storm windows they offer are in this bottom range and are, for the most part, a single pane option. Compare ProVia pricing to Great Lakes window prices and Larsen storm windows costs.

The Integra is in the middle of this price range, while their premium Aeris model is at the top end of this price range. For additional information on window cost by size, click here.

ProVia Windows Ratings

In terms of ProVia window ratings, consumers can expect the Integra double hung (with low-e glass and argon fills) to have a .30 U-factor, .27 SHGC and .49 VT. The more expensive Aeris Series double hung (with low-e glass and argon fills) will have .28 U-value, .10 air infiltration, .26 SHGC, and .47 VT.

Judging the energy efficiency ratings of storm windows is much trickier because they work with the existing windows. Typically, storms will double the energy efficiency levels over that of older single pane aluminum window frames.

ProVia Endure Window Pricing

The ProVia Endure is their premium vinyl window, and most energy efficient. The Endure uses block and tackle balance, dual balance jamb covers, thermal sill reinforcement, a Super spacer and recessed locks.

-- Window Itself: $525 to $650 -- *

-- Installation: $75 to $250 per opening --

-- Window & Installation: $600 to $900 --

ProVia Endure Reviews

ProVia Aspect Window Pricing

The ProVia Aspect is the company's mid range to upper end vinyl window. Homeowners can expect the Aspect to come with a 3.25 inch mainframe, triple weatherstripping, a warm-edge spacer,

-- Window Itself: $400 to $600 -- *

-- Installation Costs: $75 to $250 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $550 to $850 --

ProVia Endure Reviews

ProVia Integra Window Pricing

The ProVia Integra was the company's original vinyl window and can be ordered as either the 200 or 300 model. The Integra is comparable to the Seabrooke or Lifestyles model from Great Lakes.

-- Window Itself: $350 to $450 -- *

-- Installation: $75 to $250 per opening --

-- Window & Installation: $500 to $700 --

ProVia Integra Reviews

ProVia Aeris Windows

The ProVia Aeris can be ordered in a wood clad option with a vinyl exterior cladding - the Wx1000 model window. The Wx100 comes in 3 wood options that include oak, cherry and maple, as well as over 30 interior stains and/or colors and 5 exterior colors.

-- Window Itself: $475 to $550 -- *

-- Installation: $75 to $250 per opening --

-- Window & Installation: $550 to $800 --

ProVia Aeris Window Reviews

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ProVia Storm Window Prices

ProVia manufactures high quality aluminum storm windows that are frequently reviewed by contractors and homeowners as some of the best in the business. These can be ordered in three profile options; sliders, double hungs in a triple track and picture windows.

-- Window Itself: $800 to $950 -- *

-- Installation: $75 to $250 per opening --

-- Window & Installation: $1,000 to $1,200 --

ProVia Storm Windows Reviews

ProVia Windows Warranty

ProVia offers a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials of the vinyl frame to the original owner. This lifetime warranty also applies to all of the hardware on the windows, the insulated glass units, glass breakage (from manufacturing defects), and the exterior screens.

The warranty is transferrable to 1 subsequent owner and requires them to register the warranty transfer and also requires them to pay a one time $50 fee. There are a number of limitations and exclusions that apply so we urge consumers to read the ProVia window warranty in its entirety prior to purchasing.

How Much Do Polaris Windows Cost

John, I have several proposals for double hung replacement windows, and am quite confused at the difference in the cost. I had Polaris windows, double hung, 14 Polaris windows at a total of $17,990.00, installed. Weatherseal windows also a Polaris window, with a full screen, for $13,520.00 installed. Vinylmax Edison double hung, triple pane w/low e argon gas, neopor foam filled frames , super spacers and exterior coil trim cap. Insulate around the frames at a cost of $9990.00. Another quote was for Thermalweld plus double hung with ½ screens for $10, 760 for the 14 windows.

There is such a difference is the cost your opinion would help me make a decision. Also any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Marie - Homeowner - July, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Marie, those are widely varying bids. The Polaris ThermalWeld is quite a good window -- not quite what the UltraWeld is, but close enough that I would suggest taking a hard look at the bid for $10,760. A very good window and your lowest bid. However, I would suggest doing some internet snooping on the installation company and seeing how their reviews/ratings are. Google "[company name] reviews" and see how they do on google and homeadvisor -- any non biased ratings site to get an overall picture of what kind of a job you can expect from them.

Editor John M. - July, 2022

ProVia Price Quote

I receive the attached quote and am trying to find other contractors to perform the work. Quote is for 6 small replacement windows, a storm door, and 60" one side fixed patio door all standard no frills - 16,000, seams crazy heigh, I expected it to be less than half the price. Is there anyone you recommend I reach out to in Rockville area for fair pricing?

Jackie - Homeowner - January, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Jackie, the quote does seem high, although they are doing quite a bit of additional work. Removing walls and inserting headers is a expensive process, as is the exterior aluminum wrapping. I still think you should get more quotes to see how the ProVia quote compares to others.

Here is my list of good quality windows. [List Redacted -- email us for the list.]

Editor Jim R. - January, 2022

ProVia EN600 Endure Price Quote

Hi Jim, we have a quote for replacing a total of 24 windows (I counted mulled windows as single windows) for our new home in Northern Virginia. The total for the windows is $26392. All replacement windows are ProVia Endure and we plan to stay in the house for the foreseeable future. The quote also includes a ProVia front door, a hinged patio door, and capping of bay windows and front door. The total including those items is $47733.78 but I am more concerned with the windows. I grouped the windows by type and these are the costs (the mulled windows contain two windows each):

ProVia EN600 Endure Average Price Per Window: $884 not including installation

Is that a reasonable cost for ProVia Endure windows? We are expecting a quote from another company by Monday but they recommend Aspect over Endure and do not match the warranty of the first company.

Thank you for maintaining such a great resource for replacement windows,

Phil - Homeowner - November, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Phil, the ProVia Endure is an excellent window. I think the price for the windows is quite fair, assuming the company you are considering has a strong reputation for quality installs.

My concern is the $47K total, which makes for $21K for a ProVia front door, a hinged patio door, and the capping of bay windows and front door. How is that possible? Capping a double hung window should run $125. I'm confused how 2 doors and some exterior capping can run $21K...

Editor Jim R. - November, 2021

Provia Endure Windows Cost

I have 18 windows to replace in my Dutch Colonial home. I have a quote from ProVia-EN600 series for 17,780. Is this a high bid?

Thelma - Homeowner - September, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Thelma, yes this seems high to me at first glance. This isn't to say that the price quote is absolutely too high (there are many factors that can determine what Provia Endure windows cost), but I would get additional bids to make sure there isn’t a better deal out there. Here is my list of good and great windows in case you want to continue your search. [List Redacted -- contact me directly (John) for my good and great window option.]

Editor John M. - September, 2021

ProVia Windows Prices

Hi Jim, thanks very much for this excellent service you provide homeowners for selecting replacement windows. It’s been very valuable so far for me.

I’ve received several bids and have it narrowed down to two. This is for 14 replacement windows (three 36x72”, two 59x36” sliders, two 32x71”, five 35x60”, and two 35x36”, with one being tempered) and 2 sliding glass doors (60x78.5”). Both quotes are from highly reputable companies with great installation reviews, which was my first criteria for searching for replacement windows. One quote for these 14 Zen Soft-Lite Lotus (Pro) windows and 2 Dharma doors comes to $13,227. The other bid for ProVia Endure windows and sliding doors amounts to $14,160.

Should I save the ~$1,000 difference and go with the Zen Soft-Lite Lotus eindows and sliding doors or is it worth going to the ProVia products?

Thanks very much!

Steven - Homeowner - March, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Steven, my own opinion is that the ProVia Endure is the clear winner over the Soft-Lite Pro. Both are certainly good windows, but I feel like the $1000 additional cost is well worth it to upgrade to the ProVia. Part of this equation is based on the fact that ProVia makes excellent doors, they are some of the best in the business. I say go with the ProVia Endure, such a good window and sliding glass door!

Editor Jim R. - March, 2021

Provia Endure Series Costs

I have 2 quotes for 24 replacement windows.

Provia Endure (triple pane): $12.5k

Provia Endure (double pane): $11k

Window World 4000 Series: $9k


Neil - Homeowner - February, 2021

Provia Endure Windows Cost

I live on Long Island in NY and need to replace 4 double hung windows. My window guy (who I've used before) is now recommending the Provia Endure. The original sills are rotted and will be replaced. The price I was quoted was $3,200.

Does this seem reasonable to you?

Greg - Homeowner - December, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Greg, that quote sounds very fair to me since it is for the ProVia Endure (an excellent window) and also includes replacing the original sills. New construction windows and sill work should run more than this to be honest.

Editor Jim R. - December, 2020

ProVia, Sunrise and Pella

Hoping to receive the pdf listing window models with fair market prices that was mentioned on your website. I'm especially interested in mid-range vinyl windows with blinds-between-glass options. (I think these are available from ProVia, Sunrise and Pella, but don't know of others). Last year I replaced some of my windows with Okna new construction windows, but Okna does not have a lot of options in terms of things like blinds and colors.

I've found your website very useful. Thank you for making all of this information available!

Jennifer - Homeowner - June, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Sorry for the delay Jennifer, on vacation with my family and did not have access to the pdf available. Blinds between glass are kind of hit and miss...Sunrise and ProVia would be my choice over Pella. Sunrise is very strong, ProVia is strong, and Pella is quite overrated in my estimation.

Good luck!

Editor John M. - June, 2020

ProVia EcoLite And Alside Promenade

I have received a bid for ProVia EcoLite windows for 8 windows and an Alside Promenade patio door for $6228 - installed. I am in Louisville Colorado. What is your opinion of these products and pricing? Thanks! Reta

Reta - Homeowner - September, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Reta, the ProVia EcoLite window is a good mid range vinyl window. I would have it in my home. I'm sort of 50/50 on the Alside doors. Incidentally, ProVia makes excellent doors, that's where the company got their start. You may want to have them give you a quote on their patio doors just to see how they compare.

In terms of pricing, I think the quote is very fair. I would suggest getting two more just to see what else is out there. You may be able to use a lower quote to go back to the rep who gave you theProvia bid and see if he will match it. Nothing like a little competition to drive down the bid price :)

Amerimax and Milgard windows should have companies in your area that carry these brands. These would be comparable to the ProVia/Alside bid you have.

Editor Jim R. - September, 2017