Guide To Window Installation

Our guide to installation provides the basics you will need when it comes to having your replacement windows installed. This is not a do it yourself guide - unless you're a home improvement guru, you should probably leave the installation to the pros.

The Project Bid Process

You will want to get several bids from local contractors to find a quality window at a fair price and to find the right installer at the right price. As a rule of thumb, installation is half the battle when replacing your home windows so understanding the installation basics is a good idea. There are several types of installation that have varying degrees of difficulty and price tags associated with them.

At the end of the bid process, there should be a general consensus on the type of installation you need. If the contractors are all saying something different in terms of the extent of the work required for the install, get more bids until the answer is clear to you. Remember the bids are free so there is nothing to lose (except your time of course, but hopefully this will be more than worth it in the long run).

Pocket Installation

The easiest option is a pocket installation where the old window is pulled out and the new window is inserted in it's place. The new window unit must be square and plumb in the opening to avoid future issues with the window. The window is then attached to the frame with predrilled screw holes and then insulated and caulked to create an airtight fit and seal both inside and out.

-- Pocket Install Price Range: $50 to $75 --

Stops And Sills Installation

If there is any damage to the existing stops or sills, they must be removed and replaced. There might be some work to the outside walls or aluminum window capping required that can add to the per opening cost. Once the repairs have been made, the window is installed and sealed in much the same way as above with the pocket or insert installation.

-- Stops & Sills Price Range: $75 to $150 --

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Full Frame Installation

Full frame installation essentially means that the stops, sills and frame must be replaced entirely. This is expensive and usually only required on older or water damaged homes. The expense of this installation is considerable, but if done properly will insure a well functioning window for decades to come. Once the frame is rebuilt, the replacement is installed and sealed in the same manner as the pocket installation.

-- Full Frame Price Range: $150 to $250 --