ProVia Aspect Windows Reviews

The ProVia Aspect window is the company's mid range to upper end vinyl window. The Aspect is a failry high quality series with nice performance numbers. The ProVia Aspect double hung achieves a .05 air infiltration and DP50 rating. These are both impressive numbers.

Homeowners can expect the Aspect to come with a 3.25 inch mainframe, triple weatherstripping, a warm-edge spacer, BetterVue® fiberglass screen, and multi-chambered frame/sash. A definite contender in the upper end of the mid range vinyl window category.
The ProVia Aspect Window gets a 4.4 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor

Last Update: March 4, 2024

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ProVia Aspect Windows Cost

Consumers can expect to pay $550 to $800 for a normal sized ProVia Aspect window. This includes the cost of installation, which will run $75 to $125 for retrofit windows and $150 to 4250 for full frame installation. Pricing will depend on the size of the units required, the company that does the install, the type of installation, and the upgrades you opt for. This series is comparable to Sunrise Windows cost and Amerimax Craftsman Portrait prices.

-- Window Itself: $$ (2 out of 5)

-- Installation Costs: $100 to $350 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $$$ (3 out of 5)

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ProVia Aspect Windows Ratings

This vinyl series offers good performance numbers with a low-e glass. Homeowners can expect a U-value of 0.27, a .05 air infiltration rating, U-value of .30, Visible Transmittance of 0.47, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.21, design pressure rating of 50, and a condensation resistance of 60. These are very impressive numbers, especially for a series that is considered a "drop down" from their premium series in the Endure.

ProVia Aspect Window Warranty

The ProVia Aspect includes a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials of the vinyl frame to the original owner. This lifetime warranty also applies to all of the hardware on the windows, the insulated glass units, glass breakage (from manufacturing defects), and the exterior screens.

The warranty is transferrable to 1 subsequent owner and requires them to register the warranty transfer and also requires them to pay a one time $50 fee. There are a number of limitations and exclusions that apply so we urge consumers to read the warranty in its entirety prior to purchasing.

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ProVia Aspect Questions Or Reviews

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ProVia Aspect vs Milgard Trinsic

John, would you go with the ProVia Aspect vs Milgard Tuscany? I’m here in Texas and have bids on both of these series. We don’t intend to be here for more than 10 years and the aspect ends up being $75 more per window.

Paul - Homeowner - Febraury, 2024

Website Editor's Answer

Paul, it’s a tricky one to answer, because I would say that that $75 difference per window is probably about what I would put the difference at between that Tuscany and the Provia Aspect. But your timeline of 10 years is pushing me towards saying that I think the best call would be the intrinsic.

I think that’s the better return on investment in this scenario. Obviously, do you want to make sure that the company who wraps the Milgard is going to do a good job with her insulation. So definitely take some time to look into their reviews online.

Editor John - February, 2024

ProVia Aspect Windows Reviews

Hi John, it seems like you like the ProVia windows/doors. The ProVia rep in my area does not have access to this window, unfortunately. They only have the ProVia Aspect series. According to them, the Aspect is virtually the same window as the endure. I was wondering if she thought that they were telling me the truth. Thank you in advance for your great site and your sage advice. (ProVia Endure Windows Reviews)

Sylvia - Homeowner - December, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Sylvia, the ProVia Aspect is a good window. But I do take issue with the idea that it’s just as good as the ProVia endure. I do not believe that this is the case. In my opinion, the Endure is the superior option in this battle. However, because the company only has access to the aspect series I would still say that this is something you should strongly consider. The Aspect is a very good window and one that I would have in my own home, given the right price point and installed by a company that has a proven and successful track record.

Editor John - December, 2023

ProVia Aspect Windows Reviews

Thank you in advance for the help! The property is located in Stamford, CT and is a condo. I have also separately reached out to my condo association to ask for recommendations on a window guy. 8 openings in total

The bid was $10,394.05

Scope of Work: Supply and install 4- Provia Aspect Series white vinyl windows, 3- operating casements and 1- stationary casement picture window with full screens low e and argon insulated glass tempered in bay window. Bay window replacement install, kitchen window new construction install, lifetime warranty on windows including glass breakage and twenty year warranty on our install. Remove the old windows and all debris from the premises financing is available.

Price does not include painting prep work, painting, unseen rot repair, unseen framing repairs, electrical work, HVAC work and permit fees (if permits are needed). Ask your project consultant if any of this applies to your project.

Miles - Homeowner - November, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Miles, for the new construction installation and the bay window work, removal etc. I'd say this is a pretty fair quote. It's hard to say definitively without two or more quotes to compare it to. These extra bids would be the surest way to know the fair market price - or the spectrum of prices in your area.

But on the face of it for the ProVia Aspect series, I'd say this is a fair quote!

Editor John - November, 2023

Provia Aspect Windows Price

We're replacing 15 double hungs with vinyl here in Virginia. Honestly, I won't be living here more than five years max. This is what I have so far.

KHPP Genesis Price Quote: $8,500

Aspect Series Cost: $9,200

Sunrise Restorations Windows Cost: $12,450

George - Homeowner - June, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

George, honestly, with that timeline, you are gonna want to go with the least expensive option in the KHPP Genesis. KHPP makes excellent products -- normally I cringe at having to tell homeowners to buy a subpar window, but you are getting a very good series at a great price -- woohoo!

Editor John - May, 2023

Provia Aspect Cost vs Sunrise Vanguard

Hello John, I'm looking into replacing the following windows:

one 3 section sider 84*60 with 1/4 /1/2 1/4 ratio
two 2 section slider 54*46
one double-hung 24*36

I also need a small window filled in and the trim replaced for the above windows.

I'm between two options:
1. Aspect (with some Endure upgrades) with TLA glass for about $7600
2. Sunrise Vanguard with AR90 glass for about $11500

Both companies are similarly reputable. What do you think about the quotes, and which one is better?

Helen - Homeowner - May, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Helen, if both companies are equally reputable, I think the better value here is probably with the ProVia bid for $7600. The Aspect is not quite the window the Sunrise Vanguard series is, but the Endure is pretty close and it sounds like you are getting some nice upgrades to the Aspect. I wouldn't mind another bid or two to round out your offerings, but of these two, I think the ProVia-bid is the much better value...

Editor John - May, 2022