Sunrise Windows Reviews

The standard Sunrise window uses the same basic frame, sash and overall set up as the Verde, Vanguard and Restorations Series, only without many of the fancy upgrades. The company offers the Sunrise model in more colors, options and glass packages than the Essentials. The regular Sunrise uses an injected foam in the master frame extrusion, but not in the sash extrusion. The hardware, components and locks are less fancy and functional than the upgraded models.

One of the nicest features to this window is the more narrow frame the company uses as compared with other top vinyl window manufacturers. Compared to the Okna casement, for instance, the Sunrise casement is 1/4" less on each side on the exterior. On the interior, it's even more drastic, from the outside of the frame to the inside of the frame is 3/4" difference on each side. The Sunrise, with the wood grain interior, looks very much like wood windows. It's one of the nicest looking vinyl windows on the market.

Consumers can choose from a variety of exterior and interior frame color options (including 6 different interior wood laminate options), as well as some great hardware options (including 3 upgrade metal hardware materials). There are also a number of different glass packages, grids, screens and blind options to choose from as well.

The standard Sunrise window is quite nice and I would say it is at the top of the heap in terms of a good mid range vinyl window. Some consumers might prefer to buy the standard model and then pick and choose those upgrades that are important to you, as opposed to going with the prepackaged Verde or Vanguard Series. The upgraded models are nicer and have better performance numbers, but for the price, the standard Sunrise can't be beat.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2024

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Sunrise Window Prices

Consumers can expect Sunrise windows costs to run approximately $40 to $50 per square foot for the window itself. Comparably priced windows include the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait and the Champion windows prices.

-- Window Itself: $40 to $50 fully installed --

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Sunrise Windows Ratings

The standard Sunrise window ratings with the LoE180 glass will deliver a 0.28 U-factor, 0.48 SHGC, and a 0.59 VT.

An upgrade to the Heat Mirror HM88 glass package will lower these numbers considerably - U-factor of 0.23, SHGC of 0.23, and a 0.42 VT.

Sunrise Window Warranty

Sunrise Windows includes a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, the sash, the insulated glass unit, and all hardware and components. The warranty includes a 20 year provision on the exterior paint color, as well as a ten year provision on excess fading.

The warranty is fully transferable to a subsequent owner who will need to notify the company in writing and pay the $50 transfer fee. In general, the Sunrise warranty is one of the better vinyl window warranties in the industry.

Window Warranty

Sunrise Window Reviews

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Sunrise Standard Ultra-U Plus vs. Okna 500

I am trying to decide between the Okna 500 and the Sunrise Standard. My only concern with the sunrise windows is the recent occasional bad review about the windows bowing? We have 18 windows that need to be replaced. 16 windows are 32x53 & 2 32x37.

Okna 500 with Sunseal 9,634

Sunrise with Ultra-U Plus 12 is 9,816

Thank you!

Jen - Homeowner - August, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Jen, I haven't heard about Sunrise windows bowing, but I'd like to read the review(s) from consumers if you have the links. I think what is true is that any window company can have an extrusion batch issue, but both Okna and Sunrise are well respected manufacturers who use high quality vinyl extrusions, components and parts in their windows. I would put these two windows on par with one another. If I had to choose between them, I would choose Okna, but only by a hair.

Both the Okna 500 and Sunrise standard window are excellent units and so close to one another in terms of quality that I couldn't make the choice for you. Luckily, the choice is between two very good windows.

If this were my decision, I would switch from comparing the windows to comparing the companies doing the install. I would go with the company that has the stronger overall reputation, pricing, and gave you the best sense of confidence about the work to be performed. I hope this helps!

Editor John M. - August, 2018

Jen's Response

Thank you for your quick response.

The Sunrise company does more sunrooms business than full window replacements. They have been in business for 35 years and I think they would stand behind their work and treat us the way they would want to be treated. The installer would be the owner himself.

The Okna dealer just started selling Okna windows a year ago. He has a crew that has been installing the windows for him for four years. They have only been in business 6 years. From the surface they do not look at stable a company as the sunrise dealer.

Do you know which company does better with warranty issues?

I have seen the bowing complaints on the Houzz website. Mainly from one pro on the website but other pros are now saying Okna over sunrise. I just feel more confident in the sunrise dealer over Okna dealer.

Thank you!

Jen - Homeowner - August, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Jen, if your gut is telling you to go with Sunrise, then this is the right course of action. As I said previously, these are two very good brands to choose from, so you can't go wrong.

Editor John M. - August, 2018

Sunrise Classic vs. Jeld Wen w4500

I stumbled on your site, and thank you for all the helpful information. I'm comparing the Sunrise brand to the Jeld-Wen w2500, which are aluminum clad with a pine interior. I found these at Menards site and have the following performance numbers.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: 0.29, U-value: 0.29, Air Leakage (AL) Rating: 0.1, Visible Light VT Rating: 0.56

The Jeld-Wen w4500 has the following performance numbers.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: 0.47 , U-value: 0.3, Air Leakage (AL) Rating: 0.3, Visible Light VT Rating: 0.57

The Sunrise has a .30 SHGC, U-value: .28, Visible Light VT Rating .59, and .09 Air Leakage (AL) Rating:

It seems like the w4500 from Jeld Wen is pretty close to the Sunrise Classic except for the air leakage rating. Why is this?

David - Homeowner - October 15, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

David, although it is important to look at performance data, it can be a bit misleading. One reason is that the tests are done on so many different glass, grid, fills, and size variations of the windows. It can be hard to make the apples to apples comparison. Comparing brands is important and I'll say that Sunrise has the considerably better reputation than Jeld Wen. The air leakage is an important number and clearly Sunrise makes the tighter window in this regard. The Sunrise Classic is the much better window than the Jeld Wen w4500 in my estimation.

Editor Jim R. - October 17, 2016

Sunrise vs. Jeld Wen w2500

I have a 2-story addition and need to replace 15 to 20 windows. I live in Minnesota and Marvin is a big name around here, but they are too expensive for my budget. Menards carries a Jeld-Wen W2500, but it doesn't seem to be a very good window, at least according to your site.

They are offering the W2500 for $230 after the rebate. This seems like a pretty darn good price for a decent-enough window, no?

David - Homeowner - August 23, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

David, I'm not a huge fan of Jeld Wen w2500s, I would be more inclined to go with the Jeld Wen w4500. Marvin is a very good window brand but it does tend to be expensive.

Could you see if Sunrise had an available dealer in your area? They make a very good window that will be more expensive, but will be so worth it come year 10 when the cheap-o windows begin to fail.

Editor Jim R. - August 23, 2016