Wincore Windows Prices

Wincore Windows And Doors was founded back in 2007 by former Simonton engineers and executives who were looking to branch out and offer their own replacement and new construction vinyl windows and doors. Some of these ex-employees felt that Simonton window quality and customer service left something to be desired and therefore there was no opportunity in the market that they might be able to capitalize on.

These engineers and executives felt that they could do a better job creating a quality and innovative vinyl window and door for consumers, with a family feel, instead of the more corporate culture of a national window manufacturer such as Simonton.

Wincore is based in Parkersburg, West Virginia and is a rather small, regional window manufacturer that produces two replacement window models, as well as two new construction window models. The company also manufactures patio doors in each of these four model options, as well as a StormForce impact window and door series.

Most contractors and installers who have worked with Wincore new construction and replacement windows would probably say that the quality of products and customer service is on par with Simonton and Milgard, perhaps a slight nod above. All in all, Wincore should definitely be worth a look if you're looking for a quality midrange vinyl window at in affordable price point.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Page Updated In December, 2023

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Wincore 5400 Window Prices

The Wincore 5400 window is the entry-level vinyl replacement window that offers an attractive contoured frame, double pane glass, low E glass and argon fills, a constant force coil spring balancing system, a sloped sill, U channel spacer, cam locks and contoured grids.

-- Window Itself: $30 to $40 per square foot --

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Wincore 7700 Window Costs

The Wincore 7700 window is the upgraded replacement window to the 5400 series and offers all of the same standard features as the 5400 series, along with a few nice upgrades and custom options on the window glass, frame color options and hardware. The price below are only ballpark prices and should not be taken as what you will receive from a window bid. Always collect 4 to 5 project bids to get a much better sense of what your particular project cost is worth.

-- Standard Installation: $150 to $250 --

-- Fully Installed: $650 to $800 ---

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Wincore Windows Warranty

The Wincore warranty includes a lifetime provision on all vinyl components against flaking, blistering, peeling and corrosion. Exterior frame coatings are warranted for a period of 10 years. The insulated glass unit on both the 5400 and 7700 units are warranted for 20 years, after which the company will pay 75% of the replacement cost until year 20 and 50% of the replacement cost from years 30 to 50.

The Wincore warranty is transferable to one additional owner, who must notify the company of the transfer within 30 days and pay a $50 transfer fee. This is a relatively common requirement for a transferable vinyl window warranty. Wincore does not cover any labor costs to remove the defective window or to have the new replacement window installed.

Wincore Windows Reviews

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Wincore Windows Reviews

Hey there Jon, I was curious what you thought of the Wincore 7700 window and whether it’s worth $50 more per window over the 5400 series. Thanks so much and thank you for all you do for us confused consumers.

Rick - Homeowner - November, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Rick, thanks for the compliment, I try. I think $50 per window is definitely worth the upgrade cost from the 5400 to the 7700 wind core series. Normally I see the upgrade cost more in that $100 to $150 per window. so this leads me to believe that the wind core dealer gets better pricing on that 7700 series than others in the industry. I can’t say this is totally true, but this is what that leads me to believe. It’s possible that he does a lot of of this window, and so he gets better pricing from the company. I definitely like the 7700 series in this matchup.

Editor John - November, 2023

Wincore Windows Through Sears

Sears sells Wincore window high end model Weather beater platinum has triple pane or similar model. Is it better or comparable to the Simonton 5500 reflector series also had another window I'm looking at by Bryton Home improvements they say it's the best Vinyl Window made Manufactured by Regency out of TX . Do U have any information on these other Widows and what is the best Vinyl double hung for the Eastcoast beach Area SC. Triple Pane Windows Cost

Gets very humid and Temps range from 110 F to 18 F in Winter. Budget 5,000 5 doublehung and half moon on top standard sizes. Prices quoted by Sears $7600 and private contractor for Simitons $5400 and Brytons $6300 I don't know why so expensive it 5 Windows impact double hung with 1 half moon window . Please help me I'm a disabled veteran with limited income I need for these to be my last windows for lifetime. If U suggest a different brand I'm open minded . Thanks

Shawn - Homeowner - January 16, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Shawn, unfortunately, impact windows do tend to be expensive. Sears has a reputation for putting out high bids, which I found ironic. I have never heard of Regency windows. You should see if Wincore is sold through a local rep -- call the company up and ask who else sells the Wincore in your area.

The other option you have is to not go with an impact window and buy a nice mid range vinyl window. When the tropical storms come, you could board up the windows to protect your home. This option should save you about half the money. If you are on a budget, you could also go the home depot route -- I know out here in the west they sell an Andersen 100 composite frame window for around $250 to $300, and it's a decent mid range window. Then you find a QUALITY window installer through craigslist or angies list and see what they would charge you to do the install -- it might be in the $100 to $150 per window range. A little more work on your end, but you'd have a good window and good installation at half the cost.

Then you would have to do the boards of course, but an impact window that gets hit with a fast flying object is still likely going to crack, it just stays spidered like a car windshield -- meaning after the storm you would still need to replace the glass.

Response From Editor John M. - January 16, 2017