ProVia Windows Prices

ProVia windows prices range from $20 to $75 per square foot fully installed, depending on the series, upgrades and installation requirements you select. ProVia started out as Precision Door, but eventually changed their name and included windows in their product lineup. They still make great doors and have a good reputation for both their storm doors and their vinyl, aluminum storm windows and wood clad windows.

ProVia is an Ohio based company that has expanded their operation and marketing in the past decade. The tend to be at the higher end of the vinyl window cost spectrum, but do produce high quality windows. This site is not associated with ProVia Windows.

Review By John M. - Site Editor

ProVia Windows Cost

ProVia window prices range from $10 to $60 per square foot fully installed, depending on the series, upgrades and installation requirements you select. The storm windows they offer are in this bottom range and are, for the most part, a single pane option. Compare ProVia pricing to Great Lakes window prices and Larsen storm windows costs.

The Integra is in the middle of this price range, while their premium Aeris model is at the top end of this price range. For additional information on window cost by size, click here.

ProVia Windows Ratings

In terms of ProVia window ratings, consumers can expect the Integra double hung (with low-e glass and argon fills) to have a .30 U-factor, .27 SHGC and .49 VT. The more expensive Aeris Series double hung (with low-e glass and argon fills) will have .28 U-value, .10 air infiltration, .26 SHGC, and .47 VT.

Judging the energy efficiency ratings of storm windows is much trickier because they work with the existing windows. Typically, storms will double the energy efficiency levels over that of older single pane aluminum window frames.

ProVia Endure Window Pricing

The ProVia Endure is their premium vinyl window, and most energy efficient. The Endure uses block and tackle balance, dual balance jamb covers, thermal sill reinforcement, a Super spacer and recessed locks.

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ProVia Integra Window Pricing

The ProVia Integra was the company's original vinyl window and can be ordered as either the 200 or 300 model. The Integra is comparable to the Seabrooke or Lifestyles model from Great Lakes.

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ProVia Aeris Windows

The ProVia Aeris can be ordered in a wood clad option with a vinyl exterior cladding - the Wx1000 model window. The Wx100 comes in 3 wood options that include oak, cherry and maple, as well as over 30 interior stains and/or colors and 5 exterior colors.

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ProVia Storm Window Prices

ProVia manufactures high quality aluminum storm windows that are frequently reviewed by contractors and homeowners as some of the best in the business. These can be ordered in three profile options; sliders, double hungs in a triple track and picture windows.

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ProVia Windows Warranty

ProVia offers a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials of the vinyl frame to the original owner. This lifetime warranty also applies to all of the hardware on the windows, the insulated glass units, glass breakage (from manufacturing defects), and the exterior screens. The warranty is transferrable to 1 subsequent owner and requires them to register the warranty transfer and also requires them to pay a one time $50 fee. There are a number of limitations and exclusions that apply so we urge consumers to read the ProVia window warranty in its entirety prior to purchasing.

ProVia EcoLite And Alside Promenade

I have received a bid for ProVia EcoLite windows for 8 windows and an Alside Promenade patio door for $6228 - installed. I am in Louisville Colorado. What is your opinion of these products and pricing? Thanks! Reta

Reta - Homeowner - September, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Reta, the ProVia EcoLite window is a good mid range vinyl window. I would have it in my home. I'm sort of 50/50 on the Alside doors. Incidentally, ProVia makes excellent doors, that's where the company got their start. You may want to have them give you a quote on their patio doors just to see how they compare.

In terms of pricing, I think the quote is very fair. I would suggest getting two more just to see what else is out there. You may be able to use a lower quote to go back to the rep who gave you theProvia bid and see if he will match it. Nothing like a little competition to drive down the bid price :)

Amerimax and Milgard windows should have companies in your area that carry these brands. These would be comparable to the ProVia/Alside bid you have.

Editor Jim R. - September, 2017