Gorell Windows Prices

Gorell windows prices ranged from $400 to $800 fully installed for a normal sized opening. Gorell enjoyed a good reputation in the industry until they were purchased by Soft-Lite windows in 2012. Essentially, Soft-Lite purchased the assets, but did not continue manufacturing the windows.

Prior to being sold, the company manufactured 4 vinyl window models, the 5100 and 5300 being the most popular and probably offering consumers the best value for the money. We will offer a bit of information on each, but Gorell no longer exists (google Gorell and visit the website and you can see first hand that they are gone).

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Gorell 5050 Windows

The 5050 or 5000 series was the lower end window that doesn't get a lot of press. Most consumers who go with the Gorell will pay a bit more or stretch into the 5100 or 5300, which is probably a smart idea. The 5050 does come in a single hung and is probably fine for smaller openings that are not as scrutinized as larger windows that are front and center. Comaprable to the Milgard Tuscany.

Gorell 5100 Windows

The 5100 vinyl window is Gorell's best selling window and one that mentioned most often. The frame is a bit thinner compared to the 5300 series, which allows for more viewing area and cleaner sightlines. The 5155 model comes standard with a fiberglass sash reinforcement as well as a true sloped sill and is the premier model in the 5100 series. Homeowners can expect better than average performance numbers from the 5100. Comaprable to the Okna 500 series - explore all Okna window costs.

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Gorell 5300 Windows

The 5300 was the high end vinyl window from Gorell and offers nice performance numbers; .29 U-value and .28 SHGC. They offered lots of glass packages and the 5300 was often mentioned by contractors and industry experts as one of the top vinyl windows available. Comparable to the Sunrise Verde and or Vanguard.

Gorell 5400 Window

The 5400 was Gorell's hurricane window and built to withstand severe weather from hurricanes and tropical storms. Although quite bulky, the 5400 was one of the top imoact options in terms of both quality and price (for vinyl window frames). Comparable to the PGT Winguard series - explore more PGT windows prices.