Pella Windows Prices And Reviews

Pella windows prices range from $300 to $1,100 fully installed for a normal sized opening. Their vinyl windows have improved since 2011, but there are probably better vinyl window options out there at a similar price point. The company is much better known for making high end wood windows that are both very beautiful and quite pricey.

Pella has gotten lots of dismal reviews and lots of glowing reviews over the years from contractors and homeowners alike. Some say their customer service and windows are overhyped and low quality, while others say they love their wood windows and wouldn't go with anyone else. Pella is a big company that sells tons of windows so there are alot of opinions that are going to vary widely.

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Pella Wood Windows

Pella makes some excellent wood windows, specifically the Designer and Architect series. The Proline is going to be their builder grade and isn't particularly considered a good or bad window, just so so. The big question for consumers should be can I get their better wood windows at a competitive price point. The best way to do this is to get a bid from Pella and then get bids from several other top wood clad manufacturers. Top wood clad producers include Andersen, Marvin and Kolbe, all of which such be available in whatever state you live in. Compare these bids and if the Pella makes sense for your project and pocketbook, then go for it. They make a very nice looking wood window.

Pella Windows Prices

Pella window costs are going to be all over the board, depending on the model you choose. You can buy the Encompass vinyl series from a Big Box store for just over $200 (according to Consumer Reports Home Windows list), while the Architect could run you $1000 just for the window itself (assuming some nice upgrades). Here are links to additional Pella windows that includes information on ratings, reviews, pricing and the warranty.

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Pella Windows Warranty

Pella offers a Limited Warranty on their vinyl and wood windows and doors. Wood windows includes a 10 year warrantied period on all of the components (latches, locks, hardware, etc.). Manufacturing defects in the mainframe or sill will be repaired, replaced or refunded for the lifetime of the original owner (Pella covers the installation cost for 2 years from the date of purchase). The company offers a limited lifetime warranty of all nonglass materials for their vinyl windows. As always, there are a number of exclusions that consumers need to be aware of prior to purchasing their windows. Using a quality contractor with experience working with the particular window manufacturer can help insure that if something does happen you have some recourse.

Pella 250 Series Cost vs. Vinylmax Radiance Plus

Got a quote for replacing 20 windows

Pella 250 - $17,800.

Vinylmax Radiance Plus - $15,800. I thought Vinylmax would be cheaper than this. So it seems price and quality wise, should I go with Pella 250? Or should I move on to another brand?


Chatree - Homeowner - May, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Chatree, I would go with the company that has the best reputation and reviews. This is going to make the biggest difference for you. Window wise, I would say they are equivalent to one another…so the Vinylmax Radiance Plus would be my pick over the Pella 250. All prices being equal, I would probably opt for the Pella option…

Editor John - May, 2022