Silverline 9500 Windows Reviews

The Silverline 9500 window is the premium vinyl replacement line from Silverline that gets quite a bit of attention from buyers and installers. It is one of our selections for best budget vinyl windows. The 9500 series can be purchased either through one of the big box stores or through the various dealers and distributors in your area. Silverline is a rather popular new construction and replacement window manufacturer and should be available in some form (big box or local reps) in all 50 states.

The 9500 model uses a convex frame profile, offers a rather thick frame .85", 3.25" jamb depth, and double strength glass. In addition, the window uses a , constant force balance system, cam lock and keeper, roll form screen and comes in three interior color options, including white, medium oak and beige. Consumers can also select from a number of different hardware, grid and glass options.

Contractors often suggest that if consumers are going to go with the 9500 series, they upgrade to the foam fills, as well as the low-e glass with argon gas fills to improve the performance numbers. All in all, not a bad economy vinyl window, one worth considering if your budget is rather tight.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2024

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Silverline 9500 Windows Price

Silverline 9500 replacement windows prices will run $30 to $40 per square foot, depending on if you buy from the big box stores or from a local distributor. Big box stores definitely offer better pricing, but they typically don't offer the options, service and quality of installation that a more specialized company can. The 9500 model is comparable to the high end model from American Craftsman windows prices and Reliabilt 3900 series.

-- Window Itself: $30 to $40 per square foot --

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Silverline 9500 Ratings

With the low-e glass, the 9500 double hung should offer a .35 U-factor and with a slight upgrade to the argon fills, this should drop the U-factor to .32. Include the foam fills in these options and consumers are looking at decent numbers with the upgrades: AI .14 and U-factor of .30. I still don't like this air infiltration (AI) number of .14 - I like this number to be under .10, ideally .08 or lower. However, for a budget window this is about what you can expect.

At 42" by 87", the 9500 will have a design pressure rating of 35, while at 44" by 62" the 9500 will have a design pressure rating of 45. Ask your local dealer about the design pressure rating at the size you are considering for more specifics.

Silverline 9500 Window Warranty

Silverline 9500 windows come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the mainframe, components, sills, insulated glass and all mechanical parts. The warranty does not cover any repair costs, just the window parts or the replacement window.

The 9500 warranty cannot be transferred to a subsequent owner, it and applies to the original buyer only. There are a list of limitations and exclusions that apply to the purchase so please read the warranty in full before you make your purchase.

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Silverline 9500 Windows Reviews

Silverline 9500 series window reviews to share online. This is a great way for consumers to get the low down on how these windows are made and how they've held up over time.

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