Stanek Windows Prices

Stanek windows prices range from $50 to $85 per square foot fully installed. (Click to find more on window prices per square foot here.) Stanek is a Cleveland, Ohio based company that manufactures vinyl, wood veneer and hurricane windows. Stanek is more of a regional mid western window company that sells their series and models throughout the region. They are not available in the western and many of the southern states.

In 2013, Stanek Windows sold their assets to Great Day Improvements, which means that consumers who bought Stanek windows prior to 2013/14 cannot get repairs or replacements through their original warranty. Stanek is one of many cautionary tales for consumers that buying windows from a smaller company (who sells the assets but not the corporate name), can get burned in terms of the warranty. Of course, this can happen to larger, more well established companies as well (Gorell), but is less likely to happen.

Stanek does manufacture some quality windows and the new company does seem committed to putting out the best product it can. We don't have any information on the stability of Great Day Improvements, but will continue to monitor how the company fares in the better economic times.

Review By Jim R. - Site Editor - Updated In 2024

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Stanek Vinyl Windows Prices

Stanek manufactures a single line of vinyl replacement windows, the UltraXtreme, that uses a block & tackle balancing system, which is preferable to a constant force system.

-- Window Itself: $35 to $45 per square foot --

Stanek Vinyl Windows

Stanek Woodgrain Windows Cost

Stanek also sells a vinyl window with a wood veneer on the interior, which is quite a good looking faux wood grain. The interior is actually a vinyl derivative, but does a good job of imitating the look of real wood grain.

-- Window Itself: $45 to $55 per square foot --

Stanek Wood Series

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Stanek Hurricane Windows Prices

Stanek offers hurricane window upgrades to their standard UltraXtreme vinyl window that makes for a durable and hurricane code compliant window. In terms of ratings, their impact window has a .21 U-value and a 70 design pressure rating.

-- Window Itself: $55 to $75 per square foot --

Stanek Hurricane Windows

Stanek Windows Warranty

Stanek offers a limited lifetime warranty on their vinyl replacement windows, although the company does not specifically post the warranty details on their website. Consumers who purchased Stanek vinyl windows prior to 2013/2014 will not get warranty relief from the company due to the fact that the company assets were purchased by Great Day Improvements.

(Essentially the warranty is null and void, but the acquiring company can still use the Stanek name.) This means the consumer is without any warranty relief, but the company still retains its name. It's one reason for the sudden glut of Stanek Windows complaints.

Stanek vs Alside Mezzo

I have a nicer home with wood windows where some need replaced. I'm looking at Alside Mezzo and Stanek. I have no idea how to shop for replacement windows. Are these two quality? How do they compare? Should I stay with wood? Is there a better option that would be more fitting for a home valued around $300K? My zip code is 44060. Thank you for any guidance.

Laurie - Homeowner - October 13, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Laurie, I would say that the Alside Mezzo is a middle of the road vinyl window. I like the Stanek vinyl window better, I would put that in the high end of the mid range vinyl window market. I would definitely recommend making the jump from wood to vinyl, unless you HAVE TO HAVE wood for aesthetics reasons. A quality vinyl window makes so much more sense for most homeowners -- price, warranty, maintenance, performance.

I would get a couple more bids if I were you -- see if local companies carry Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Zen, Polaris, or even Wallside. Feel free to shoot me the bid price, window series, and project price and I can weigh in on what I think is your best option.

Editor Jim R. - October 13, 2016