Okna Starmark Windows Reviews

The Okna Starmark window, also known as the 900 series is always in the conversation amongst contractors and installers when it comes to the best composite windows on the market. The frame may have a some bulk to it, but you will be hard pressed to find a better made and more durable composite window.

Okna has one of the best reputations in the vinyl replacement window market, along with other top manufacturers such as Soft-Lite, Sunrise and HiMark (which are essentially Okna windows that are sold through an exclusive distribution chain that uses their own installers as a means of controlling the overall quality and reputation of its brand).

The Okna 900 composite window has a bulky frame, but does offer clean sightlines. It comes in four exterior color options and in either a white or wood laminate interior. This wood laminate does a very good job of mimicking the texture and look of real wood - go see it in person and you will see how nice it looks, without the maintenance requirements of real wood. The Starmark also offers some very nice hardware options and can be ordered as a double hung, slider, casement, awning, bay or bow.

Interestingly, Starmark window information is not available on their main website, you have to go to the Starmark site itself. The window itself comes with many of the same features and options that are available on the Okna 500 window and 800 Enviro-Star models. This includes interior colors and finishes, hardware selections and grid patterns. All in all, the Starmark window offers a lot in terms of energy efficiency, custom options, and long term value. A definite best in class vote as far as I'm concerned.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Okna Starmark Prices

The Okna Starmark window costs will run $900 to $1400 fully installed. (Please note: this is ballpark pricing only. The only way to truly know the fair market price of your replacement window project is to collect local bids.) Installation often accounts for roughly 30% to 40% of the total cost, depending on the project requirements. Prices for the Starmark composite window will often run ten to twenty percent higher than for the Okna 800 series. Similar composite windows include Renewal By Andersen Prices and Andersen 100 series costs.

-- Installation: $100 to $300 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $900 to $1,400 -- *

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Okna Window Ratings

The Okna Starmark composite double hung window delivers impressive performance numbers. The casement, with a low-e glass and argon fill, will provide a .18 U-value, .18 SHGC, .05 AI and .31 VT. These are very good numbers, however the air infiltration of the Starmark can't compete with the Okna 500 or Okna 800, which will come in at .02 and .01 respectively.

All in all, the Starmark 900 Series achieves very solid performance that should stand the test of time.

Okna Starmark Warranty

This warranty is a lifetime warranty that covers the composite frame & sash for the homeowner's lifetime. It covers factory painted colors for a period of 10 years. The insulated glass units are covered for the homeowner's lifetime, as well as the hardware. (Hardware near the coast is only covered for a period of 10 years).

The Starmark warranty is fully transferable to another homeowner. As always, there are exclusions to the warranty that consumers should thoroughly read and understand before they purchase their windows. The installation labor costs is not covered under the terms of the warranty.

Okna Starmark Windows Reviews

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Starmark Composite 7500 Series

Hi John, we live in south eastern Pennsylvania and are looking to replace the original builder grades in our home. There are eleven 33 x 60 windows (rough measurement) and a sliding glass door.

We were steered towards the Okna Starmark composite 7500 Series. We live in an HOA so we have to have grids. The quote for everything was around $19,000. I know prices have changed, but is this a reasonable price?

Also, I've read your reviews on the Okna and was wondering if this is reasonable to request a quote for those?

Brigitte - Homeowner - August, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Brigitte, that's not the worst price for 11 windows and a sliding glass door. I think you should probably collect a couple more bids though to see what's out there -- I think you could probably do better -- the Starmark is an expensive window, but I think a high end vinyl window would serve your purposes just as well...

Here are my recommended brands in case you want to continue your search. Windows Replacement Cost

Editor John - August, 2023

Okna Starmark Windows Reviews

John, I'd like your thoughts on two price quotes I just received from a local window company. The quotes are for:

12 double hungs

2 casement and 1 picture to replace existing bow

2 awning in kitchen

Quote 1: Okna Starmark $23,000

Quote 2: Provia Endure $18,300

Thank you.

Joe - Homeowner - January, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Joe, I think the better value here is the ProVia Endure windows, which is an excellent window. The Okna Starmark is great series, but I don't think it's worth $5K more. Of course, this is dependent on the quality of the installation companies themselves so that would be the X factor.

Editor John - January, 2023

Okna Windows vs Renewal by Andersen

Hi John, have recently found your site and appreciate all your research. Are you affiliated with a company, and do you receive commissions? That’s fine, but I just want to understand your orientation because there’s no background info about you or the site.

I have received proposals from Okna Starmark (“composite”), Renewal by Andersen (composite), Pella (wood), and Union (vinyl). You evaluate the Okna Starmark to be “best in class,” but I’ve been told it’s not really composite, but, rather rubber. Are they actually vinyl? How long do they last? Also, you don’t address Starmark performance ratings. I don’t want vinyl.

Many thanks and all the best to you and yours!

Deborah - Homeowner - September, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Deborah in terms of monetizing this site -- We appreciate our visitors filling out our "Find Local Five Star Rated Window Pros" form starting with a zip code. This allows us to provide free unbiased advise that can save you thousands. We are not incentivized by any of the companies, so send us any bids you receive and we will give you our unbiased opinion.

The Okna Starmark window is not rubber -- I don't think a rubber window would actually work in a window frame. It's a composite frame that tends to be thicker than vinyl, which makes for a strong and durable window, but also means less glass area. It is considered one of the best composite frames, but home owners with smaller window openings might prefer something with more glass.

This model is comparable to a Renewal By Andersen, although the Okna often gets better reviews at a lower price. The newer Okna Starmark Evo or 7500 series is the updated Starmark composite series that looks to have made some nice improvements to the original Starmark and the air infiltration improvement from .05 to .03 seems to bear this out.

The Okna is heads and shoulders above Renewal, Union (I've never heard of Union but after 20 years of this, if I haven't heard of a manufacturer, you probably want to stay away -- unless you like to gamble haha), and really anything Pella makes. I guess I should say that Pella does make a very nice wood window, but wood is fraught with issues in my opinion -- and you really only need to look at the warranty terms to see this.

Editor John M. - September, 2022

Deborah's Reply

Wow! I am amazed and ever so grateful for your quick response. Is this really 2022, or are you from the golden age of customer service? Either way, thank you for your professionalism!

I am inclined to go with the highest end of the Starmarks as the house is a 1955 never-been-changed-with-almost-no-maintenance for 67 years. It's a big job with 22 double hungs, 6 casements and two bay windows. You are right to point out that the Starmark framing is (too) thick. It’s coming in at $1,200/double hung window installed plus $91/sash and $74 for 2 grids each window. I realize prices have gone up, but that seems high, especially when I used your site calculator. Am I wrong?

For purposes of your database, the zip code is 08108. House value is approx $450K. It's an old working-class town in New Jersey, just 5 minutes from downtown Philadelphia; the town, 25 miles from Bristol, PA (Okna's HQ) has seen a recent bump in non-COVID-related cultural/economic interest over the past decade. The house is beautifully situated on the river, and it’s a family house, so I want to keep it within the family and am doing a massive renovation.

I had gotten a Pella quotation as a starting point and laughed at the absurdity of their pricing. I knew they would be expensive, but I can't figure out why they would even send a sales rep to such a modest town. I had also received a quotation for Marvin black-exterior/black interior (Fiberglas). The only reason I got an Andersen quotation was that I really wanted black-black and wanted to be sure I was covering all my bases; they said their black-blacks are “a few hundred” more each than the white-whites. The Starmarks are white-white. I didn’t and still don’t want vinyl (or wood for that matter), but my kitchen guy thought I should at least investigate them too; the whole lot of white-white installed would have cost $18K.

Should I be looking at anything else for composites? Beyond effectiveness, I’d like to maximize light, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Please do not quote me by name, but feel free to use any of my comments (if you generalize them and make no references to the house, value, or location, please, especially as I am finalizing my decision and detest social media).

Many thanks again.

Deborah - Homeowner - September, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Deborah, the Starmark is not cheap. Honestly though, I think a top tier vinyl window would be the call. The Sunrise Restorations is a vinyl/fiberglass that is thin and well made, but it still might run in that $1200 to $1300 range. Prices have gotten crazy in the past two years.

The Okna 500, 600, and 800 series are all excellent windows, as well as the Ideal Majestic and Ideal Platinum 3000 series (an NJ based company). Defintely get a bid from your Okna dealer on these series and an Ideal dealer.

Those custom frame colors can really spike your costs. FYI, lots of the high end vinyl windows come in an interior laminate that mimics the look of wood -- pretty well too -- so if you want a wood-esque looking window, this is the call as far as I'm concerned.

I will change your name and drop any details in the post. I would get a slew of bids myself in order to find the right window and company doing the install. There are still fair deals out there, but you have to put in the work -- which is a grind.

Editor John M. - September, 2022

Okna Starmark Evo Series

I'm getting cracking on my Marvin Infinity windows after only 5 years of having them. See the pictures I've included. Any advise?

Aaron - Homeowner - July, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Aaron, I can't believe your windows are only 5 years old and they are already cracking -- that's horrible. Have you contacted the Marvin rep who sold you the windows? That would be my first step.

Renewal By Andersen isn't the option I would go with.

The Okna Starmark Evo is the composite window I would go with.

I have a list of good windows to share if you are interested...

Editor Jim R. - July, 2022

Starmark 900 Composite Windows

What's a fair price for 8 Starmark 900 Composite windows...3 double hung windows and 5 awning windows?? I got a quote on the Okna Starmark 900 Composite, 3 double blind and 5 shutter windows? I am being quoted $7300.

Stuart - Homeowner - March, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Stuart, I would probably say off the top of my head that the Starmark is going to run you $650 to $850 per window, depending on the upgrades, size of window, and difficulty of the install itself.

I think you need a few more bids. The Starmark is by far the best composite window on the market, but there are a few excellent vinyl windows that match up well. Okna 800, Sunrise Restorations, Soft-Lite Imperial LS, Soft-Lite Elements, and Polaris Ultra-Weld. If you can get a couple of bids for local dealers on these windows, they would serve as a good comparison.

Editor John M. - March, 2018

Okna Starmark Prices

I'm replacing my entire house with Starmark 900 series and a new patio door to boot. Been in my home, built in 2000, since '06 and at least 3 of the contractor grade windows have lost the inner seals as of '14 and none of them have ever had a great sealing properties ( used window kits since day 1 ) to lessen heat loss.

I'm in Iowa - there is only 1 OKNA dealer here and they have been in business for nearly 30 years. They have a good reputation. A good friend of mine introduced me to his purchase of OKNA. Prior to that I'd never heard of them. Pella and Anderson seem to be most recognized brands - but not always the most reasonably priced. A coworker is buying a replacement OKNA for his home after I spoke about the warranty, etc and he's had Pella's that have repeatedly fail. Not good for the home team ( Pella, Iowa ).

Anyway - Great Site! I looked at lot of your reviews to get an idea of where I was headed. Having a trusted friend already purchasing OKNA Starmark helped - but it's good to see other analyses and opinions.

Just an FYI - the summer sale that OKNA had ( I made it the deadline by 1 day ) was $100 off per unit. So - for me - I just applied it to triple pane and it was a wash. (Triple Pane Windows Prices) Overall, the cost was about $800 per unit installed with the discount. Half circle windows were about $100 more. I did the bare bones, Euro White with no additional hardware or color options or decorator options ( plain window - no hatching pattern ). Order to installation - about 6 to 8 weeks. About 1 month to go!

I'm looking forward to a quieter and more efficient home.

Roger - Homeowner - October, 2016