Vytex Fortis Windows Reviews

The Vytex Fortis window is the mid range option and should be considered a strong contender for consumers who are looking for good overall value in a mid range vinyl window. The Fortis includes the following standard features and options: a constant force balancing system, an integral interlock, foam insulation, triple weatherstripping, tilt in sashes on the hung windows, a composite sash reinforcement and a true sloped sill.

The Fortis window comes in a number of different exterior colors that include some pretty interesting options, including bronze, cranberry, and copper. Consumers can choose from some 27 exterior colors, as well as a white and a beige interior or an optional woodgrain laminate interior. The Vytex Fortis is available in a double hung, picture window, and horizontal slider.

The Vytex Fortis is a very strong contender in terms of a mid range vinyl window. It should be equal in strength to the Simonton 5500 window, while the cost should be 10% to 20% less than this comparable window, thereby providing some excellent overall value for the consumer. Take a look at the ratings section below for an indication of the overall strength and quality of construction of this vinyl window and we think you will be impressed.

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Vytex Fortis Prices

Vytex Fortis window costs should run approximately $45 to $55 per square foot for the window itself. Comparably priced products include Stanek vinyl windows and Okna 400 window costs.

-- Window Itself: $45 to $55 per square foot --

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Vytex Fortis Window Ratings

In terms of ratings, the Vytex Fortis double hung in their Energy Saver Plus package, which includes a dual glazed low E window with an argon fill, should deliver a U value of .26, and SHGC of .29, .05 air infiltration and a VT value of .53. It will be Energy Star Compliant in all four regions. Consumers who wish to upgrade to the Energy Saver Max package, which includes a triple glazed low e glass with argon fills can expect a U-value of .20, an SHGC of .25 and a VT value of .42. This window will also be Energy Star Compliant and all four regions.

The Vytex Fortis model comes standard with a design pressure 50 rating, quite impressive. All in all, the Fortis delivers very strong numbers and ratings for a mid range vinyl window, similar to the upgraded Vytex Potomac-hp windows.

Vytex Fortis Warranty

As with most vinyl windows, the Vytex Fortis window comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers the frame, locks and all the hardware. The Fortis warranty also includes a glass breakage provision, which is a strong features.

The Vytex windows warranty does not include the cost of replacement labor, nor does it cover the cost to deliver the replacement window(s). All in all, a pretty standard vinyl window warranty.

Vytex Fortis Reviews

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Vytex Fortis Windows vs Okna 700 Casement

Which is the best buy? The Okna 700 window or the Vytex Fortis Casement. I got a bid for 22 windows - the first was $14,500 for Vytex, and the second was $12,000 for Okna.
Samuel - Homeowner - June 28, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Samuel, the Okna 700 casement is the better option of the two. The Fortis is a good window, but not as good a window as the Okna. The fact that the Okna bid is lower should make this an east decision.
Editor Jim R. - June 28, 2016

Vytex Fortis Series Versus Soft-Lite Pro

Do you have any information about Ideal windows. They are manufactured in , I believe, Ohio.

Can you advise if the Vytex Fortis Series matches up versus the Soft-Lite Imperial Pro 525 or the Imperial LS Series? Thanks.

Gene - Homeowner - July 22, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

So the Vytex Fortis is the company's mid range window and quite a nice performer. I would say that the Vytex Fortis is a very solid mid range vinyl window. The Soft-Lite Pro is a bit nicer in terms of its performance and features. The Soft-Lite Imperial LS is a notch above this and one of the better vinyl windows out there.

Ideal Windows are also pretty solid, I'd say on par with Vytex, perhaps I'd give the nod to Ideal if we are looking at comparable windows (entry level to entry level, premium to premium series). Soft-Lite is a step above both of these companies, one of the best vinyl window manufacturers out there.

Editor Jim R. - July 22, 2016