Hurricane Windows Cost

Consumers and homeowners can expect hurricane window costs to range from around $500 to $1500 fully installed. Hurricane impact windows are not cheap, they require testing and certification, use special glass technology, employ high quality extrusions, hardware and parts that must be able to stand up to storms and, well, hurricanes.

Consumers will pay for this durability and craftsmanship, however check out our best value windows to see where you can find quality impact windows at a price that won't break the bank.

-- Price Range: $500 to $1,500 installed --

Budget Hurricane Window Prices

Entry level hurricane windows are often not technically hurricane windows at all. In order to get the label, manufacturers must subject the windows to significant testing and certification that is then built into the cost of the window. Unlike most window categories, homeowners can go with our "budget recommendations" and still get a good quality product. In order for us to recommend the windows below, they need an upgrade on the glass package and perhaps a sill reinforement in order to get them into "impact status."

Recommended Manufacturers
Simonton Stormbreaker Series
PGT 400 Series

-- Price Range: $500 to $700 installed --

Average Hurricane Window Cost

Mid range hurricane windows should carry the actual "hurricane window" label. In order to get the label, a window must be DP rated 45 or higher. A 45 DP rated window with good quality installation should be durable enough to stand up to some pretty significant storms. Some of the features that come with a hurricane window include a beefed up frame with good corner welds, high end double pane glass (there are a number of different systems that manufacturers use for hurricane or impact glass), multichambered and foam filled extrusions and perhaps an aluminum sill reinforcement.

Recommended Manufacturers
Stanek Ultra Extreme Series
PGT WinGuard Series

-- Price Range: $700 to $1000 installed --

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Premium Impact Window Pricing

Premium hurricane windows will combine a durable and strong impact window with a great looking interior (or should since you are paying in the 1K per window installed range) that will have vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum exterior cladding, reinforced sill, maybe use laminated glass, upgraded hardware, spacers, fills etc. Different manufacturers use different wood species, but these high end manufacturers usually produce windows that look great and offer excellent craftsmanship and design.

Recommended Manufacturers
PGT PremierVue Windows
Loewen StormForce Window

-- Price Range: $1000 to $1500 installed --