Andersen 400 Windows Reviews

The Andersen 400 window is the company's most popular and best reviewed product line. Similar to the Andersen 200 series, the 400 wood window uses a real pinewood on the interior and a vinyl cladding on the interior. Also similarly to the 200, the 400 has two model options to choose from, the Tilt-Wash and the Wood Wright.

The Andersen 400 Tilt-Wash model has a PPG Flexicron finish across the sash and offers a superior sill design than its 200 counterpart. The Woodwright model offers a superior fibrex sill finish to the Tilt Wash and is the preferred model of the two.

The 400 series comes in seven exterior colors and include canvas, black, sandtone, white, forrest green, Terratone and dark bronze. The window is also available into interior finishes and an interior Pine wood. The window offers tons of custom upgrades, including a huge range of metal hardware options that most companies can't touch in terms of the variety of materials.

In general, the 400 offers better craftmanship and more options in terms of size, features and hardware over the Andersen 200 window. Many contractors would point to the 400 series as the best consumer value in the Andersen window family of products.
The Andersen 400 Window Series gets a 4.7 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor

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Andersen 400 Window Costs

Consumers can expect the Anderson 400 series window to run in the cost range of $800 to $1,000 fully installed.The actual per window price will depend on the size of the window, the upgrades and features selected, as well as the installation requirements. Installation accounts for roughly one third of the cost. The Andersen 400 series wood clad window is comparable to the Marvin Ultimate Series and the Eagle wood clad window.

-- Window Itself: $700 to $950 --

-- Installation: $75 to $250 per opening --

-- Window & Installation: $800 to $1,200 -- *

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Andersen 400 Window Ratings

The Anderson 400 window with the standard low E glass package will deliver a U factor of .33, an SHGC of .42 and VT of .56.

Upgrading to the better low E glass package will deliver a U factor of .26, an SHGC of .40 and a VT of .52. All in all, these are pretty standard to good numbers for a wood clad window.

Andersen 400 Series Warranty

The Andersen 400 series comes with a 20 year limited warranty that covers the frame, sill and insulated glass unit from manufacturing defects. There is a 10 year warranty period on all components and hardware. The warranty is transferrable to another owner and does require notification to the company.

Andersen Windows And Doors offers unique warranties on all of their specific window and door products so make sure to read the warranty in full on the product you are considering.

Andersen 400 Reviews Or Question

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Anderson 400 Windows Price Quote

Hi John - I live in the DC suburbs and have a quote for Anderson 400 windows. Six (6) slider windows 56 x 58.5 and full frame - new construction installation. The cost seems very high - $18,000. Is this an extraordinary price or truly what the market is right now?

Marie - Homeowner - August, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Marie, that seems like an extraordinary cost to me. I'd keep looking if it were my project --

Here is my list of good and great windows: [List Redacted -- contact me directly (John) for my good and great window option.]

Editor Jim R. - August, 2022

Andersen 400 Series Price Bid

Hi Jim, I really appreciate the advice you gave me. I agree with your advice about the Anderson 400 series. I don't think wood is a good idea in my environment. So I checked into other windows based on your recommendations. I received another Andersen 400 Series price quote of $26,500.

However, I've decided on the Okna 500. We received a quote today for 31 DH windows of varying sizes and the Elegante sliding patio doors with built in blinds. The quote is $12833 including tax not installed. We are using our own contractor. Can you please give me your opinion on this?

Cindy - Homeowner - April, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Cindy, yes, my opinion is that this is an excellent move. The Okna 500 window and Elegante door are both great products, some of the best on the market. Very fair pricing as well. I would work out a per window install cost with your contractor. New construction is often around that $200 to $300 per window price, depending on what work needs to be done.

Editor Jim R. - April, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Jim, thank-you so much! I am so grateful for all the advice you have given me. It's so hard sifting through all the window information out there. I feel you really steered me in the right direction and I am very happy with my decision. If you ever need any information on hardwood flooring feel free to contact me. My husband is in that business. Would love to help you!

Cindy - Homeowner - April, 2021