Simonton Daylight Max Windows Reviews

The Simonton Daylight Max window, also called the Simonton 7300 window, is a west coast vinyl replacement windows that offer a more narrow frame than the 7500 or Madeira model. This allows more glass area and less less frame, although it comes with a price - less energy efficiency due to the reduction in the amount of vinyl frame.

Simonton Daylight Max Windows very similar in terms of features to the Simonton Madeira window. Both come standard with a ProSolar glass package (low-e and argon fills), fusion-welded sash and frame, a Lap-Lok meeting rail, a stepped sill, a single lift rail, as well as a tilt-in and lift-out option on their single and double hung option.

Simonton DaylightMax windows can be ordered as a single hung, slider, casement, awning, picture, bay, bow, garden or in a number of geometric shapes. The Daylight Max also comes in a number of different glass packages, grid options and in the full array of Simonton Decorum exterior colors.

Review By Jim R. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Simonton Daylight Max Windows Prices

Simonton Daylight Max windows prices should run $450 to $650 fully installed. There are many issues that will determine price, including the size of the units you order, the type of installation, and the number of upgrades that you request. In terms of cost and quality, it's comparable to Anlin Del Mar window costs and Sunrise window costs.

-- Window Itself: $325 to $450 --

-- Installation: $125 to $250 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $450 to $600 -- *

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Simonton Daylight Max Windows Ratings

In terms of ratings (with the Low-E 240 glass, argon fills, and Intercept Spacer), expect a .32 U-factor, 3.13 R-value, .30 VT, .19 SHGC and .84 UV Block from the center of glass.

All in all, these are decent numbers, nothing spectacular to be sure, but they aren't bad for the overall price point that consumers should be looking at for the Daylight Max model.

Simonton Windows Warranty

The warranty has a double lifetime provision on all vinyl materials such as the sash and frame. The limited lifetime warranty also covers screen, components and hardware. The Simonton warranty does not cover glass breakage, interior laminates and factory applied coatings. The warranty is transferrable, however consumers must notify Simonton within 30 days of the title transfer and complete an online form.

Simonton offers several warranties that vary slightly based on location and the particular product purchased. This is one reason that we always urge consumers to read their specific warranty terms and liabilities to better understand what is covered and what is not.

Simonton Daylight Max Windows Reviews

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Simonton Daylight Max Windows Reviews

I have to replace 20 aluminum single panes from 1979. There are several very large. I have been quoted the following:

Simonton 7300 Price: $15k

Anlin Del Mar E: $22k

Anlin comes with a double lifetime warranty covered by the installer which is a large reputable installer in Houston.

The Daylight Max are new to the other installer but he has I stalked Simonton others for years.

I am leaning towards the Anlin but wondering what your thoughts are.

Please help!

Derek - Homeowner - March, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Hi Derek, so that price difference is about the over under that I'd expect to see between these two series. If this is your home for 10 years or more, my advise would be to go with the Anlin Del Mar Less than 10 years, I might be tempted to go with the Simonton. The only other price quote I might recommend getting is on the NT Presidential window from a local dealer -- I think this would be between these two options quality wise -- there could be some value in that bid...

Editor John - March, 2023

Simonton Daylight Max Windows Cost

Hi John, we got some more quotes and I was wondering if I still might be able to get your thoughts.

We are replacing 15 units in Phoenix AZ:

Anlin Del Mar Cost - $18,500

Anlin Bayview Cost - $16,000

Anderson 100 Series Cost - $27,500

Simonton 7300 Series Cost - $15,250

Milgard Styleline Cost - $12,000

Renewal by Anderson Cost - $44,500

I am leaning towards one of the Anlin series based on your recommendation, the additional research I've done and the installers reputations here in Phoenix, both Anlin installers have great reviews.

From my understanding, the Del Mar is an overall better window than the Bayview, but the Bayview has smaller profile which, we like. Since the price is comparable, seems to boil down to the quality vs aesthetics?

I would love to get your thoughts on any of the above quotes and especially on the differences you may know of between the Del Mar and the Bayview lines from Anlin.

I REALLY appreciate your website and help!

Ryan - Homeowner - March, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Ryan, I agree with you that the Anlin options sound like the best value for your money. I would say that the price difference between the Anlin Del Mar and Bayview sounds about what I would expect. You will sacrifice some energy efficiency with the Bayview, but will gain more glass and viewing. That's your basic tradeoff there. They are both very good options that will serve you well with good installation, which it sounds like you are going to get.

Editor John M. - March, 2021

Simonton vs Milgard

Hi, I got multiple quotes and have narrowed down to this final two list, both reputable dealers. What do you think would be the best deal? This is to replace old aluminum single pane - 2 patio sliding doors, 2 large pictures, 7 slidings. Replacement with vinyl frames.

Dealer 1:

Daylight 7300 Series (all retrofit): $12,370

Amerimax Craftsman Portrait (all retrofit): $11,387

(was given an additional discount of $550 for both brands, valid until end of year)

Dealer 2:

Milgard Trinsic:

Option A: all retrofit, all new construction sliding doors: $12,692

Option B: all retrofit, all new construction sliding doors (but substitute 1 slider door with Milgard out-swing french door): $13,909

I need to make a decision in the next few days. We're in N. California (bay area), ours is a quiet neighborhood, so priority is mainly for insulation and looks upgrade. I have only seen the brochure for the Amerimax.

You have a great site, learned a lot, thank you.

Padma - Homeowner - December, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Padma, I think for me the lowest of the three window/door options is the best: Amerimax Craftsman Portrait for $11,387. I would rate the Amerimax brand and this particular window series as better than the Simonton Daylight Max and better than the Milgard Trinsic series. The additional $550 is quite nice as well. This would be my go to move. Merry Christmas!

Editor John M. - December, 2020

Simonton Daylight Max Windows Reviews

I was quoted 9800 for 16 windows and a patio door for the Daylight 7300 series. I was wondering if I should negotiate to a lower price or is the quoted price a reasonable market price. I’m in Bay Area, Ca.

Kris - Homeowner - September, 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Kris, this window bid is certainly within the realm of reasonable. This doesn't mean you shouldn't still try to negotiate, although I'm assuming this is through Home Depot. HD won't really negotiate, although they do offer different deals at different times and they will tell you about any upcoming deals they have. This can save you 15% to 20%, which is what I'd expect from an original price to final price from a dealer.

I'm not a huge fan of HD installation, but they do have some good installers. I don't think it hurts to get a bid or two more. Anlin, Milgard and Amerimax are good west coast brands.

Editor John M. - September, 2019

Daylight vs. Clear Due

What is the difference between daylight max and the Clear Value?

Kathy - Homeowner - October, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Kathy, both window series are solid exclusively through Home Depot. The Clear Value are the base model, a no frills window for the most part. I would recommend the Daylight Max over the Clear Value in terms of long term value for your home. If I were planning to move out of the house in five years or less, then I'd consider the Clear Value option.

Editor Jim R. - October, 2018

Simonton Daylight Max Windows Price Quote

Hi. We were just quoted for Daylight at $15880 for 21 windows and 2 sliding doors. We’re in the Bay Area, CA. Does this seem high to you?

Nhuly - Homeowner - August, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Nhuly, that sounds a bit high to me, but I don't know the cost of the doors. Let's assume the 2 sliding doors are $1500 each, bringing the cost down to $12.8K or $613 per. Six hundred plus is pretty high for the Daylight series. I'd get a few more bids to see how the others compare to the Simonton bid.

You should look for dealers in your area who sell Anlin, Amerimax and Milgard. Prices are going to be all over the place, but I would also imagine that prices in the bay area are going to be high right now in general with the economy etc.

Editor Jim R. - August, 2018

Simonton Windows vs Milgard

Hi, great site! I'm looking for retrofit vinyl windows with the narrowest frames to maximize glass area. I currently have old aluminums with very thin frames and I'd like to preserve the look as much as possible. It seems like the Simonton Dayligh and possibly the Milgard Styleline fall into this category. Who would you makes the thinnest frame? I live in a mild climate so efficiency isn't much of a concern. Thanks!

John - Homeowner - March, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Jon, the best window with a nice thin frame is the Sunrise Restorations. It’s hard to find a window that is strong, durable, and thin window. The Okna 800 is also a relatively thin window.

Editor John M. - March, 2018

Simonton vs Milgard Styleline

Hello! I am getting close to having to make a decision on my window purchase- the two brands I'm waffling between are the DaylightMax and the Milgard Styleline - I just read both of your reviews and they seem very similar- and that's my problem! The Milgard rep says Milgard is better quality and the Simonton rep says his are better quality....both reps work for what seem to be great, local companies- both have been in business for years and both have great reviews on a number of different websites (Angie's list, BBB, Yelp, etc).

I cannot find ANY website that actually lays out the specific specs on these two series so I can get a definitive answer on which one might be better. My Simonton quote was 11K for 20 windows and the Milgard quote was 13K for the same number. I just don't know how to make my decision....any help is appreciated! Thank you!

Kelly - Homeowner - January, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Kelly, I think that both of these are pretty close in terms of quality and features. I'm very glad to hear that both of the installers have good reputations and have been around for a good long time.

I would suggest you do one of the things -- either go with the Simonton Daylight Max and save yourself $2K or go to the Milgard rep and tell him that you will sign that day if he upgrades you to the Tuscany for the $13K he quoted you on the Styleline. I like the Tuscany more than the Styleline or the Daylight Max.

I might also go to the Simonton rep (if you want to go with them) and tell them that you have another bid for $10K from a local vinyl window company (just stay vague) and if he can match that price, you will go with them. It's worth a try to save yourself some money and to see what their bottom is...

Editor John M. - January, 2018

Kelly's Reply

Hi John,

WOW- thanks for the VERY helpful reply!!!

Before receiving your email, I had actually booked a 3rd company to come out to my home because this one sells both Milgard and Simonton and they were going to bring samples.

What a difference it makes to be able to actually see the windows side by side! I have no idea why every window company doesn't do this.

The salesman was actually the most helpful of the three and explained the differences and showed me how they would be put in and what they would look like from inside and outside my house.

After his presentation, I'm actually leaning towards the Simonton so it's nice to see that was one of your suggestions!

I'm just waiting for his quote to see if he is cheaper or more expensive than the other Simonton rep.

Thanks for mentioning trying to get the price down a bit- I didn't realize you could negotiate somewhat with these people. It's definitely worth a try!

I really do appreciate your reply and advice on this- it's scary spending so much money and just hoping you are making the right choice!


Kelly - Homeowner - January, 2018

Simonton Daylight Max Windows Reviews

I'm thinking about getting the Simonton Daylight Max 7300... a total of 36 windows and got a quote for $23,318 is this good or am I getting rip off? Please help.

Richard - Homeowner - November, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Richard, the Simonton 7300 series is a good middle of the road vinyl window. With thorough and professional installation, it should serve you well. At $645 per window, this strikes me as somewhat high. However, every project has unique factors that can push the per window cost up or down, especially when it comes to installation. What you need to do is get a couple more quotes to compare it to.

It looks like you are in the Seattle area. I would try to find local companies who sell Milgard, Amerimax or Anlin and see if you can get a bid on their mid range vinyl model. This should provide you with an apples-to-apples comparison that will tell you whether the Simonton quotes is indeed high. Feel free to send me the bids when you get them and I will weigh in on what I think is your best option.

Editor Jim R. - November, 2016