Guide To Window Contractors

Our guide to window contractors can help you find a quality contractor or local company for your replacement project. Since they will be recommending window models, as well as the installation, finding a great installer is the most important step you can take.

Finding Several Contractors

Start out by getting several bids on your project. They're free and you'll be amazed how much information you can gleam from the different companies. We suggest getting anywhere from 3 to 5 bids (by the 5th one you'll be a pro). Here are several approaches to finding good quality contractors. Google has great local listings so type in "Phoenix replacement windows" and check out the local listings at the top (but below the paid or sponsored listings). These are all local companies - we suggest you contact the companies that have the most number and highest rated reviews. You can also use a service like Angie's List that shows local companies and provides in depth reviews. There is a yearly cost to access the companies so it may only be worth it if you have several projects that need professional contractors.

Finding Quality Companies

Quality window manufacturers work with quality local companies. Typically, the brand of windows they carry are only available through them. In other words, they have the exclusive right to sell a particular model or brand in a certain area. This is certainly true for vinyl windows, which accounts for over 50% of the replacement window market. So why is this important? You can judge local companies by the brands they carry. Top West Coast vinyl window manufacturers include Anlin, Simonton, Amerimax and Milgard. Good Mid West and East Coast manufacturers include Okna, Gorell, Soft-Lite, Sunrise, Polaris, Affinity and PGT. Find three companies in your area that sell one of these windows and have them come out and provide you with a bid.

Finding Quality Bids

It is extremely important to get at least three bids on your project. There are so many variables that will increase or decrease the per window price that it is nearly impossible to know the fair market price when you start your research. Three independent bids should provide enough project details and pricing to get an accurate idea of the project requirements - four or five bids is better, but this can get to be a grind after awhile. See our guide to window window bids for more information about the bid and quote process.