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Warranty Question

Hi! What exactly is limited lifetime warranty? Do I pay for installation/labor of a window that is under warranty? Thank you!

Veena - Homeowner - August --, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Veena, each company has their own definition of limited lifetime warranty. The terms will be in the warranty itself, which is typically only one or two pages long -- many window companies have their warranties on their websites somewhere. Google "ply gem window warranty" for instance and you should find the pdf version of their warranty, although it might not be their latest warranty so always ask the rep who you buy the windows from. The language does tend to be tedious. The installer may also offer an installation warranty, which typically only covers the window for one to two more years. So if your window is defective and is covered under the warranty in year 6, you would pay for the removal and re-installation of the window.

Editor Jim R. - August --, 2016

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