Champion Windows Prices

Champion windows prices will range from $500 to $800 fully installed. The company is based out of Cincinnati Ohio and manufacturers their own windows and sell them in showrooms across the country - although they are much more heavily concentrated in the mid west and eastern states. While they do make a good product, it might not be as good as they make it out to be (at least for the price, take a look at our best vinyl windows page to see our recommendations).

When you buy from Champion, they have their own team of installers who do the work. This is a good thing from the standpoint that the installers thoroughly know a product and understanding the installation requirements. The other plus is that if something goes wrong, you know where to turn - with an independent distributor you occasionally run into the problem that the installer blames the manufacturer and the manufacturer blames the installer. The downside to this system is a higher than normal installation rate that is tough to gauge because the cost of the window, options and installation are wrapped into a single price.

Champion sells only one window line, which they refer to as their best window. This is a plus for the consumer in terms of confusion over product lines and options, which the replacement window industry excels at. Their windows come standard with Cardinal 366 double pane glass, a solid vinyl extrusion, as well as some nice features and components. On the whole, the window offers good design and construction and is available in a number of styles, including double and single hungs, horizontal gliders, garden windows, fixed frame and bay and bow windows.

I give Champion Windows a 4.3 out of 5 star rating based on 6 Champion Windows reviews located toward the bottom of this page.

Review By John M. - Site Editor

Last Update: March 2, 2024

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Champion Windows Prices

Consumers can expect Champion window prices to range from $500 to $800 fully installed. This is a big price range that will vary based on the upgrades, glass package, and installation requirements. For instance, a pocket installation can cost $100 per window, while full frame replacement can be $250 or more per window. Comparable windows include the Milgard Tuscany window and the Pella 350 Series.

-- Installation: $100 to $250 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $500 to $800 -- *

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Champion Windows vs Renewal By Andersen

Company Structure: Champion, owned by Great Day Improvements, is a direct-to-consumer seller with branches across the eastern United States. They manufacture their own line of vinyl windows. In contrast, Renewal, owned by Andersen Windows, operates as a franchised company with individually owned branches. They also sell directly to consumers and have a nationwide presence.

What They Sell: Champion offers a single vinyl window series that can be customized with options like glass, grids, and hardware. Renewal offers a single composite window series with similar customization options.

Marketing: Both of these companies focus on direct-to-consumer sales and heavily invest in regional market advertising. This differs from companies like Pella Windows, which distribute through local companies often representing multiple brands.

Costs: Champion Windows cost typically range from $700 to $1000 per medium-sized window, including retrofit installation. On the other hand, Renewal By Andersen window cost typically range between $1500 and $2500 each, including retrofit installation.

Is Champion Windows Going Out of Business?

In years past, the question has come up - is Champion Windows was going out of business? Whether or not there was ever any truth to this is unclear. My answer is no.

What is true is that in December of 2021, the company was purchased by Great Day Improvements. This acquisition insures that Champion will certainly not go out of business anytime soon.

Champion Windows Prices

Champion Windows Lawsuits

While there haven’t been any massive class action lawsuits against them, the company has faced lawsuits and consumer grievances in the past. During 2007, the Baileys (husband and wife) sued Champion Windows Tri City area for a patio addition that was never built (or was stalled beyond a reasonable time period). Champion countersued, and the court ruled in their favor, stating the couple disrupted the work.

During 2010, Champion Windows Columbus, Georgia settled an age discrimination lawsuit filed by the EEOC for $80,000. The lawsuit involved a manager who was terminated. An internal email mentioned the desire to replace him with a "young and energetic" individual, and the manager was asked to train his successor before being let go.

During 2021, Champion Windows Atlanta received customer complaints regarding incomplete work orders, citing unforeseen delays. Customers sought deposit refunds, but the company maintained they couldn't return deposits after re-measurement and ordering. I believe this issue was settled out of court.

In additional, the company has faced complaints over the years, though it's unclear if they have more or fewer than other window companies.

My advice: Research your local-Champion-branch for lawsuits or excessive complaints. If no issues arise, it should be safe to do business with them.

Champion Windows Ratings

The Champion 8200 double hung with the Comfort 365 glass and argon fills will deliver a U-factor of .28, an SHGC of .32, a VT of .55 and condensation resistance of 55. The Champion window with the upgraded triple pane option will lower the U factor to .17, the SHGC to .18, the VT to .30 and the condensation resistance to 70. Consumers can expect the Champion double hung to achieve a .08 to .10 air infiltration rating. Triple Pane Windows Cost

The performance numbers we just outlined are actually pretty impressive. We would typically like a .10 or lower in the AI ratings category. All in all, I would say that the Champion365 offers a high end mid range vinyl window series, so probably at the bottom of the second tier of all vinyl manufacturers.

Champion Windows Warranty

This warranty includes limited lifetime coverage on all of the vinyl parts and components. In terms of specifics, the warranty is a bit unclear, at least from their website. According to the site, any repair or replacement (and the cost associated with it) is made at the sole discretion of the company itself. On the face of it, this gives us a bit of pause.

There does appear to be an installation and manufacturing defects provision in the warranty, but again it's not spelled out in any specificity. We will be sure to update the Champion Windows warranty as we receive more comprehensive information.

Champion Windows Reviews

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Champion Windows Cost vs Pella

We have roughly 30 replacements needed, although it depends on how you "count" the openings if that makes any sense. Some of the companies have come up with a different count. We've narrowed it down to three -- any advice on these? We live in KC if that makes a difference.

Pella 350 Series $42.3K
Apex Insignia (with a triple pane glass): $27.5K
Champion Price Quote: $31.8K

Finn - Homeowner - November, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Finn, I would say the Apex Insignia is probably the best bet here, followed closely by the Champion option. Either one of these, although I would make the decider be the install company itself - the one that gets better reviews/ratings would be tops on my list.

Editor John - November, 2023

Champion Windows Prices

Good morning, I got four quotes for three 6 x 4 windows of one was Wincore installed by Wilkerson out of Knoxville Tennessee. Another of $6,000 by Southern Industries and $9780 from Champion and exteriors in Knoxville, and about $6,000 from another company and $9473 from Pinnacle Home Improvements in Knoxville tennessee.

The ones that I think I'm going to go with are the quote from Wilkerson, at around 6,000. I got an appointment tomorrow with a manager from the company because I didn't go with it right the day the salesman came out I never do.

But supposedly they found me a bunch of rebates that they can apply and I'm waiting to hear the guy out. But upon further investigation when going on to your site your site said that window should cost about $1,300 in my area installed for their premium series.

Wilkerson uses Wincore. Let me know if I should what I should do since your site quoted about 1300 for that size and how many. Three 6x4s sliders, in the exterior color of bronze, and the interior color of anything darker than white.

Bill - Homeowner - October, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Bill, the price quotes on the sites are relatively generic numbers and your three windows are 72" by 48"? Those are big and will be much more expensive than a medium sided window. Not only that but you have an exterior color which can add a 30% plus upgrade to the final cost. Wilkerson seems to get good reviews and I like the Wincore.

Here are my Tennessee recommendations in case you care to continue your search...[list pulled]

Editor John - October, 2022

Champion Windows Prices

Hey Jim, I’m so glad you answered. We are searching for our forever home. We have this:

26 double hung

5 double casements

2 picture windows

They are currently builder grade replacements. We have received the following estimates. Pella was the only company to offer/recommend pulling everything to the original studs due to 2 different types of windows (additions to house over years), poor craftsmanship (I agree with this) and to keep maximum space for glass. We like the wood interior of these windows but that’s about it. This is what we have received:

Pella: Pella 350 window $44,707

Pella Lifestyle (wood interior) $49,000

Champion: Comfort365 $30,000

SemperFi Exteriors: VinylMax Edison double pane $31,600. Triple pane $35,713

Pinnacle Group: Alside Mezzo triple pane $41,151

Champions Ufactor, Solar heat gain, etc seems outperform most windows but it seems to good to be true.

Thank you so much for this help. It is overwhelming.

Jim - Homeowner - November, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Dwight, so the bids are for pocket installs, except for the Pella bids, which are for new construction. Personally, I don't think Pella makes a particularly good vinyl window. Their high end wood window series are very good, but the Pella Lifestyle is their entry level wood window and not something I would put in my home. I would switch my attention to the others.

Champion makes a good window. As the lowest priced bid, this would automatically spring to the top of my list. Their windows provide good performance data, but they certainly don't beat out the real top tier performers.

The Vinylmax Edison is a good window, but I don't think it's worth an extra $5K over the Champion.

To be honest, I'm not super impressed by the bids if they are for pocket replacement. I don't see why you should be paying a $1000 plus per window for Champion, Vinylmax Edison, or the Mezzo.

I know you have lots of bids, but if you want to really do your due diligence, I would search for an Okna, Soft-Lite, or Sunrise window dealer and get a bid just to compare. I'm sensing there might be more work based on the price grouping here, but it would be interesting to see how an Okna 500, or a Sunrise "classic" window bid compared here.

Editor Jim. - November, 2020