Pella Impervia Reviews

Pella Windows and Doors are one of the most recognizable brands in the U.S. They tend to be pricey, which may or may not be worth the quality of the product you are buying -- it really depends on the specific series you are considering.

Pella Fiberglass Windows receive a 3.8 rating out of 5 stars -- read 22 Pella window reviews via the company's manufacturing page. Use the breadcrumb link above to read about this popular brand.

Explore Pella Impervia reviews, prices and warranty information on this fiberglass window series. The Impervia fiberglass window tends to receive so-so reviews from contractors and installers in terms of overall looks and construction. In terms of performance, the double pane double hung Impervia receives a .33 U-Value, which is pretty unimpressive.

However, because of the company's widely known name in the industry (and high marks for their quality wood clad windows), the Impervia gets quite a bit of attention. On the plus side, industry insiders do like the large numbers of colors and options available, as well as the nice sleek frame. Many contractors would suggest doing a touch/feel comparison with the Marvin Infinity before purchasing the Impervia so you can compare two of the best fiberglass windows on the market.

The Pella Impervia gets a 3.9 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Page Updated In December, 2023

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Pella Impervia Windows Cost

The Impervia window costs should run approximately $850 to $1100 fully installed. This is an ample price range that will be affected by: size of opening, window type, glass options, installation requirements, etc. Installation often accounts for roughly one third of the project cost, while the remaining cost is the window itself. Comparably priced fiberglass series include Marvin Infinity prices and Milgard Ultra costs.

-- Installation: $150 to $250 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $850 to $1100 -- *

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Pella Impervia Windows Warranty

The company's warranty includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty. All nonglass materials and workmanship are warrantied to be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the original buyer for as long as they own their home. The company will repair, replace or refund the original owner from the defective parts or full window (the company will also cover the cost of the installation for 2 years from the date of purchase). If the home is sold to another owner, the warranty covers the new owner for 10 years from the date of purchase.

Non-laminated glass is covered for a period of 20 years and laminated glass is covered for a period of 10 years. Any product with EnduraClad Exterior Paint is warrantied for 20 years from the original date of purchase. Their Exterior Surround carries a 25 year limited Warranty.

Pella Impervia Reviews

Are you considering purchasing an Impervia for your home? Questions or comments on your current Impervia fiberglass windows? Ask our team any questions you may have and get real answers from industry experts. They can help expand your information base on what Impervia windows cost, upgrades, price bids, and installation requirements. In addition, if you currently have an Impervia cost bid and would like to know whether it's fair or not, our guys can help.

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Pella Impervia Windows Cost

I have received 4 bids for window replacement at my house.

Window World ($20k)-vinyl
Champion ($35k)-vinyl
Renewal by Anderson Cost ($58k)-composite
Pella Impervia (Lowe’s)
double pane ($35K)
triple pane ($42k)

We have a total of 23 windows that includes 4 larger pictures (75x63) and one half circle.

We are leaning towards the Pella but keep seeing mixed reviews. Any thoughts on the Pella and maybe another recommendation.

Duncan - Homeowner - November, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

John, I'm going to send you a link to a thread on the Impervia that kind of puts this fiberglass window into perspective as far as I'm concerned. I find the frame flimsy for what you're paying for. I think the Marvin Elevate or Infinity is the much better option on the fiberglass front. If it was me, I would go with the Champion over the Pella Impervia. However, because fiberglass is typically 30% more than vinyl, that leads me to believe that the Champion windows cost bid is high.

If your timeline in the home is less than ten years, then you may want to consider the WW quote if your branch gets good reviews. That would be the best ROI for that timeline.

Editor John - November, 2023

Impervia Pella Cost

Hey John, love the site! I'm replacing a single patio sliding door and these are the bids I've gotten.

Anlin Malibu: $2.6K Anlin Windows Price List

Pella Impervia: $5.5K

Provia Endure: $8K Provia Endure Sliding Patio Door Cost

Donnie - Homeowner - August, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Donnie, this is a pretty simple one for me. The Anlin Malibu for $2.6K is the best of the bunch. For that price, by a lot!

Editor John - August, 2023

Pella Impervia Reviews And Cost Info

Hi John, here's a few bids I received and wanted your opinion on them. These are quotes for 23 double hungs. All are double paned, except Apex which is triple pane. Triple Pane Windows Prices

Great Lakes ComfortSmart Series Cost: $15620 (U-Factor: .26, SHGC: 0.19)

Impervia Series Cost: $33685 (U factor 0.31 + SHGC 0.21 )

Sunrise Restorations Series Cost: $25,712

Marvin Essential Series Cost: $33,938

Apex Window Cost: $21250

Window Nation Series Cost: $31169

Kristi - Homeowner - May, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Kristi, the Sunrise Restorations cost bid for $25.7K is the best option in my opinion if you plan to stay in your home long term. One of the best vinyl/fiberglass windows on the market and the price is fair based on the additional quotes you have received. I googled "davis window and door reviews" and they get awesome reviews so that's my "forever home" pick.

However, I also googled "quinn windows reviews" and they get excellent reviews. The Great Lakes ComfortSmart Series is a solid mid range option. If your timeline in the home is say 12 years or less, this is the option I would go with -- better ROI in your purchase for that timeline. $15.6K is a significant savings -- $10K is a lot of money, but again if you plan on being in the home indefinitely, then the Restorations does make sense...

I have to say, those are two good options...

Editor John - May, 2023

Pella Impervia Windows Cost

Hi - we got a bid from Gordon back in December but he didn't say he would replace "down to the studs" and he also said he didn't do the trim or put our blinds back up which the salesman said they would do so that seems like extra expense we would have to add.

Also, Pella has their own store here for warranty & repair work. We can call Gordon back to clarify I guess. I did find the Champion windows place here but read that they were usually priced higher & there also appears to be a BBB alert on them locally. Marvin appears to only be available from a small lumber yard here.

I think we may just go with Pella based on those circumstances. We would only get the five 77 x 58 windows & a patio door (with single or double hung it would be counted as ten). We could get slide, single hung or double hung. We are leaning toward single hung fiberglass white (unfortunately fiberglass doesn't come in almond for some reason).

Right now I'm waiting to get detailed bid but it looks like (with current 25% off + 3% veteran discounts) it would run around $16,000.00 for the 12 windows. Is there a reason you don't like Impervia?

Barb - Homeowner - March, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Barb, in terms of Pella Impervia reviews -- in my opinion, it is less well made than the Marvin Integrity or Essentials series. If the prices are similar, you might want to at consider the Marvin...just my two cents.

Editor Jim R. - March, 2021

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