Silverline 8700 Windows Reviews

The Silverline 8700 window is a vinyl horizontal slider that doesn't seem to be a particularly sturdy or well made window. Most consumers are going to want to upgrade to a model that offers better durability, although the 8700 series might be okay for smaller window frame in bathrooms or bedrooms that don't get a lot of use.

It has a 3.24" frame depth, Intercept spacer, dual weatherstripping, constant force balance and comes with a clear glass that can be upgraded to a low-e for better performance numbers. There are not alot of bells and whistles that come with this window, and this should be evident in the overall per window cost.

Review By Jim R. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Silverline 8700 Window Costs

The 8700 replacement windows costs should run $25 to $30 per square foot range. Comparable window replacements include Jeld Wen Builder Vinyl prices and Ply Gem window prices on their Contractor Series.

-- Window Itself: $25 to $30 per square foot --

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Silverline 8700 Ratings

The Silver line 8700 will deliver a U-factor of 0.34 with the upgraded LoE3 Glass. With a 72" by 48" sized slider, the 8700 will have a design pressure of 40. While these numbers aren't horrible, I would imagine that over time, consumers would see a pretty big deterioration in how the window performs due to the fact that the window is not particularly well constructed. When it comes to this manufacturer, I tend to only recommend Silverline 9500 windows.

Silverline 8700 Warranty

The Silverline 8700 includes the Limited Lifetime Warranty that applies to the frame, insulated glass unit, and all components. The warranty will not cover the labor portion of removing and reinstalling these replacement windows. This would have to be handled by the consumer themselves.

The Silverline warranty isn't transferrable to any subsequent owner and there are a list of exclusions and restrictions in the warranty that you should read fully before you buy the 8700 window.

Silverline 8700 Windows Reviews

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