Simonton VantagePointe Windows Reviews

Simonton VantagePointe windows are a specialty window from Simonton that are sold exclusively at Home Depot. The VantagePointe comes in a number of glass packages and standard features that each have a Series number, so for instance the 6100 Series is the lower end option, while the 6300 is the mid range and the 6500 series is the best glass package and standard options available. The VantagePoint window can be ordered in a number of styles, including a double hung, single hung, geometric, bow, garden, awning, end vent slider, casement, bay, picture and slider window.

Some of the features that come standard on the VantagePoint window include dual air locks, tilt latches, a deep beveled sash, tilt in sashes, coil balance system, and extruded lift rails. The window is available in a number of different and interesting interior frame colors that includes white, driftwood, tan, contemporary oak, maple, amber oak, and cherry. Exterior frame colors include white, tan, cream, pine, driftwood, chocolate, bronze, and brick.

The VantagePoint window is an okay window, nothing fancy or special, but it has decent performance numbers and ratings. The issue I have is with HD installation. They subcontract out all of their work and have a revolving door of installers that come and go depending on the season, how busy they are, etc. So how is any homeowner supposed to trust the quality of the install with this set up? If you are going to purchase the VantagePointe directly from Home Depot, I would recommend finding an installer that you trust and with some good references and reviews under their belt.

Review By Jim R. - Site Editor

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Simonton VantagePointe Cost

Consumers can expect VantagePointe window prices to run $40 to $55 per square foot for the window itself and $50 to $65 per square fully installed. Whether you pay at that $400 or $650 per window costs will depend on which VantagePointe series you select, your installation requirements, upgrades selected, and window sizes. Simonton VantagePointe costs are comparable to Monte Verde windows cost and Wallside prices.

-- Window Itself: $225 to $350 --

-- Installation: $75 to $250 per opening --

-- Window & Installation: $400 to $650 --

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VantagePointe 6500 Ratings

The VantagePointe 6500 double hung Series by Simonton (and available at Home Depot) that measures 37"W x 84"H will deliver roughly a 0.15 scfm/ft air infiltration (not overly impressive). This same window, with a Low-E 366 Cardinal Glass, krypton fills and the Intercept spacer will deliver a 0.30 U-factor, 3.33 R-value, 0.32 visible transmittance and a 0.18 SHGC. These are decent numbers - the 0.15 AI is the only one that seems a bit high.

These performance numbers are about what homeowners should expect from an economy to mid range vinyl window in this price range.

Simonton VantagePointe Warranty

The Simonton VantagePointe Series includes a double lifetime limited warranty on the vinyl, insulating glass units, screens, and hardware. The double lifetime means that if you were to sell your home, the next buyer gets the warranty for their lifetime as well (homeowners must notify the company in writing of the transfer). This warranty is identical to the Simonton Asure window.

The glass is covered for 20 years, although the portion covered by the company is at a prorated amount. The warranty does not cover glass breakage, laminated glass, interior laminates or factory applied coatings. As with all warranties, there are a litany of limitations and exclusions that buyers should read prior to purchase.

Simonton VantagePointe Reviews

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Simington 6500 Series Price Quote

I’m replacing nine windows in my townhouse. They are the original windows.They are sliding windows. In my bedroom above my window is a half moon I got two quotes The quote from Home Depot for the Simington 6500 series was $9131.50. The quote I got from Lowe’s was 7113.48 for the Reliabit 3900 series. Which is better.

Susana - Homeowner - June, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Susana, the Simonton 6500 is the better window, but not worth $2K more over the Reliabilt 3900. I think you need to go out and get a few more bids.

Editor Jim R. - June, 2020

Simonton 6500 vs. Reliabilt 3900

Hello, I Live In Columbus, Indiana. I have two bids for two bedroom windows (including installation)

1. Lowes: Reliabilt 3900 for $635 each
2. Home Depot: Simonton 6500 for $1000 each

I have read that you like Simonton better but is it worth given the difference in price.

Thank you very much

Bryce - Homeowner - December, 2019

Website Editor's Answer

The Simonton 6500 is definitely the better of the two windows. Paying $1000 a window for a Simonton is pretty insane. I’d get some independent bids if I were you to compare prices. Here is my “guide” to getting good bids in your local area.

Google "Simonton windows in Cleveland, Ohio" (if you don't live in Cleveland, use your specific city and state) and see what local companies come up who carry the following recommended brands. Sunrise, Okna, Soft-Lite, Polaris, Kensington, Vytex, and Zen.

Editor Jim R. - December, 2019

Simonton 6100 and 6500 Windows

I have been working with Home Depot on 6100 and 6500 series windows. With install, and no color changes; the 6100 was $9,250, while the 6500 $10,800. the 6500 with Energy Star was $11.350. When we add color to the 6500, the quote was $14,000 without energy star. Install is quoted at 1,500 for the 10 openings, some are sliders and others are casement.

Although, until measurements occur he couldn't tell me the additional cost due to the full frame replacement being necessary; he estimated $3,000. The sales rep said that we were better off without energy star because the default window was more efficient, which seemed counter-intuitive to me, thoughts? I live in south eastern New England.

Are there other options with these windows to consider; different spaces, etc?

In case it makes a difference and you have the time to read this, the window sizes are:
Width, Height
(1) 112 x 40 - three panel slider

(1) 112 x 51 - three panel slider

(2) 55 x 47 - two panel slider

(2) 47 x 40 - two panel slider

(2) 27 x 48 - single casement

(1) 19 x 39 - single casement

(1) 36 x 36 - single casement

The labor seems reasonable to me -- not that I know much at $149 per window

Jason - Homeowner - October, 2019

Website Editor's Answer

Jason, the bottom line is that's quite a bit of money for the Simonton 6000 series from HD. If this were my project, I'd search for some more bids to see what else is out there, including a Simonton dealer. I'm not saying the price is unreasonable, but I would want to compare it to other bids before I paid $1000 a window for a VantagePointe. I think there is a better deal out there.

I'd look to see if there are some local companies who sell Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Okna, Polaris, or Kensington.

The labor is totally reasonable. Three panel sliders can be expensive, but the casements and two panel sliders from HD in the Simonton VantagePointe should be in the $250 to $350 range for the window only I would think.

Editor John M. - October, 2019

Simonton 6500 Series vs. Wincore 8400

We have bids for 7 Simonton 6500 series windows, as well as one for the Wincore 8400 series. Big difference between the two bids, even though they seem pretty similar: e-coating, argon gas, vinyl frame, etc.

Simonton 6500: $6,100
Wincore 8400: $11,500

- Homeowner - August, 2019

Website Editor's Answer

Fred & Laura, that is a huge price increase for the Wincore. The simonton bid is the much better of the two

Editor Jim R. - August, 2019

Are Simonton 6100 series a good window replacement?

Carol - Homeowner - Ma, 2019

Website Editor's Answer

Carol, the Simonton 6500 series is the better option in this model. The 6100 offers less features and a few less bells and whistles. I would say the upgrade is worth it. Overall, the 6000 Simonton window is a nice mid range replacement window.

Editor Jim R. - May, 2019

Simonton 6500 Series vs. Reliabilt 3500

I live in Central Virginia and received quotes from Home Depot for the Simonton 6500 ($10,000) and from Lowes on the Reliabilt 3500 ($5200 or $6400 for the 3900). Both windows seem relatively comparable to me and the price difference is substantial. What are your thoughts?

Scott - Homeowner - February, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Scott, that is a big difference in price. I have to be honest though, I don't love the Reliabilt 3500 -- the 3900 is the better window...but far from great. The Simonton 6500 is the better window than either of the Reliabilt models, but not worth the difference in price.

Have you tried to get some quotes from local companies? You may be able to get a better vinyl window for a price in between the two. Check our recommended brands and see if any local companies sell in your areas.

Feel free to send the bids to me and I'll give you my two cents. 7, 8 years down the road you may start having some issues with the Reliabilts and may end up paying more in the long run for home windows.

Editor John M. - February, 2018

HD Simonton 6500 Series vs Reliabilt 3900 Series

I am planning to replace 12 windows in my home with vinyl replacement windows. I have estimates from Lowes (Reliabilt 3900 @ $7800) and Home Depot (Simonton 6500 @ $7700). The windows seem similar to me. I like the features of the Reliabilt but the Simonton corner welds give it a much cleaner finished look. Which window would you rate higher? I live in Pennsylvania. Thank you in advance for your help.

Mike - Homeowner - September, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Mike, I think most industry experts are going to put the Simonton 6500 over the Reliabilt 3900. Simonton has a better reputation overall than Reliabilt. I have to say that's not the cheapest quote I've ever seen -- certainly I don't know the project details, but I would get a couple of outside quotes to round out the bids you have from the big box stores.

I would be interested to see what a quote on the Okna 400 window would be -- a MUCH better window than either of the ones you have here. Okna will certainly have a rep in your area. Check out these brands to see if any local companies sell them in your area -- Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Polaris, HiMark, and Vytex.

Editor Jim R. - September, 2017

Simonton Vantagepointe 6500 Glass

Hi, is the glass unit of vantagepointe 6500 a double glazed?

Susan - Homeowner - May, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Susan, yes, the Simonton Vantagepointe 6500 window uses 7/8 inch double strength glass unit, supercept spacer, and a ProSolar low-e glass.

Editor Jim R. - May, 2017

Simonton 6500 Vantage Point vs Daylight MAX

Which SIMONTON window to buy? The Simonton 6500 Vantage Point vs Daylight MAX?

Josh - Homeowner - April, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Josh, I'm not sure there is THAT much difference between these two windows. Based on the numbers, I may have to give the nod to the VantagePointe.

Editor Jim R.- April, 2015

Simonton 6500 Vantage Point vs Daylight MAX

Got quotes for Vantage Pointe 6500 and 6100 windows. Difference in price is about $800.

Other than the warranty (double-lifetime, versus single-lifetime for the 6500 v. 6100) and double strength (6500) versus single strength(6100) glass, is there much difference between the two windows?

The differences the sales rep mentioned seem mostly cosmetic and the performance numbers, from searching on-line, seem nearly identical.

I understand HD uses subs and other windows might be more competitive.

My question is specific to these two products.

In short, is there something I'm missing as to why the pricing is different.
Gene - March, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Gene, I believe you (and the sales rep) summed up the differences between the two windows well. Warranty, a few features, minor performance data, and a few little cosmetic differences. All of these add up to a nicer window...but by how much? Apparently in your case, $800. So is the 6500 worth it? Tough to say, it would be to me because I tend to think of these things over the life of the window - how are my windows going to "perform" and function over the next 20 years.

Unfortunately, I can't answer the question for you. There isn't that much difference between the two windows, but the differences over the long term probably add up to the extra cost of the 6500 series.
Editor Jim R. - March, 2016