Milgard Styleline Windows Reviews

Explore Milgard Styleline windows reviews, costs, ratings and warranty information on their entry level vinyl replacement window. It features a slim profile frame that allows for more viewing area, but will suffer a bit in terms of its energy efficiency ratings. This entry level vinyl window has a simple, modern look to it and even sightlines. It has a thinner frame than the Montecito Series and will therefore be a bit less energy efficient than either the Montecito or the Tuscany. The Styleline lacks some features that come standard on the Montecito and the Tuscany.

The Milgard Styleline series has uneven sidelines, and a somewhat modern and simple look to it. The window uses an elevated lock and does not include a weep hole cover or vent locks. Consumers can choose from 7 exterior vinyl finishes, 3 grid options, 4 window tints, and a number of obscure window designs.

The Milgard Styleline can be ordered as an awning a casement a horizontal slider, picture window, radius, single hung and as a single hung tilt window.
The Milgard Styleline Window Series gets a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Milgard Styleline Cost

Milgard Styleline window prices should run $450 to $650 for the window and installation. There are a number of upgrades and options that consumers can choose that will determine which price range they pay, including the glass package, the hardware options, the size of the window and the type of installation required. You Styleline series should run approximately 10% to 15% less than the Milgard Tuscany window.

-- Window Itself: $300 to $400 --

-- Installation: $150 to $250 per opening --

-- Window & Installation: $450 to $650 -- * -->

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Milgard Styleline Ratings

The website does not include the names of Milgard windows as such. However, the Styleline with a low E glass and argon fills should get a U-factor of roughly .32, and fairly comparable SHGC ratings. Comparable windows to the styleline option include the following.

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Milgard Styleline Window Warranty

Milgard offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of their windows (and doors) to the original purchaser. This covers the mainframe and sill and all components and warrants that they are free from manufacturing defects and workmanship. It covers both parts and labor costs and is transferrable to another owner, although the new owner warranty is only good for 10 years from the original date of purchase. Any product that includes an integrated blind carries a 10 year warranty and any steel hardware carries a 1 year warranty period. As with all replacement and new construction window warranties, there are a number of exclusions that apply to their products that consumers should read in full prior to purchase.

Styleline Reviews Or Questions

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Milgard Styleline vs. Simonton Daylight Max

Hi, great site! I'm looking for retrofit vinyl windows with the narrowest frames to maximize glass area. I currently have old aluminum windows with very thin frames and I'd like to preserve the look as much as possible. It seems like the Simonton Daylight Max and possibly the Milgard Styleline fall into this category. Who would you makes the thinnest available windows? I live in a mild climate so efficiency isn't much of a concern. Thanks!

Jon - Homeowner - March, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Jon, the best window with a nice thin frame is the Sunrise Restorations window. It’s hard to find a window that is strong, durable, and thin window. The Okna 800 is also a relatively thin window.

Editor John M. - March, 2018

Milgard Styleline vs. Simonton Daylight Max: Take 2

Hello! I am getting close to having to make a decision on my window purchase- the two brands I'm waffling between are the Simonton Daylight Max and the Milgard Styleline - I just read both of your reviews and they seem very similar- and that's my problem! The Milgard rep says Milgard is better quality and the Simonton rep says his are better quality....both reps work for what seem to be great, local companies- both have been in business for years and both have great reviews on a number of different websites (Angie's list, BBB, Yelp, etc).

I cannot find ANY website that actually lays out the specific specs on these two windows so I can get a definitive answer on which one might be better. My Simonton quote was 11K for 20 windows and the Milgard quote was 13K for the same 20 windows. I just don't know how to make my decision....any help is appreciated! Thank you!

Kelly - Homeowner - January, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Kelly, I think that both of those windows are pretty close in terms of quality and features. I'm very glad to hear that both of the installers have good reputations and have been around for a good long time.

I would suggest you do one of the things -- either go with the Simonton Daylight Max and save yourself $2K or go to the Milgard rep and tell him that you will sign that day if he upgrades you to the Tuscany for the $13K he quoted you on the Styleline. I like the Tuscany more than the Styleline or the Daylight Max.

I might also go to the Simonton rep (if you want to go with them) and tell them that you have another bid for $10K from a local vinyl window company (just stay vague) and if he can match that price, you will go with them. It's worth a try to save yourself some money and to see what their bottom is...

Editor John M. - January, 2018

Kelly's Reply

Hi John,

WOW- thanks for the VERY helpful reply!!!

Before receiving your email, I had actually booked a 3rd company to come out to my home because this one sells both Milgard and Simonton and they were going to bring samples of the windows.

What a difference it makes to be able to actually see the windows side by side! I have no idea why every window company doesn't do this.

The salesman was actually the most helpful of the three and explained the differences and showed me how they would be put in and what they would look like from inside and outside my house.

After his presentation, I'm actually leaning towards the Simonton so it's nice to see that was one of your suggestions!

I'm just waiting for his quote to see if he is cheaper or more expensive than the other Simonton rep.

Thanks for mentioning trying to get the price down a bit- I didn't realize you could negotiate somewhat with these people. It's definitely worth a try!

I really do appreciate your reply and advice on this- it's scary spending so much money and just hoping you are making the right choice!


Kelly - Homeowner - January, 2018

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