Window World 4000 Reviews

Window World is a well known brand to most consumers. In general, they are a low cost vinyl window option that is best suited for more budget-based project.

The Window World 4000 series is the entry-level vinyl replacement option that is a relabeled AMI series. Typically, the 4000 series is a MI 1650 vinyl window, generally considered builder grade quality. Generally not a vinyl series I would recommend for homeowners looking to stay in their homes long term.

If consumers are considering WW, I would recommend upgrading to the company's higher end model. Ironically, when you do, the price you might be looking at could buy you a pretty solid mid range vinyl window from a stronger brand. I would recommend Window World if the particular branch in your city or town has a long and solid reputation of installation and service.
The Window World 4000 Series gets a 3.3 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In November, 2023

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Window World 4000 Series Prices

Consumers can expect the 4000 series to range in price from $325 to $575 fully installed for a normal sized opening. There are loads of variables that will affect window costs, including size, glass package, hardware, installation requirements, and component upgrades. The 4000 is comparable in price to the MI 1650 series and Milgard Styleline window costs.

-- Window Itself: $250 to $325 --

-- Installation: $75 to $250 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $325 to $575 -- *

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Window World 4000 Ratings

The 4000 double hung with a low E should deliver a U-factor of .34, SHGC of .25 and a VT number of .40. These are not impressive numbers for a vinyl window that is intended to provide long term value. The 4000 series does deliver about the numbers that I'd expect given its low price and quality.

4000 Series Warranty

The Window World warranty is lifetime on frame and parts. They claim to provide a lifetime labor warranty as well. I've always viewed this warranty with some considerable skepticism, but maybe that applies to warranties from all manufacturers.

Perhaps this is true. When I get consumer input, I will update this page.

Window World 4000 Series Reviews

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4000 vs Pella Reserve

John, I've found your site very helpful, and I'll certainly recommend it to others so thanks. However, as I dig deeper into pricing, I think the bids I've gotten might be high. Could you please double-check the cost?

Window World 4000: $850 each

Pella Proline series is priced out at $1,200, which strikes me as relatively steep.

Cynthia - Homeowner - December, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Cynthia, both of these quotes are high. The Pella Proline is not called the Reserve. $1200 is actually not THAT bad for a wood clad window. I personally don't love wood clad for the longevity and energy efficiency issues, but the Reserve is a much better value than the 4000 series quote you have. I'd continue to collect bids if I were you -- neither of these is great as far as I'm concerned.
( Pella Windows Cost )

Editor John - December, 2023

Window World 4000 Series Reviews

I have 23 windows, including 4 large pictures windows (63x75) and a half-circle.

Renewal by Anderson Prices: $58K
Pinnacle Elite Cost: $42k
Champion Prices: $35K
Pella Impervia Cost: $35K
Window World 4000 Series Cost: $20K

Jim - Homeowner - November, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Jim, the Renewal price is too high in my opinion. Same goes for the Pinnacle. I like the Champion over the Pella Impervia. The WW would be my pick for a short term stay in the home.

Editor John - November, 2023

Window World 4000 Series Reviews

Hello. The price was $5,700 for 7 windows. That includes capping for each window and trim stop for each window. I’m reading that these are low grade quality. Is that true? Thanks for your help.

Tim - Homeowner - October, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Tim, I wouldn't go so far as to say that Window World quality is poor, but I would say the 4000 series is going to be a middle of the road vinyl window. Different WW "branches" sell different series so it's a bit tricky to say definitively what window you're even buying. But ask for sure!

That's not a bad price for the windows/install/capping/trim. (More on .)

If you plan to be in your home long term, you may want to consider getting multiple bids -- you might be amazed at how varied the pricing can be amongst local companies!

Editor John - October, 2023

Window World vs Norandex

Can you asses/compare the 4000 compared to the Norandex 3000? I have similar quotes for both in price, but think WW seems to be a better warranty? Thoughts???

Jim - Homeowner - June, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Jim, I think I'd give the nod to the Norandex 3000 series, but not by all that much. What I would say is this -- if your local WW has good online reviews, then you might want to go that route. Compare the company online reviews and I'd select the company that has the better reviews. This would be the more important criteria for me over the warranty. If company reviews are equal, then I'd go with the WW because yes there is a better chance they will still be around 15 years from now.

Editor John - June, 2023

Window World 4000 Series Reviews

Hi, I got two quotes, one on the 4000 Series HD. They quoted me $5445 for 5 double hungs, 1 picture, 1 2 liter slider. The other one from home depot using a PlyGem 5100 series $6446. Question: Is the PlyGem 5100 better than the WW Series 4000? The plygem looks alot more solid than the 4000.

Prasanth - Homeowner - April, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Prasanth, the PlyGem 5100 series is the much better option in my opinion over the. It's a solid choice -- the price is toward the top of what I'd like to see though -- how many bids have you collected thus far?

Editor John - April, 2023

Window World 4000 Cost

I can’t seem to find anyone who offers Simonton, they keep telling me they’re no longer manufactured. Call for an estimate then when they get here it’s a different model offered. WW gave an estimate of $10,400 for the 4000 series. I sent a previous email and failed to include that bid. Hopefully you’ll be able to see it and give me your opinion on the 3 choices. Thanks from Oklahoma -- 16 replacements needed.

4000 series solar zone 70. $10,469

Lowes Reliabilt 3500 $10,200

Plygem Great Lakes 6000 series $9098

Jenee - Homeowner - March, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Jenee, I'm not ecstatic about any of these bids if you are planning to stay in your home long term, but if the company who gave you the bid on the Plygem GreatLakes 6000 series, then this would be my top choice. I do think you should collect a few more bids.

Editor John - March, 2023

Window World 4000 Series Reviews

I have quotes on the WW 4000 and Wincore 7700 windows. Which would you say is the better of these?

Tracey - Homeowner - January, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Tracey, the Wincore 7700 is the better option by quite a lot here. If the prices are comparable, I'd go with the Wincore for sure.

Editor Jim R. - January, 2020

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