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ProVia may not have been a well known company a decade ago, but they are quickly gaining recognizability with their robust dealer network across much of the United States. (Though sadly not in the western states.) They are considered a good brand and one that I would recommend whole heartedly given the right price point.

ProVia doors are some of the best on the market. The company got their start making doors (not windows) so it kind of makes sense that they make some of the best patio sliders and french doors that are available to consumers. They sell in many regional markets through local dealers so homeowners need to find a local Provia dealer in order to buy their windows and/or doors. On the window side of things, ProVia Endure windows are one of my favorite replacement options. A solid buy to be sure. The ProVia Doors gets a 5 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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ProVia Doors Price List

ProVia prices will run somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500 to $3500 fully installed. I think this is a pretty fair price range, although specialty orders and sizes might be outside of this price range.

This puts them in the second tier price point of all manufacturers out there. So not the most expensive like Marvin Windows & Doors or Renewal By Andersen prices, but certainly more than other vinyl door manufacturers. Cost wise, I would probably compare them to Jeld Wen prices. There are some pricing basics (but again these are only pricing guidelines).

-- Installation: $500 to $1000 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $1500 to $3500 --

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ProVia Warranty

The ProVia warranty covers the frames for the lifetime of the original purchaser. This includes the exterior finish on the frame, the retractable screen (the DuraGuard screen is warrantied for 15 years), the glass (as long as it is deemed to be caused by a manufacturing defect). The hardware is warrantied for just 1 year from the original purchase date. The warranty is fully transferrable.

Please note: warranty terms often change from year to year and from product to product. Please read the most up-to-date warranty for the specific product you are buying prior to purchase.

ProVia Doors Reviews

ProVia Doors Reviews

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Provia Doors Price List 2022

Hi Jim, we’re in Maryland and are looking to replace our doors and windows.

4 sliding patio doors, 1 picture window with three panels, 3 sliding windows, a curved transom above one of the sliding doors, and an entry door + storm door. Pretty much every company that has come in has said our sliding doors are odd sizes.

We’ve gotten quotes from three companies and are quite confused, here’s what we have in terms of quotes:

(1) Sunrise Verde $31,625. They are an authorized dealer/ installer so the Sunrise warranty should hold up better.

(2) Endure Series Cost $25,210. General windows/ exteriors contractor.

(3) $23,210 for a Custom line (Prodigy) made by Vytex for a window installation company (.26 U Factor and .21 SHGC) but can’t find any reviews for the line since it’s only made for this company.

Any help and suggestions would be really appreciated.

Also, I’m not sure how often you post questions on your website, but I would appreciate it if you didn’t include my personal information if you do post this question on your website.

Thank you.

Sandy - Homeowner - November, 2022

Web Editor Reply

Sandy, the Vytex Prodigy is, so far as I know, the same as Vytex Fortis windows. It's relabeled and sold through an exclusive dealer and is quite a good window. The fact is, all three of these windows are very good. Because there are so many doors in this equation, I think I would put the ProVia Endure windows and doors at the top. ProVia makes an excellent door and this is where this company got its start.

The Sunrise Verde is excellent, but I'm not sure I would be able to justify spending $8k plus more for this over the Prodigy. second spot might be the Prodigy by Vytex. Windows Replacement Costs

Certainly the installation company has to be a huge factor. If the contractor doing the ProVia has good experience installing these and you trust them, then this is where I would go first.

Editor Jim R. - November, 2022

ProVia Doors Reviews Endure Series

We have a sliding patio door and 24 windows that need to be replaced.

Andersen Window Series 100 : $21.5K

Polaris Ultraweld Windows: $19.7K

Sunrise Windows Prices: $19.3K

Pro-Via Endure: $18.6K

Ron - Homeowner - June, 2021

Web Editor Reply

Ron, the Endure quote would be my number one, then it would go my order would be Endure, Polaris UltraWeld, then the Sunrise, and finally the Anderson 100 series.

Editor Jim R. - June, 2021