Silverline Windows Prices

Silverline windows prices range from $250 to $450 per window fully installed, depending on the models and series you choose. Silverline manufactures a number of different window models, including the V1, V3, 2900, 8500, 8700 and 9500. For the most part, Silverline manufactures low to mid grade vinyl windows that are sold in many of the big box stores.

While their lower end models typical get poor reviews from professional installers and homeowners, their premium window, the 9500 series, gets pretty decent reviews given its price point. When it comes to buying a low to mid grade vinyl window, it is very important that consumers make sure that the window installation is done properly.

In terms of Silverline windows customer service, consumers shouldn't expect much. These vinyl windows are sold in the big box stores as low cost products that are meant to sell, but not to provide top performance. The one exception to that rule is the 9500 Series, which is listed in our cheap replacement windows page as one of the top 5 low cost replacement windows that we recommend.

Silverline vs Andersen Windows

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Silverline V1 Window Series

The Silverline V1 Series is the company's entry level window that uses a slightly slimmer extrusion than the "upgraded" V3 Silverline series. Neither one of these windows are of real high quality, but they do tend to sell quite a bit because they are sold through the big box stores.

-- Standard Installation: $150 to $200 per opening --

-- Silverline V1 Cost: $250 to $400 fully installed --

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Silverline V3 Window Series

The Silverline V3 Series uses a better, heavier frame over the Silverline V1 window, a slightly different frame design, and comes in additional color options. Besides these changes, the windows are nearly identical.

-- Standard Installation: $150 to $200 per opening --

-- Silverline V3 Cost: $300 to $450 fully installed --

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Silverline 2900 Windows Cost

The Silverline 2900 Series is a single hung builder grade vinyl window that isn't going to offer much in terms of long term value. It is inexpensive though and will provide the following performance numbers (if you upgrade to low-e2 glass option): U-value 0.35, SHCG 0.34, VT .58, & Air Infiltration 0.13.

-- Window Itself: $20 to $30 per square foot --

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Silverline 8500 Window Prices

The 8500 is considered their mid range double hung window, offers just okay performance numbers, .30 U-factor with several glass upgrades. The 8500 is a slight step below the Silverline 9500 series.

-- Window Itself: $30 to $45 per square foot --

Silverline 8500 Review

Silverline 8600 Series Prices

The Silverline 8600 window was launched in 2014 as a double hung replacement option. The 8600 model uses a somewhat nicer looking frame than the previous 8000 double hung window from Silverline.

The Silverline 8600 series incorporates a tilt in on both sashes to allow for easier cleaning. Additional features include a fusion welded vinyl frame, an option indicator lock and somewhat unique side covers.

-- Window Itself: $250 to $350 per window --

-- Installation Cost: $100 to $150 per opening --

-- Silverline 8600 Cost: $40 to $500 fully installed --

Silverline 8600 Windows

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Silverline 8700 Costs

The Silverline 8700 window is a vinyl horizontal slider that doesn't seem to be a particularly sturdy or well made window. Most consumers are going to want to upgrade to a model that offers better durability, although the 8700 series might be okay for smaller window openings.

-- Window Itself: $25 to $30 per square foot --

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Silverline 9500 Window Costs

The 9500 Series is the "premium" vinyl window from Silverline and the window that gets the most attention from buyers and installers. When it comes to a decent budget vinyl window, this model is often thrown out as one of the options that consumers should consider.

-- Window Itself: $35 to $50 per square foot --

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Silverline Windows Warranty

Silverline offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their vinyl windows and doors. The company warrants that there products are free from defects under normal use -- this applies to the mainframe, sills mechanical parts, components and insulated glass. The warranty covers the product only and does not include the repair or installation costs to remove and replace the window(s). The warranty is not transferrable and only applies to the original purchaser. As with any window warranty, there are a number of exclusions and restrictions that apply. Consumers should always read the actual warranty to make sure that no terms or provisions have changed or been altered in any way.

Silverline Windows Reviews

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Silverline vs Andersen Windows

Silverline vs Andersen Windows - how do these two brands stack up against one another? Silver-Line is sold almost exclusively in the big box stores. It's pretty much considered one of the better known cheap replacement windows out there. It will last for awhile, but probably won't hold up all that well through the second decade of its "life." In general, I'd stay away from Silver-Lie, unless you're talking about a rental (or you're flipping houses). What I find ironic is that Silverline was once owned by Andersen, but then sold off to Ply Gem.

Andersen on the other hand is a quality brand for the most part that is more associated with wood clad than anything else. The Andersen 400 series is a quality buy, although wood clad windows have all kinds of issues associated with them so make sure you are fine with the cost and upkeep if you do go down this road. The Andersen 100 series is often sold in the big box stores, and it's a good, but not great, window. The 100 series is quite nice looking, which always draws me to a unit.

Bottom Line: Andersen is the more expensive, but much better quality, brand over the Sliverline.

Editor John M.

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