Zen Lotus Windows Reviews

The Zen Lotus window is the company's premium vinyl window offering. They have branches in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chattahoochee Valley (serving Georgia and Alabama), Denver, Houston and Austin. There are a number of additional locations, these are just the ones we could track down.

The Zen Lotus is their higher end window and is actually a Soft-Lite Pro series. The Pro was Soft-Lite's original premium product that is now overshadowed by their newer Imperial LS Series and Elements Series.

Many consumers really like the Pro model features and aesthetics, which is one reason why Soft-Lite kept the window in its line up. For Zen, this is their high end window, which seems a bit odd (since the company itself offers two windows that are better than the Pro model), but the Pro really is a very solid performer. It comes standard with foam fills, vent locks, an exterior locking screen latch, metal-reinforced meeting rail, delta locks and a Super Spacer.

The window is available in white, brown or beige on the interior and in 15 exterior colors and 5 interior wood laminates. These wood laminates do a good just of mimicking the look of wood, without the high cost and maintenance required with real wood windows.

All in all, I would definitely recommend the Zen Lotus window given the right price point and quality of installation.

Review By Jim R. - Site Editor

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Zen Lotus Prices

Consumers can expect the Zen Lotus to run $----- for the window itself. (We aren't allowed to list replacement window pricing for this manufacturer. If you'd like to get more pricing, click on the link below to contact us.) Comparable windows include Sunrise windows prices and Okna 500 window costs.

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Zen Lotus Ratings

The Zen Lotus window with a low-e glass, argon gas, the metal reinforced meeting rails, and foam fills (all these features come standard), will provide the following numbers; .28 U-factor, .29 SHGC, .53 Visible Transmittance, and a .07 Air Infiltration. Upgrading to the higher end Solarban glass will lower the U-factor to .21, the SHGC to .19 SHGC, the Visible Transmittance to .39, and the Air Infiltration to .05.

These are all very respectable numbers. The most important number in my opinion is the air infiltration and the .07 is good. There are better windows out there in terms of their AI, but the Pro puts in a very good performance for a vinyl window.

Zen Lotus Warranty

The Zen Lotus carries the same warranty as the Karma or Zen Nirvana window. There is a limited lifetime warranty on the vinyl, hardware and most window components. There is a 10 year provision on PVC Coating, Interior Mini Blinds and Foil Laminates. There is a glass breakage provision, although it may be an additional cost for this provision, check with your local Zen Windows salesperson for details.

The warranty is transferrable one time and will require a transfer fee and notification to Soft-Lite of the transfer request. Before you buy Zen Windows, make sure you read the warranty in full to better understand any and all limitations and exclusions.

Zen Lotus Windows Reviews

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Zen Lotus "Plus" Price Bid

John, what about this from Zen Co. on the Lotus "Plus" (Soft-Lite Imperial LS Series) for 19-Double Hungs. GLASS PACKAGE: Double Strength Double Pane Glass, Low E+ and Argon Gas with Super Spacer. (south & west windows solar Low E), Nail Fin. I'm in Kentucky. Zen Lotus "Plus": $10,600

Gary - Homeowner - February, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Gary, the bid you have from Zen is very solid. $10.6K for 19 Soft-Lite Imperial LS Series windows is quite a good bid. I know you had a pretty great bid from Inline as well, but I would seriously have to consider this one as well. The Soft-Lite Imperial LS Series is one of my favorite out there!

Editor John M. - February, 2018